Review: EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

In what may be a first for our site, today we have a review of a gaming chair. The “EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows” retails at $349 (on sale for $289 at the time of this writing) is the first chair to come to us to cover. Now, we’ve been sitting in chairs and experiencing our whole lives. We know what is comfortable and uncomfortable. So reviewing a chair is bound to be a walk in the park in terms of how it feels. But what about its extra abilities and features? Well, I’ll be diving into all of that! So pull up a chair and let’s get into it!


‘Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
Foam Type:High Density Separated Foaming
Foam Density: 55kg/m3
Frame Color: Black
Frame Construction: Metal
Adjustable Armrests: 4D
Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
Tilt Lock: Yes
Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
Gas Lift Class: 4
Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU’



  • ‘E-WIN Stain Resistant 2.0 PU Leather:

With the First Stain Resistant E-WIN 2.0 PU Leather. It can be cleaned repeatedly without surface damage by using a clean cloth. Also it surpasses industry performance standards for strength abrasion, hydrolysis, and UV stability, while retaining the looks and feels most like real leather that made it so popular.

  • E-WIN Cold-Cure Foam:

E-WIN Prime interior high-density foam puts it well above the standard High Resiliency foam. Engineered to be 2 times heavier than regular foam per cubic foot, inching it near the realm of memory foam. The elasticity of the foam helps prolong the comfort life of the chair and adds to the overall durability of the product.

  • Nap Extra Comfortably with The Adjustable Backrest
Whether you’re gaming, working or taking a nap, an angle-adjustable backrest will help you adjust the sitting position throughout the course of your using experience.
  • Locking Full-tilt Mechanism 
Like your chair leaned back a few degrees?  The locking tilt function allows you to not only rock back the seat & backrest but also lock it in the position that fits you.
  • Soft-Glide Wheels

The Champion Series comes with PU coating casters that are engineered for quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris, rolling effortlessly on all types of flooring while preventing damage to the surface beneath

  • Full bracket recline (155 degrees), Adjustable 4D Armrests, Rigorously-Tested Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism, Heavy Duty ADC12 Aluminum Base, Class 4 Hydraulics, Hubless Casters, Max Load 400lbs.’


  • Comfort: Gaming chairs from Ewin seem to share a lot of similarities between models. One thing that all of them share in common is their advertised comfort. A lot of them have pillows and are advertised as being able to recline. Not only can they recline very deeply, you’ll find that you can lock it at the reclining point. This means you could lock it and cat nap and have no worries about it popping back up and it will balance your weight. Whether you’re lying back or sitting, you can do so in this chair for extended periods of time with no fatigue. I didn’t find myself stretching every so often or needing to pop my back.
    In simpler terms, this means you can focus on gaming (or in my case writing Hackinformer articles) for much longer compared to the comfiest four legged chair. If you’re wondering about the seat itself, it’s nice foam that supports your body weight, but if you try to squeeze it with your hand, you will get nowhere. It’s a grand balance of support and comfort. The back rest is also made of this material, but the head and back pillows are more of what you notice. They too feel absolutely delightful when hanging out in the chair.
  • Extra Parts: I’m definitely a fan of furniture coming with a few extra bit and bobs should you lose anything. EWin is one of those companies that want you to have what is necessary and more so. The EWin Champion Series Gaming chair comes with a few extra bolts, washers, black screw cover. I wish it had maybe one extra wheel, but I suppose that they do mention that if parts are broken or missing to reach out to them. My guess is that they replace them at a nominal cost.
  • Assembly: Assembly is a breeze. To start, I’d like to finish a thought that maybe should’ve been included in the previous section, but still make sense here. Besides the fact that there are less than 15 steps and most of the chair is preassembled, they’ve found ways to make the whole affair simpler. Such as the box already having the tools necessary to complete assembly. This, surprisingly, includes some PU gloves to keep you from getting cut or your fingernails scuffing the leather-esque surface. While recording my assembly I time-lapsed it as I figured it would take a very long time (I’m looking at you Ikea) and I thought the viewers would appreciate a shorter video. I didn’t realize that the assembly would be done in a fraction of the time so my time-lapsed video as only 35 seconds long. Kudos to EWin on this!
  • Sounds? Nope! No sounds at all. And while there isn’t much to talk about on this subject, I did want to point out a few key things. A lot of gaming chairs I’ve sat at from various companies (while at friends’ homes) squeak if you relax the seat back. Other ones squeak while rolling around on the floor. Others squeak if you’re extremely heavy and sit down abruptly on them. While I’m not a maximum weight of 400 pounds and can’t test the last point, I can say this.  My girlfriend and I sat on it together (she was in my lap) and we bounced a couple of times (I know, laugh it up) and experienced no squeaking. Another slam dunk for EWin.
  • Rolling: Speaking of wheels rolling, whatever they did with their wheels here is otherworldly. These wheels that came with the chair roll so smoothly. This is true on both hard floors and to a lesser extent on carpeting. I tested it on a medium shag rug in my gaming space and it moved just fine with me pushing myself back and forth. Obviously, if you are pushing yourself from a smooth surface to a raised surface, you may just have to get up and scoot it onto the higher surface. But other than that, no matter where I went, the wheels got me there cleanly.


