EWinRacing Gaming Chair Review and Benchmark

For years I have been using this chair:

1800s torture device? Random object stolen from an underfunded elementary school art class? Scrap metal and a few bits of wood shaped to hold a human, if that human was shaped exactly like a Lego person?

Whatever you’d call it, it’s my computer chair. Or at least it was. Until a few weeks ago, when I received an email containing the following phrase, underlined by myself for emphasis:

Why yes. I am highly professional. After fifteen years of doing this my efforts are finally being recognized.

The email came from a representative of EWinRacing, makers of fine gaming chairs. You know, the sort of chair you always see in Twitch streams, resembling something found in an F1 race car or a fighter pilot cockpit.

Was I interested in reviewing one of their chairs? I have never reviewed a gaming chair. I barely know how to review a game. So sure, why not! It’s time to show GamersNexus and Digital Foundry how objective, fact-based coverage is done.

Meet the EWinRacing CLC Ergonomic Gaming Chair.

The first thing I noticed while assembling this bad boy is that unlike literally every piece of furniture I already own it is sturdy and well-crafted. All of my other furniture falls apart when subjected to a nearby sneeze. You could sneeze in this gaming chair for a year straight, and the only thing that would fall apart would be your body.

This thing is legitimately solid. It’s less of a chair and more of a throne.

As our first benchmark demonstrates, you will have a hard time falling out of this chair. Its large frame envelops you in comfort. The armrests (which my previous chair didn’t even have) prevent you from accidentally sliding out sideways. The wings keep your shoulders in place during particularly intense sessions of Crusader Kings II.

I have very bad posture. If you looked at a silhouette of me using my computer, you’d assume something small and valuable fell on my keyboard and I was leaning down to look for it. To my genuine surprise, the CLC has corrected my posture. The chair’s back is so tall and so naturally angled that I find myself sitting up perfectly straight at all times. If the back of my head isn’t touching chair, I feel wrong and subconsciously straighten out.

If I had known these chairs could fix my lazy idiot spine I would have bought one chairs years ago.

Here we see where the EWinRacing gaming chair pulls ahead of the competition. This chair boasts a buttery smooth one chair per second (cps). There is no stuttering. There are no dropped frames. That chair rate is locked, meaning that as long as it exists the chair will consistently be one chair at any given second.

Go ahead and spin the chair as quickly as you can. Roll it back and forth in sudden movements. It will take your stress tests like a champ, and never dip below one chair per second.

Here’s where things get a little subjective. Replay value (also known as “bun factor”) is a measurement of how many times out of one hundred a user will sit back down in a given chair at some point in the future.

Every single time I have stood up from my EWinRacing CLC Ergonomic Gaming Chair, I have felt certain that I would be sitting down in it again. On several occasions I stood up just so I could experience the pleasure of sitting back down again. Compare that to my horrible old chair, which I avoided ninety nine times before reluctantly sitting in once.

Finally we move on to the most startling benchmark, which measures in-game performance:


As you can see I averaged one hundred frames per second while playing The Division 2 in my EWinRacing CLC Ergonomic Gaming Chair. That’s a massive 100% performance increase over my horrible old chair, which I stopped using before installing The Division 2.

If you care about gaming you can’t afford to pass up an extra one hundred frames per second.


The EWinRacing CLC Ergonomic Gaming Chair is our editor’s choice for 2020’s best gaming chair. It’s large and sturdy. It’s comfortable. It fixed my posture. It blows the competition away in every conceivable measurement of quality, which I thought up by myself.

Note: This is one review post from somethingawful.

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2019 Holiday Buyer’s Guide – Game Accessories

EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair


Whether you’re gaming, working, or taking a nap, the EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair is a must-have for any office, streaming lair, or family room. The angle-adjustable backrest will help you adjust the sitting position throughout the course of your experience. Like your gaming chair leaned back a few degrees? The locking tilt function allows you to not only rock back the seat and backrest, but also lock it in the position that fits you.

With the First Stain Resistant EWin 2.0 PU Leather, it’s also easy to clean. It can be wiped repeatedly without surface damage by using a clean cloth. Also, it surpasses industry performance standards for strength abrasion, hydrolysis, and UV stability while retaining the real leather look and feel that has made it so popular.

E-Win Prime interior high-density foam puts it well above the standard High Resiliency foam. It is engineered to be two times heavier than regular foam per cubit foot, inching it near the realm of memory foam. The elasticity of the foam helps prolong the comfort life of the chair and adds to the overall durability of the product.

The Calling Series comes with PU coating casters that are engineered for quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris, rolling effortlessly on all types of flooring while preventing damage to the surface beneath. So this means there’ll be no noise when you’re recording those YouTube videos!

This model usually retails for $359, but the first 19 customers each day can score it for the low price of only $129! So be sure to head over to E-Win’s site at the link above and grab one before the holidays!

Note: This is one post by cheatcc.

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Best Budget-Friendly Gaming Chairs Under $200 | 2020 Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide From A Hardcore Gamer

Best Gaming Chair Under $200 | E-WIN

E-WIN Gaming Chair: photo

A few experiences with achy hips, a sore back and promising furniture that fell apart at the seams within six months convinced me long ago to seek the middle ground where affordability, comfort and durability live in harmony. That being said, let’s start with the highest-priced chair in its budget-friendly class: the ergonomically cozy E-WIN.

Whether you need a chair to support a larger body or simply enjoy the luxurious comfort of a more spacious cushion, the 21.7-inch seat supports any body type without forcing your bottom and thighs into a tight squeeze. I deal with a persistently sore lower back daily and cannot possibly praise the lumbar pillow enough for helping me endure hours at a time working or raiding.

Even with the sturdy metal frame constantly positioned at the highest lift setting at the fairly tall desk best suited to my 5’10” stature, I have owned this beauty for more than a year and seen no signs of it wearing out aside from some minor wears in the leather. Even the 3.9-inch-wide armrests feel made-to-order for my body.

