EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review — Your Back Will Thank You

EWin’s Knight Series chair is one of the nicest I’ve ever used in my life and has helped somewhat alleviate the pain that stemmed from using other chairs.

I sit in a chair all day long while I work. For a little over a year now, I’ve mainly used a pretty standard office chair that you could probably buy at any local department store. It’s done the job for the most part, but the longer I’ve used the chair, the more I’ve started to develop some serious back pain. Whether it be from the way I sit or from the chair itself, I’ve started to have more aches and pain over time to the point that sitting all day long while I work has become pretty intolerable. I’ve even gone to see my doctor recently specifically because of these back problems. Getting older is fun, folks.

Anyway, so when EWin Racing reached out to me recently and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their Knight Series Gaming Chairs, I jumped at the opportunity, eager to see if it’d help with any of the stiffness and pain that I had started to develop. After using the chair for a little more than a week at this point, I have to say that the change to EWin’s chair has been greatly beneficial and has made my days of work far more comfortable. While my pain hasn’t magically disappeared, the additional support that it has provided has been greatly beneficial and has proven to me just how vital it is to have a well-made chair.

EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review — Your Back Will Thank You

I think what I’ve liked the most about using this EWin gaming chair is that it’s incredibly sturdy. The back of the chair is fairly firm rather being too squishy or soft like other chairs I’ve used before. While it may seem like softer would be better at first, the sturdiness of EWin’s product has helped support my back much more, especially when I end up sitting for extended periods of time. As a byproduct, I think the firmness of this chair has also helped naturally improve my posture. Rather than slouching or sinking back into my chair now like I used to, this EWin model has somewhat naturally made me sit more upright.

The Knight Series chair also just feels really well put-together from top to bottom. The leather, underlying foam, and most of the other pieces that make up the chair feel like they are of a high-quality. It feels like it has been built to survive the long haul so that even years from now after I’ve sat in it for hundreds or thousands of hours, it’s still going to hold together and remain as sturdy as ever. Obviously this could prove to be untrue the longer I use it, but I’d really be surprised if it wasn’t the case.

Speaking of construction, the act of putting the chair itself together isn’t complex whatsoever. The night it showed up at my apartment, I had it fully constructed in around 30 minutes to an hour. Even though the instructions that came with the packaging weren’t all that specific at times, it wasn’t hard to figure out what pieces needed to go where and how they all bolted together. You don’t need to be a handyman to assemble this thing, so fear not.

EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review — Your Back Will Thank You

While there are a lot of different variants of gaming chairs that you can buy from EWin, the Knight Series comes with two additional pillows. One of these is smaller and is meant to go around the upper portion where your head would naturally sit while the other is to help support your back. The head pillow is pretty much necessary to attach as the upper part of the chair without it is rather uncomfortable for your head and neck when leaning back. The back pillow also isn’t attached to anything on the chair and can freely be moved up and down to support you wherever you feel like you need it the most.

My main criticism of this chair would likely be that of the pillows. While the chair feels like it’s made to last for a long time, both of these pillows feel somewhat cheap. I imagine that a few months from now, both will be pretty flat and won’t offer as much support or comfort as they once did. That’s not necessarily shocking, but considering you can’t buy replacement pillows separately (at least from what I’ve seen online) it does hurt the product as a whole.

Another aspect of the chair I’ve been impressed by comes with its wheels. Whenever you need to move the chair around, it glides fairly seamlessly on all surfaces. The workspace that I spend most of my time at sits on shag carpet, which is probably one of the worst surfaces you can typically use wheeled office chairs on. Fortunately, the EWin chair moves across this carpeted area with ease. And when moving it around on the hardwood floors in my apartment as well, it’s extremely quiet. It feels a bit odd to praise such a small piece of the chair, but these wheels really are great.

EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review — Your Back Will Thank You

Like many other popular gaming chairs nowadays, the EWin Knight Series also has a reclining feature that further allows you to situate yourself how you’d like. You can even recline it all the way back so that you can essentially lie down and sleep in it if you so desired. While I never used it for this purpose myself, it has been nice to be able to feel like I have direct control over how I want the back of my chair to sit. Most other standard office chairs allow you to recline a bit backward, but the back of the chair itself typically always sits upright. Being able to move this aspect now has been a nice feature that I’ve grown to appreciate.