  • Height: This thing goes up to comfort even for the tallest person. We have an estimated measurement that seems to suggest a 7 foot tall person could comfortably sit in this chair when the highest height is extended. It isn’t advertised at this and maybe they have chairs for even taller people, but I’d bet that you could be very comfortable in this with long legs. The arm rests even come up higher for taller people so that they can rest their arms comfortably as well.
  • Style: Computer gaming chairs from EWin come in several different styles and feature set. There’s naturally no way for me to sit here and cover every model type and which chair has what features. However, I can bring up the fact that no only are there so many types of chairs.  There are also several color options for each of those chair models. So if you think that the pictures of the chair I have or the video of the chair is ugly, no worries. There are different shapes and styles and color variants. Go crazy checking out their site!



  • Manual: The manual should be the least of anyone’s worry. And while I said that the assembly was easy, I did leave out part of the story. I basically had to figure out how to assemble the chair myself. Their manual wasn’t necessarily lacking, but it wasn’t one for one. I just find it astonishing that on one hand each chair has such time and care put into it. On the other hand, each chair should have its own manuals and the pictures should be in order from left to right (you’ll see what I mean if you buy one of these chairs).
    Also, there should be an entry for explaining which lever does what. As in how they move (in/out, up/down), what the giant knob on the bottom is for, and how to adjust pillows. My model of the EWin Champion Series Gaming chair is a different model than their pictures. By that I mean that my model has split up the functions of the old paddle into two separate controls. So instead of a paddle on one side, we now have one on either side. This is great in theory, but I’d like a quick tutorial in a manual to help out. Or at least a QR code that when scanned takes me to a video that explains how they all work independently or together.
  • Packing: They should probably invest in separating the chair into 2 boxes that are banded together. The sheer weight of the boxing is pretty intense and  I’m guessing that the demographic of people buying this might be one single person that lives alone. I would suggest they just band 2  half-height boxes together. That way if they have another person to help team lift, then great, they get the same effect as now. If they don’t, they can cut the band and move one half at a time.
  • Height: This is the one that is the saddest for me. I’m 5 foot, 10 inches tall and my toes touch the floor on the lowest setting. I cannot make it any lower than the default so I cannot comfortably have my feet sitting on the ground. It is so off-putting when you cannot pull yourself forward or push back. The same goes if you cannot rock yourself by pushing off the floor. This chair is clearly designed for someone 6 foot or taller.
    Yes, even my 5 foot tall girlfriend can sit in it and feel comfortable in the chair. However, her feet also do not touch the ground. I thought that this chair would default for a 5 foot person and get taller for a taller person, but it does not. So if you’re shorter than 6 feet, you should think very seriously about whether you like your feet to touch the floor while sitting or not.


Overall Thoughts:

Unless you’re smaller than 6 foot tall, this chair might be a 10/10 for you. I can’t believe that such a chair exists! 4D armrests, 155 degree reclining back, pillows for head and lumbar, smooth rolling wheels, 400 lb support, thick supportive foam, the most leatheriest non-leather, and so much more! I’m so glad that they reached out to me to review this chair. I look forward to a day they make these chairs for smaller people. On that day, I’ll be first in line to buy one. Best of all, if a EWin Champion Series Gaming chair sounds right up your alley, you will be happy to find a tremendous discount below. So click make note of the code and click the banner!


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