My only complains are the effort required to dynamically rock back and forth can be a bit much and a sometimes-frustrating assembly process. However, those feel like minor quibbles for such a durable, cushy chair. The E-WIN more than lives up to its name.

Note: This is a review post from gadgets-reviews.com


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EWin has built a solid reputation within the industry for providing high quality gaming chairs and desks at the best price.  The Knight Series is their newest line that comes in 4 different flavors and multiple colors.  Today we are examining the KT-BR2B model in red and black trim.


Picking out the Best Gaming Chair



For the serious PC gamer, there are a few absolute necessities.  You need a powerful gaming rig, excellent monitor, premium sound system and a comfortable gaming chair.  Nothing slows you down and instills fatigue like a poorly designed chair with inferior parts and materials.  Unfortunately the market is flooded with so many options and knockoffs, that it can be really overwhelming in picking out the absolute best gaming chair that also fits your budget.

More so often than not, you’ll be placing an order online for whatever you pick out; which means you won’t get the chance to try anything out in person.  The difference between a high end gaming chair manufacturer like EWin and the cheaper imitators are huge.  However, these differences are not the easiest to spot online.  Allow us to be your test driver for this venture.


The Knight Series: Premium Quality meets Affordable Price


EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review - Pixelated Gamer


EWin currently has 5 different series of affordable gaming chairs to choose from, ranging from $200 – $400.  Their new line, the Knight Series, is on sale currently for $189 (regularly $289).  Everything came packaged carefully and neatly…in a very big box.  This excellent packaging design and reinforcements certainly helps to ensure it’s not damaged in transit.  Assembly takes no time at all.  We took our time and knocked it out in around 20 minutes.   Once together, it sits around 51 inches tall and 22 inches wide.  The KT-BR2B model is dressed in black with red accents which looks phenomenal.


EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review


The chair is comprised of PVC leather that is stain resistant.  The material is designed to breath really well, which prevents the chair from getting hot from long gaming sessions.  This Knight Series has improved high-density Cold-Cure Foam, exclusive to EWin’s chairs.  This stuff is the real deal and is close to matching that of the best memory foam.  This combination delivers tremendous supportive for hours of comfortable, pain free gaming.


EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review - Pixelated Gamer


This model supports up to 400 pounds and has solid class 4 hydraulics in place for height adjustments.  If you are looking to recline, it leans back nicely for a relaxed gaming session or all the way for a quick nap.  If also features a locking tilt for precise adjustments.  The red color matching hubless caster wheels have a PU coating that helps the chair to glide with ease and will also avoid scratching wood floors.


EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review - Pixelated Gamer




The EWin Knight Series delivers another level of refinement and comfort to their already impressive line of gaming chairs.  Outstanding leather, embroidered logos, soft touch materials and a steel frame give this chair a premium feeling. The extra attention to detail is both felt and seen in every aspect of this latest model.  The latest Cold-Cure Foam tech also makes a huge difference in keeping you nice and cool for long those extended play sessions.  With the holidays coming up, this could very well be the perfect gift for your favorite gamer.



Note: This is one review post from pixelatedgamer.com



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Review: EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

In what may be a first for our site, today we have a review of a gaming chair. The “EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows” retails at $349 (on sale for $289 at the time of this writing) is the first chair to come to us to cover. Now, we’ve been sitting in chairs and experiencing our whole lives. We know what is comfortable and uncomfortable. So reviewing a chair is bound to be a walk in the park in terms of how it feels. But what about its extra abilities and features? Well, I’ll be diving into all of that! So pull up a chair and let’s get into it!


‘Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
Foam Type:High Density Separated Foaming
Foam Density: 55kg/m3
Frame Color: Black
Frame Construction: Metal
Adjustable Armrests: 4D
Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
Tilt Lock: Yes
Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
Gas Lift Class: 4
Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU’



  • ‘E-WIN Stain Resistant 2.0 PU Leather:

With the First Stain Resistant E-WIN 2.0 PU Leather. It can be cleaned repeatedly without surface damage by using a clean cloth. Also it surpasses industry performance standards for strength abrasion, hydrolysis, and UV stability, while retaining the looks and feels most like real leather that made it so popular.

  • E-WIN Cold-Cure Foam:

E-WIN Prime interior high-density foam puts it well above the standard High Resiliency foam. Engineered to be 2 times heavier than regular foam per cubic foot, inching it near the realm of memory foam. The elasticity of the foam helps prolong the comfort life of the chair and adds to the overall durability of the product.

  • Nap Extra Comfortably with The Adjustable Backrest
Whether you’re gaming, working or taking a nap, an angle-adjustable backrest will help you adjust the sitting position throughout the course of your using experience.
  • Locking Full-tilt Mechanism 
Like your chair leaned back a few degrees?  The locking tilt function allows you to not only rock back the seat & backrest but also lock it in the position that fits you.
  • Soft-Glide Wheels

The Champion Series comes with PU coating casters that are engineered for quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris, rolling effortlessly on all types of flooring while preventing damage to the surface beneath

  • Full bracket recline (155 degrees), Adjustable 4D Armrests, Rigorously-Tested Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism, Heavy Duty ADC12 Aluminum Base, Class 4 Hydraulics, Hubless Casters, Max Load 400lbs.’


  • Comfort: Gaming chairs from Ewin seem to share a lot of similarities between models. One thing that all of them share in common is their advertised comfort. A lot of them have pillows and are advertised as being able to recline. Not only can they recline very deeply, you’ll find that you can lock it at the reclining point. This means you could lock it and cat nap and have no worries about it popping back up and it will balance your weight. Whether you’re lying back or sitting, you can do so in this chair for extended periods of time with no fatigue. I didn’t find myself stretching every so often or needing to pop my back.
    In simpler terms, this means you can focus on gaming (or in my case writing Hackinformer articles) for much longer compared to the comfiest four legged chair. If you’re wondering about the seat itself, it’s nice foam that supports your body weight, but if you try to squeeze it with your hand, you will get nowhere. It’s a grand balance of support and comfort. The back rest is also made of this material, but the head and back pillows are more of what you notice. They too feel absolutely delightful when hanging out in the chair.
  • Extra Parts: I’m definitely a fan of furniture coming with a few extra bit and bobs should you lose anything. EWin is one of those companies that want you to have what is necessary and more so. The EWin Champion Series Gaming chair comes with a few extra bolts, washers, black screw cover. I wish it had maybe one extra wheel, but I suppose that they do mention that if parts are broken or missing to reach out to them. My guess is that they replace them at a nominal cost.
  • Assembly: Assembly is a breeze. To start, I’d like to finish a thought that maybe should’ve been included in the previous section, but still make sense here. Besides the fact that there are less than 15 steps and most of the chair is preassembled, they’ve found ways to make the whole affair simpler. Such as the box already having the tools necessary to complete assembly. This, surprisingly, includes some PU gloves to keep you from getting cut or your fingernails scuffing the leather-esque surface. While recording my assembly I time-lapsed it as I figured it would take a very long time (I’m looking at you Ikea) and I thought the viewers would appreciate a shorter video. I didn’t realize that the assembly would be done in a fraction of the time so my time-lapsed video as only 35 seconds long. Kudos to EWin on this!
  • Sounds? Nope! No sounds at all. And while there isn’t much to talk about on this subject, I did want to point out a few key things. A lot of gaming chairs I’ve sat at from various companies (while at friends’ homes) squeak if you relax the seat back. Other ones squeak while rolling around on the floor. Others squeak if you’re extremely heavy and sit down abruptly on them. While I’m not a maximum weight of 400 pounds and can’t test the last point, I can say this.  My girlfriend and I sat on it together (she was in my lap) and we bounced a couple of times (I know, laugh it up) and experienced no squeaking. Another slam dunk for EWin.
  • Rolling: Speaking of wheels rolling, whatever they did with their wheels here is otherworldly. These wheels that came with the chair roll so smoothly. This is true on both hard floors and to a lesser extent on carpeting. I tested it on a medium shag rug in my gaming space and it moved just fine with me pushing myself back and forth. Obviously, if you are pushing yourself from a smooth surface to a raised surface, you may just have to get up and scoot it onto the higher surface. But other than that, no matter where I went, the wheels got me there cleanly.


  • Height: This thing goes up to comfort even for the tallest person. We have an estimated measurement that seems to suggest a 7 foot tall person could comfortably sit in this chair when the highest height is extended. It isn’t advertised at this and maybe they have chairs for even taller people, but I’d bet that you could be very comfortable in this with long legs. The arm rests even come up higher for taller people so that they can rest their arms comfortably as well.
  • Style: Computer gaming chairs from EWin come in several different styles and feature set. There’s naturally no way for me to sit here and cover every model type and which chair has what features. However, I can bring up the fact that no only are there so many types of chairs.  There are also several color options for each of those chair models. So if you think that the pictures of the chair I have or the video of the chair is ugly, no worries. There are different shapes and styles and color variants. Go crazy checking out their site!



  • Manual: The manual should be the least of anyone’s worry. And while I said that the assembly was easy, I did leave out part of the story. I basically had to figure out how to assemble the chair myself. Their manual wasn’t necessarily lacking, but it wasn’t one for one. I just find it astonishing that on one hand each chair has such time and care put into it. On the other hand, each chair should have its own manuals and the pictures should be in order from left to right (you’ll see what I mean if you buy one of these chairs).
    Also, there should be an entry for explaining which lever does what. As in how they move (in/out, up/down), what the giant knob on the bottom is for, and how to adjust pillows. My model of the EWin Champion Series Gaming chair is a different model than their pictures. By that I mean that my model has split up the functions of the old paddle into two separate controls. So instead of a paddle on one side, we now have one on either side. This is great in theory, but I’d like a quick tutorial in a manual to help out. Or at least a QR code that when scanned takes me to a video that explains how they all work independently or together.
  • Packing: They should probably invest in separating the chair into 2 boxes that are banded together. The sheer weight of the boxing is pretty intense and  I’m guessing that the demographic of people buying this might be one single person that lives alone. I would suggest they just band 2  half-height boxes together. That way if they have another person to help team lift, then great, they get the same effect as now. If they don’t, they can cut the band and move one half at a time.
  • Height: This is the one that is the saddest for me. I’m 5 foot, 10 inches tall and my toes touch the floor on the lowest setting. I cannot make it any lower than the default so I cannot comfortably have my feet sitting on the ground. It is so off-putting when you cannot pull yourself forward or push back. The same goes if you cannot rock yourself by pushing off the floor. This chair is clearly designed for someone 6 foot or taller.
    Yes, even my 5 foot tall girlfriend can sit in it and feel comfortable in the chair. However, her feet also do not touch the ground. I thought that this chair would default for a 5 foot person and get taller for a taller person, but it does not. So if you’re shorter than 6 feet, you should think very seriously about whether you like your feet to touch the floor while sitting or not.


Overall Thoughts:

Unless you’re smaller than 6 foot tall, this chair might be a 10/10 for you. I can’t believe that such a chair exists! 4D armrests, 155 degree reclining back, pillows for head and lumbar, smooth rolling wheels, 400 lb support, thick supportive foam, the most leatheriest non-leather, and so much more! I’m so glad that they reached out to me to review this chair. I look forward to a day they make these chairs for smaller people. On that day, I’ll be first in line to buy one. Best of all, if a EWin Champion Series Gaming chair sounds right up your alley, you will be happy to find a tremendous discount below. So click make note of the code and click the banner!


Note: This is one review post from hackinformer.com

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EwinRacing Gaming Champion Series Review

We put the EwinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair to the test in our latest product review, and if you’re looking forward to a comfy gaming chair, this might be the thing you’re looking for.

Easy to Build, Hard to Break, Good to Sit-In

In my long history of dealing with home and office furniture, there is nothing more that I hate than having to assemble them. The dreaded feeling of seeing every individual part, along with a handful of miscellaneous small screws and bolts that you are expected to know where they go to. I’m looking at you IKEA with your boxes of wooden blocks that come with no instructions that make me want to scream and pull my hair out.

Thankfully Ewinracing keeps the majority of building right at their factory door. While there is some assembly required, for the most, the chair came pre-setup in three individual parts, with an additional box containing the required tools and screws to tie it all together. With the clear instructions provided in the shipment, the gaming chair only took me a short 15-minutes to build with no confusion whatsoever. And yet despite the quick and easy assembly, the chair is quite durable.

If the instructions aren’t clear, you can visit their dedicated set-up post here: EwinRacing Gaming Chair Installation 

There is one thing everyone hates, and that’s when an expensive new piece of equipment seemingly breaks for no apparent reason. Being a victim of such atrocities in the past with headsets, electronic tools, and many other things, I have grown a custom to putting everyday use items through some stress tests to ensure the durability of said item. And for this gaming chair, I’m proud to say it didn’t disappoint. No matter how hard I tried to bend the chair out of shape or cause individuals parts to loosen up, the chair remained strong without any signs of wear. This is mostly due to the fact that there is a reinforced steel frame throughout the interior body of the chair, along with the bottom of the seat and below the armrests. The chair is pretty heavy due to this inclusion, but that’s a good thing as it won’t fall if someone accidentally bumps into it.

And this goes without saying that the chair is very comfortable to sit on, especially for prolonged usage. During the week time that I had with testing, I have not once felt any discomfort compared to past Computer Gaming chairs that I have used. Being a writer, a gamer, and a video editor, I’m typically on my PC and gaming console on average somewhere between 5 to 10 hours a day. That is a long time to be sitting down and could prove to be stressful to one’s posture. With the EwinRacing Champion Gaming chair brilliantly ergonomic design, it was easy to get acclimated to long sittings. The chair does its job of promoting a healthy posture by allowing you to sit firmly in a comfortable position. And with the high-density cold cure foam, it ensures that it molds to whatever body type all while maintaining a snug firm feel due to the PU leather. There are also two free pillows that can easily be strapped on (if they aren’t already) — one for your head to rest on, and the other for lumbar support. I tested the chair with and without them, and I prefer having them on though it is still comfortable without them.

And looking underneath, some elastic bandings are running along the memory foam cushion to absorb pressure. While there is still a steel framing running underneath the chair, this band serves as an alternative for support, limiting the amount of metal on the bottom of the chair. Thus more comfortability.

So what about the other features that make this chair different than the rest? Well, there’s quite a few.

Like many gaming chairs out there, the Ewin chair comes equipped with an adjustable backrest. This backrest can be adjusted to vertical angles up to 85 degrees, all the way down to 155-degrees horizontally.  My personal preference was right below the 85-degree mark though I found myself using the full 155-degree option quite frequently. It’s nice having a chair that can be used for both my gaming and work needs, but it’s even sweeter having one with the option take a nap on. And it gets better as there is also a multi-tilt mechanism, allowing you to lean the chair further back without the fear of losing your balance.

In addition to the adjustable backrest, the seat also includes the standardized height adjustment with a built-in locking mechanism if you aren’t a fan of the extra tilt it supplies. Though the one additional feature I was especially impressed with was the 4D armrest. While most armrests are stationary to their locked position besides height, the ones on the Ewin Racing game chair allow you to tilt, turn, and even extend out a bit. It may not seem like a prominent feature, but being able to adjust the armrests to different play/work style is pretty great as it adds another layer of comfortability on top of everything. It’s a great add-on that many may overlook.

And then there are the wheels on the base itself. Usually, not something I would typically make a notice, but due to the weight of the chair, I was surprised by how easy it was to roll on carpet. There is a little resistance there, something you can expect on any furniture when it comes to carpet, but it’s kept at a pretty minimum level. And to be sure, I did do a little research afterward to discover that the wheels are designed for smooth operation, all while resisting debris from said surface. They even offer higher graded wheels for their XL line of gaming chairs.

High Price, But Worth The Quality

Depending on which model you opt for, the price of an EwinRacing gaming chair may cost you a pretty penny. They offer chairs averaging from $250 to almost up to $500 in pricing, depending on the size and style that you may want. And yet, the quality that accompanies it shows that it is well worth the pricing. While I prefer the feeling of real leather over PU leather, this does go without saying that the type of PU leather used here is well made. It has a very close leather feel to it, and it’s been designed to be extra stain resistance. And even still, it’s a very easy clean with a soft cloth.

There is a tightness to the chair that many other competitors lack. Often, be it real leather or PU leather, there would be some signs of wrinkling due to wear and tear and exposure to heat. Because of the type of PU leather used, and the high-quality memory foam, that wrinkled effect is kept at a minimum as the chair retains a firm and smooth look. Of course, there are areas on the chair that provide grip for extra slip resistance. In the model (Ewinracing Champion Series) we received, the additional grip support came in the shape of diamonds etched in the design of the chair and was placed in the areas that mattered the most (backrest and seating pad). It certainly is a welcomed design, although if you aren’t a fan of the texture gripping feeling, Ewinracing does offer chairs that are more smooth in design.

The last note to touch upon is the shape of the chair. Like most high-end gaming chairs out there, the inspiration of the chair comes from those found in race cars. And this makes a ton of sense, considering that racing vehicles are retrofitted with seats that are meant for extended and comfortable use, which this chair is designed for. Some may not like the design and prefer something more office-appropriate. As for me,  I loved the overall shape as it felt tailored to my specifications. The fins and the left and right of the chair weren’t too protruding to where they could be an annoyance, the seat padding, though has some slight elevation, didn’t have an unnecessary hump near the bottom that would raise your legs, and the height was a perfect match for myself. Now not all of their chairs share the same height and width, so it’s essential to do some homework ahead of time to ensure that it won’t be too small or too big. Luckily their customer service has a direct chat line on their website should you have any questions about which chair would suit you.

The Best Gaming Chair Around?

If EwinRacing Gaming Chair’s goal was to make an impression on me, well consider them successful. While I certainly don’t want to say it’s the best gaming chair around (since I haven’t tried them all), it is without question amongst the top. There’s a lot of work and love that went into building this chair, and the result shows. From the beautifully stitched PU Leather to the perfectly cured memory foam, this chair backs the naming of EwinRacing, bringing it to the forefront of a quality brand. If there’s a place to start, then it’s EwinRacing.


  • Built to last: Steel framing ensures that the chair can survive everyday usage with little to no wear and tear
  • Memory foam wrapped in high-quality PU Leather that produces a comfort level that anyone would be satisfied with
  • Sleek design, not overly bulky and easy to move around
  • EWinRacing website offers an extensive collection of sizes and color designs to pick from, with easy support access


  • Pricing – It’s not cheap, but the quality quickly makes up for that. So as the phrase goes, you pay for what you get, and you are getting quite a lot.

If you liked our review of the EWinRacing Champion Series chair, make sure to leave a comment below. And if you happen to be interested in purchasing one of these beautiful chairs, you can do so by visiting the official EwinRacing webpage. From there, find the gaming chair that you want, add it to your cart and as a special promotion, you can enter our official promo code: mp1st for 30% off! Not a bad deal at all and shipping is free for those living in the United States and all of Europe.


Note: This is one review post from mp1st.com

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We Review The Ewinracing Knight Series Gaming Chair

I’ve been writing online for twenty years and man oh man does my ass hurt.

Sedentary jobs are the worst. I’ve done the corporate world for a long time before I started working the online side and it’s the worst. To make matters worse for myself, I’ve not invested in a good office chair for probably a good ten years now. I’m at my desk from usually 5:30 am to 6:00 pm every day writing, watching shows, and occasionally sneaking in a little gaming time when I can get a few minutes to play. And for the past ten years this is EXACTLY what I’ve been sitting on.

Yep, your standard dining room/kitchen chair. With a concession in the past year to a cushion on it simply because I’ve gotten a bit older and I like a little bit of comfort.

So, I’ll admit, when the folks at EwinRacing contacted me about taking a look at one of their computer gaming chairs it was essentially a no-brainer. I’ve had friends that have gotten gaming chairs over the years but because of my size I never really tried them as I didn’t want to damage them in the slightest. So I had no real experience with it. All I had was standard office chair stuff and what you saw above. I’m a creature of habit and when I find something comfortable and that works – which yes, that dining room chair qualified under that – I stuck with it. And for a long time.

What I ended up trying out was an Ewinracing Knight Series chair – with pillows!

Let’s talk specs first because we’ve always been a bit technical:

  • Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
  • Foam Type:High Density Seperated Foaming
  • Foam Density: 55kg/m3
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Frame Construction: Metal
  • Adjustable Armrests: 2D
  • Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
  • Tilt Lock: Yes
  • Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
  • Gas Lift Class: 4
  • Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
  • Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
  • Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
  • Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU

That’ll mean more to some than others, but the main thing for me was the foam density. This chair is comfortable once you’re in it and getting acclimated to it. More on that in a minute. First, we got our big box which is always fun. We’ve put together a number of office chairs over the years so that was a pretty straightforward experience, taking about 30 minutes overall.

One thing I really appreciated that they sent with this was a pair of PUG gloves. When you do a lot of stuff with gear like this with the nuts and bolts, a simple pair of gloves to keep all the grime off your hands and to get a bit better of a grip is wonderful. They’re not high-end or expensive stuff, they’re designed to be disposable, but it’s the little inclusion like that which goes the distance.

The instructions for the set are largely interchangeable with their entire line but there are differences. The instructions at one point, for example, said to work with the bolts along the bottom to connect the pieces but they’re actually along the side. Again, there aren’t a ton of parts to it and everything is done by working with allen wrenches. So if you’ve put together anything like this a quick read-through, a little eye-balling of the differences, and you’ve got it down pat.

I was really impressed by the overall build quality of the materials. In particular, the bottom part of these things are usually three or maybe four legs but we get five of them here. And it’s not just a husk of plastic, it has some real weight and heft to it with the nice design elements. This piece definitely let me know what I was dealing with compared to your normal chairs.

As I said, thirty minutes of unpacking and getting it together does the job. The chair comes with a semi-hard cushion for lumbar support that I’m still getting used to along with a strap-on head cushion. After going for years in the chair that I had, well, I’m not used to leaning back in a chair at all. Or swiveling!

I’ve spent the past week with the chair and I’m most definitely a convert. As I said, the foam density piece was what I was most interested in and it’s a huge plus considering the amount of time I’m in the chair. With the lower back pillow I can already feel like things are getting better there because I’m more likely to sit upright and lean back, which is definitely better than what I’ve been doing for years.

The other thing that I liked that I haven’t gotten with office chairs before is the two arms with this chair. They’re fairly standard in appearance and feel good when leaning back and just watching something, but the big appeal for me is that they’re height adjustable. Having not used a chair with arms like this for a decade, being able to push them down so they’re more along my thighs instead and out of the way was fantastic. It kept me “in place” and stable nicely but gave me the upper arm motion and movement that I was used to from my armless chair.

I did get to spend one evening playing games while using it instead of my usual daytime activites, spending about four hours playing Cities: Skylines. This is the kind of thing that made me wish I had gaming chairs for years prior to this. It was a lot more enjoyable being able to play leaning forward with ease and smoothness and then to lean back into the chair to watch things run and just observe, something I couldn’t do before.

With both my kids already jealous of this upgrade, I’m definitely glad that I took a chance on this as I know I’ll be adding more down the line.

With thanks to the folks at Ewin Racing, you can use the code “fandompost” for 30% off the purchase of an Ewin Gaming Chair!
Note: This is one review post from www.fandompost.com
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Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair

Ewin racing Review

Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair

Switch to a better way to play

The fine folks over at Ewinracing sent us over one of their luxury gaming chairs so we could see just how good of a product they make and just how well they work for playing on a console at home and i jumped at the chance to get my hands and my butt into this beauty!

For my height an weight i was recommended to try out the Champion series of chairs, they offer five different models including the knight, champion, calling, hero and flash series. All models are available in multiple colors and patterns and range from $199 to $509 but as they say themselves one size doesn’t fit all and thanks to their handy size guide you can find the perfect match and fit for you.

Sitting in the lap of luxury

I have been playing video games (mostly home consoles) for the better part of 30 years and ever since i got a look at a gaming chair like this i have yearned for one. Over the years as you can imagine i have used all manner of seating varieties. From beds to couches to chairs and recliners I have tried them all and let me tell you switching over to a chair of this quality that’s made for gaming, makes a world of difference. It comes in a fairly heavy box that could be a challenge for some if you need to take it up any stairs. It comes needing assembly but if you have any sort of know how or really even if you don’t its a breeze to put together with the instructions. It even comes with a pair of fancy white gloves so you can feel super professional while you do so ( if only they were big enough for extra large hands).

This chair is dead sexy. I Mean just look at it! Everyone has their own preferences but I found the slightly more expensive quilted black and red design of the champion series to be extremely attractive. It’s made from easily cleanable, hand stitched and damage resistant 2.0 PU leather and honestly it looks as good the real thing. They use a cold cure foam for the cushioning and claim it to be close to a memory foam, all I really can say is it’s extremely comfortable to sit in for any length of time. I think the max length I remained seated was about 4 hours but I spent a whole day of around 14 hours on and off playing all day to really test it comfortably and I can without a doubt say its passed with flying colors. I from time to time have a good level of back pain and sitting in the wrong kind of chair can definitely set it off but thanks to the comfort of the chair, superior positioning and even the included lumbar and head pillow it was never once an issue. The level of adjustment is pretty spectacular as well. You can raise and lower the height of the seat, angle it from 85 to 155 degrees and lock it anywhere between. That’s a killer feature to be able to have it positioned whichever way you want. Having it angled all the way back I can literally lie flat with my legs dangling and its plenty comfortable to be able to take a nap in, which I did. On more than one occasion. You can also adjust the arm rests both up and down to match the best height for you and also in and out so you can get that perfect forearm lean for those intense game moments.

This one is possibly something about the chair that not many would need or even think about but I go from one house to another quite a bit and with the simple removal of 4 bolts you can detach the casters. This let me easily fit it into my car by adjusting the seat to max flatness. I was able to get it in my back seat and the wheels in the trunk. It took me less than 5 minutes to disassemble and reassemble the chair like this and that allowed me to easily bring it with me. Pretty perfect for the traveling Switch player.

A treat of a seat

Does the Ewinracing Champion series gaming chair/Computer gaming chair get my recommendation? 100% yes. Some people might think a chair like this is only meant for playing on a PC, but I am here to tell you that’s absolutely not the case. I found it to be perfect to use with my consoles as well as at my PC. I have several locations where I had my chair set up and it worked wonderfully in all of them. In my gaming room it can get a little crowded with stuff. Just how I like it. On one side is my huge game shelf on the other is my work station with my PC desk turntable and speakers and in the front is a 55 inch TV, all in a 10×8 room. In this set up I could easily and extremely comfortably move from side to side and position myself easily to the task I was doing, a massive change from the old living room chair i had in there that severely limited my movement. In my living room and bedroom i could sit in comfort, as close as I dare and the at proper angle, far superior to sitting on my bed or on the couch. It really ultimately changed how I play and for the better. I’m fairly sure it may even be helping with my posture. It’s beautiful to look at and seems to be expertly crafted. For the crazy person like me, its easily movable between locations.

There just really are no negative points. You get what you pay for and what you’re getting is quality and an overall improvement to your favorite hobby and with a warranty on every part of the chair your covered on all fronts.

If you’re in the market for possibly the best seat you ever sat on check out Ewinracing at any of the links within or below and find the gaming chair perfectly fit for you and don’t forget to use our code “theswitcheffect” for 30% off your order!.

Note: This is one review post from theswitcheffect.net

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Review – E-Win Racing Gaming Chair-A Black Friday Purchase You’ll Actually Enjoy

So I’d like to extend a special thank you to E-Win Racing for their gaming and office chair for review. One thing I’ve never done despite getting things for review is sugar coat it. If I dislike something I say so. In this instance, I’m not finding anything to nitpick. Let’s get on with the review though.

What is the Great About this Chair?

The chair I have is the red and black model of their gaming chairsIt’s very slick design, and very sturdy. I tested this out over the course of several days not knowing how well I’d like it or not. I have to say I was surprised.

Upon receiving the box, I realized this wasn’t your typical cheap office chair. I’m generally accustomed to the $60-$80 range chairs and so getting this, I had to carry it to my kitchen to unbox and put together. I will say too that everything was carefully packaged to avoid any damage or loss of parts. Even the bolts that attached things directly to the chair itself were already in their designated spots to make it easier to find the correct bolts.

When I put the wheels on, the style for these with the hollow interior is really slick. The two-tone wheels and method for which they are designed definitely gives you a gamer and pro-office chair vibe where it’s not a cheap plastic wheel you’d typically expect from a desk chair. The base for the wheels was a nice improvement as well being actual metal instead of that cheap plastic you’d normally expect from an office chair.

In the box, the Ewin Racing Gaming chair came in several larger parts such as the wheels, the back of the chair, the bottom of the chair and the hydraulic system. I was impressed as I played around with this chair to see the vast functionality not normally in a standard desk chair.

Features included:

  • Hollow Wheels
  • Pillows for Neck Support and Back
  • Multi-adjustable armrests with the slider for the left to right, back and forth and up and down
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustments
  • Recliner Feature
  • Strong, Firm Seat with Leather Cover

Sitting in the Chair

How I battle-tested the PC Gaming chair was by sitting in it for many, many hours. I messed with the features to see how far it’d perform and honestly I was impressed with the comfort I had in this chair. I was able to game comfortably with a chair that matched the height of my fold-up table desk, and I was actually eye level with my 3 monitor setup. My arms were comfortable reaching the desk from the armrests, and I was able to sit up straight in part due to the back pillow. Normally a sloucher here when on my PC, this forced me to sit straight. I didn’t feel as if I had to get off of it or readjust to get comfortable either.

Check out the gallery below for more images on this chair:

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EwinRacing Flash XL Gaming Chair

About two years back we did a review on a product that wasn’t quite the standard fare for Bigbruin.com; a PC gaming chair. The original review was on the Flash Series ergonomic office chair from EWinRacing.com. Recently they reached out to us and asked us to take a look at another one of their chairs; the Flash XL. The XL series is specifically made for, well, let’s just say larger frames. It is designed to hold up to 550 pounds and people up to 7 feet tall.

Features and Specifications:

The chair we received is model number FL-BB3H-XL, which is a Flash Series XL chair, one of the EwinRacing gaming chairs. According to the folks at EwinRacing, the model I received has the same specs as their FLH-XL which you can read about here. Both of these chairs feature E-Win’s stain resistant 2.0 PU leather that is designed to stand up to repeated cleanings. These chairs are a black color with a nice quilted section between the bolsters. This PU cover is wrapped around their cold-cured foam. This E-Win Prime foam is twice as dense as regular foam which helps it maintain its resiliency and overall durability. The chair has an easily adjustable backrest from 85 degrees to 150 degrees. The 4D adjustments provide fine tuning of the armrests and the controls below the seat allow for easy height and tilt adjustment. The 3″ casters are designed to work on all floors without damaging the surface.

Promo Image

Below are some additional details from their site.

» Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
» Foam Type: High Density Separated Foaming
» Foam Density: 60kg/m3
» Frame Color: Black
» Frame Construction: Metal
» Adjustable Armrests: 4D
» Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
» Tilt Lock: Yes
» Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
» Gas Lift Class: 4
» Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
» Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
» Base Type: 5-star Heavy duty ADC12 Aluminum Base
» Caster Size & Material: 3″ Caster/PU
» Weight capacity: 550 pounds
» Metal Structure Frame – 10 Years Warranty
» Seat Mechanism – 2 years
» Arm Rest – 2 Years
» Wheels – 2 Years
» Headrest/Lumbar Support Pillows – 2 Years
» Five Star Base – 2 Years
» Gas Lift -2 Years

Overall the EwinRacing Flash XL chair appears to have all you need to make it a comfortable chair for the long haul.

Packaging and Accessories:

When the FedEx guy showed up with this, my first thought was: “what the hell did my wife buy?” He was carting this huge box (90cm x 74cm x 40cm) up the driveway on a dolly. When he got to me I saw the sticker and realized what it was. What I didn’t expect was how heavy this was going to be; it was nearly 70 pounds. For the most part the box is understated; there is a red set of stripes across the top and down the side along with the E-Win logo and on one end there is a picture of the chair with model number info. The top of the box does warn you not to use a knife to cut it open, but you might be able to get away with one if you don’t fully extend it. Under the typical flaps of the box there is another cardboard sheet to further protect the contents. Once this is removed you will see the 5 arm base on top of the backrest which is on top of the seat base and another box of accessories.

Review Image Review Image Review Image

Inside this other box you will find a pair of white gloves, the hydraulic cylinder, the adjustable base, the caster wheels, side bolster covers, hydraulic cylinder cover, socket head cap screws (SHCS) and other hardware, Allen wrenches, and the assembly guide.

Review Image


The assembly of the chair is easy in concept but at times was a bit challenging. The first challenge for me was trying to put the gloves on. Perhaps I should have asked my son to do the assembly as the gloves are small. While I was able to get the gloves mostly on, they were quickly removed when I realized my lack of getting my fingers fully inserted made it impossible for me to pick up the Allen wrench. After this you remove the (4) SHCS from the sides of the backrest. Then you are to place the backrest between the back adjusters mounted to the seat bottom. The problem I ran into was the width of the backrest, it just wouldn’t fit between the support brackets. To get this connected I needed to tighten the screws on one side first. This slightly compressed the foam on that side and allowed me to compress the other side to get the backrest more or less lined up. From there I took the smaller Allen wrench to line up one hole as I threaded the SHCS into the other hole. After this you install the support bracket covers with a single screw then fill the hole with the included caps.

Flipping the base over you will find (4) more SHCS which you need to remove. Underneath not only will you find a well-constructed fully welded frame, you will also see they added elastic straps under the cushion for additional support. At this point you install the tilt adjustment bracket, ensuring you line the front indication on the mechanism to the front of the chair. After securing it in place with the (4) SHCS you move on to the base assembly.

Review Image

To assemble the base you simply push the (5) casters into the heavy aluminum base, then insert the hydraulic cylinder into the center of the base. Finally you take the hydraulic cover and drop it over the cylinder. At this point I suggest you get some assistance and have someone help you place the seat on the base. I did this by myself but with how heavy this chair is it was no easy task.

The Basics:

The first thing you will notice is how big this chair is. It really seems enormous. Next what you will likely think is: damn, this is a nice looking chair! The back really reminds me of a performance driving seat, but the bottom is a bit flatter than I expected. The quilted stitching adds a really nice high end touch to the aesthetics. Unfortunately I think the E-Win logo placement is a bit over the top. I think it would have been plenty to have it just on the headrest instead of in three locations, but that is a personal preference.

Review Image Review Image

Below is a picture from their site showing some dimensions for the Flash XL. I made some of my own measurements, and while some do match up there were some discrepancies. For instance; I measured the base to be approx. 23.5″ wide by 21″ deep and 13″ between the bolsters. The seating surface started at a height of about 22.25″ to 26″. The back measured approx. 34″ high, 23″ wide, and 13.25″ between the bolsters. The armrests are height adjustable from 6.5″ to 10″ from seating surface, they slide fore and aft about 2.25″, rotate +/- 15 degrees or so and can be adjusted 20.5″ to 21.5″ apart.

Review Image

Unlike the image above, the Flash XL series chair I received didn’t have the holes in the neck area. This means the neck pillow simply slides over the headrest and the lumbar pillow on this version doesn’t have any straps like some of their chairs for height adjustment.

Speaking of adjustments; this chair has a lot of them. As mentioned, the armrests can be adjusted in height, rotation, fore and aft, as well as spread between them. Of course you have you typical seat height and back adjustments, but you can also adjust tip.


From the outset it was obvious to me this was a well-made heavy duty chair. Just the sheer weight of the chair conveys quality. They really didn’t skimp out on the hardware. The base is solid and heavy cast aluminum and the included casters are large enough to make rolling on most surfaces a breeze. The only issue I have with the casters is the rubber is quite tacky. So if you have debris on the floor the wheels will pick this up. It didn’t cause any damage, it just looked a bit messy.

The included adjustments are all super easy to use, sans the armrest rotation. As mentioned in our previous review, this adjusts too easily. Grabbing the chair by the armrest to move it will pop the rotation adjustment. While this isn’t a showstopper it seems they could have done better. Also while the armrest is comfortable, I would have rather had a replaceable PU cover here. I think that would have really made the chair look even more upscale. Right now it just looks like you lost the covers.

As mentioned the chair includes a neck and lumbar pillow. While this is a very subjective thing, I found the lumbar pillow to be useless. Since there are no straps to hold it in place like some of EwinRacing’s other chairs, you have to adjust it each time you sit down or even move in the chair. Plus I found the pillow to be just a little too big, it just shifted my hips a little too far out. This is somewhat apparent in the pictures below, one I appear to sitting more upright in. But I do think I am on the small side for this chair, so perhaps this pillow is better suited for someone twice my size. On the other hand I found the neck pillow to be quite comfortable and useful. Not so much for desk work since I have a tendency to hunch forward, but if you sit back for gaming or even watching a movie I felt better supported and more relaxed. I also found that it didn’t interfere with the use of a headset.

Review Image Review Image

The height of this chair was really unexpected. At its lowest setting my feet reach the floor just barely. While I concede I am not the tallest I am of average height, so this feeling of being in your dad’s chair is a bit weird. I also wonder who could use this at its highest setting. My desk at work has a clearance of 27.5″. If this chair goes up to 26″ your legs would have no room unless you also have a height adjustable desk. Just something to keep in mind for you big guys out there.

I found the range of adjustments for the seat back angle to be more than enough to find the right spot for desk work, gaming or movie watching. I was very surprised with how stable the Flash XL felt fully reclined. Equally surprising was how large the base of the seat is. It was so roomy front to back and side to side I was easily able to sit with my legs crossed and not feel like my legs were about to slip off. Having such versatility really made the Flash XL more comfortable for long stretches.


The EwinRacing Flash XL is a really solidly built chair that looks and feels high end minus a few points. The quilted PU cover really seemed to breathe better than I expected during the long stretches I spent watching movies/playing games. The armrests provided great adjustment and support, especially when gaming. Though I do think a little more padding and a PU cover on the armrests would go a long way.

Promo Image

Overall I found this chair to be not only comfortable but supportive. This really surprised me due to its size. Since this chair is so big I just assumed it would have all the support features in the wrong spots. So I think their assessment of the chair fitting from 5’7″ to 7″ might be pretty close if what you lack in height is made up for in girth. But with that said I would strongly suggest you look at the E-Win shopping guide. It has ranges of heights and max weight for each chair. While fit is subjective, I think your best bet would be to shoot for a chair where your size is in the middle of the range supported. Based on this the ideal chair for me would be the Champion series. So not only would the chair likely fit my frame better, but I could also save around $150 too.

The EwinRacing Flash XL chair has a retail price of $509, but the normal price is $469. There is a special code, Bigbruin, which takes another 20% off for a final price of about $375 with free shipping. The Bigbruin promotion is not as good as their Black Friday promo on their website where the code BF takes 30% off everything (or a final price of about $328). This is still a very expensive chair. But based on the quality of construction and materials used (minus armrests) there is more value here than you might expect. Just taking a quick look at an office supply site, they do have a “big and tall” chair to support up to 500 pounds for $336 but it lacks recline and adjustable armrests among other things. So if you do indeed need a chair on the larger side, this EwinRacing chair appears to be a great option for you. It is well made, has tons of features, looks awesome and has a great warranty so it really should stand the test of time.

All things considered, the EwinRacing Flash XL Gaming Chair earns the Bigbruin.com awards of “Good Value” and “Gaming Approved”.

Good Value Gaming Approved


» Overall the build quality is great
» Comfortable for extended periods
» Very adjustable
» PU cover dissipated heat better than expected
» PU cover should prove to be very durable
» Warranty is very comprehensive


» Armrest seem cheap compared to rest of build
» Armrest rotation needs better lock
» E-Win branding over done
» Lumbar pillow not fixed

Note: This is one review post from https://bigbruin.

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