All in all, I have greatly enjoyed using EWin’s Knight Series chair and I’m looking forward to continuing to utilize it as my everyday chair moving forward. Before I got my hands (and butt) on this product, I really didn’t think it mattered too much what kind of chair you sat in as long as it felt comfortable. After using this Knight Series chair for an extended period of time though, I’ve realized how foolish that line of thinking is. If you’re looking to invest in a new gaming or office chair for yourself that will give you quite a bit of support where it matters most, EWin’s Knight Series model is more than worth looking into.

Note: This is one review post by dualshockers.

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Ewinracing Knight Series The Mommy Gamers Review

Gaming, working, streaming, or doing anything that requires long hours in a chair can take a toll on your body. How do you pick the right chair? If you’re like me you hit the internet looking for some honest reviews. Hopefully this one about the Ewin Knight Series gaming chair I’m currently sitting on helps.

My first gaming chair was an old, and extremely uncomfortable, hand me down office chair. You know the type right? No padding, barely anything in terms of back support, makes your bottom fall asleep. After quite a few long streaming sessions I decided it was time to upgrade.

At that time I just picked whatever gaming chair brand I saw most represented in every other streamer’s set up. Thanks to the Patreon support from our community I was able to shop and get one I liked. And then there was much rejoicing when my back wasn’t cramping up anymore.

Ewinracing Knight Series

The problem with shopping for the perfect chair for gaming is that there’s hardly anywhere to get hands on, or in this case butts on time with them. So most gamers will do what I did and buy the same thing everyone else has.

If you’re lucky enough to attend a gaming convention, like TwitchCon which is happening this weekend, you’ll get to try out quite a few different brands. Even then, not every gaming chair company is at every event. So you’re not getting a fair chance to try them all.

To make things worse, it’s not like you can walk into an office store and check out gaming chairs. There you’ll just get a bunch of boring clunky, overpriced chairs that are meant for an executive office, not your epic gaming space.

Or even worse, you’ll have someone that doesn’t know about gaming, or chairs buy you one from said office store and you end up with an expensive commercial brand “gaming chair” that really doesn’t have half the bells and whistles of a gaming chair. I’ve seen this happen so many times with my friends who are parents, but not gamers. They had good intentions, but they unknowingly got their kids an uncool chair from a local office store. And probably paid too much while they were at it.

So what’s a gamer looking for the best gaming chair to do? Look for some honest reviews online. Hopefully mine helps you possibly find a new chair you and your bottom will be happy with.

My Ewin Gaming Chair:

I chose the Ewin Knight Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair to try out. Ewin has gamers covered from big plush chairs to more low profile models. I like simplicity in a chair, and not a lot of cushions so this one felt like the right fit for me. And even though I pride myself on not being too much of a girly-girl type I still chose pink. Why? Because I hoped the color would keep my teenage son from taking it and claiming it as his own.

Kids take your stuff. A lot. Nothing is sacred, and they will eat all of your potato chips.


Ewinracing Knight Series

It’s worth noting here that I once had an actual job assembling office furniture. So it’s possible that my opinion is slightly skewed after assembling literally hundreds of chairs in my lifetime. If you need help with yours just hit up @Jaxboxchick on Twitter and I’ll help.

TLDR version: I found my Ewin chair very easy to assemble. The instructions were very clear, there weren’t a lot of complicated parts, and they even included these cute gloves!


Ewin racing seems to almost always have great discounts available on their site already. As an added bonus, if you use code “mommygamers” when you check out, you will save an additional 30% off. With all those discounts the price is more than one hundred dollars less than my old gaming chair. Pretty significant savings, and I really feel that my new chair is better than my old one. Even when it was new.

Use Code “mommygamers” for 30% off 
The purchase of an Ewin Gaming Chair

Final Thoughts:

Where you put your bottom while gaming really matters. Especially when you’re like me and getting a little older. Back pain sucks, and having a supportive chair is important regardless of your age. After a full month of testing out my new Ewin Knight Series racing chair I can honestly say I love it.

Old chair vs my new Ewinracing Knight Series Chair

Overall I feel like I have more chair under me. It’s bigger, the seat is wider, and my favorite part is the curved arms. Weird feature to love in a chair right? As someone with bony elbows I can tell you that I’ve experienced way less chapped elbow issues over the last month than I have in the past few years.

I have only two mild complaints about my Ewin Knight Series chair. One is the lack of a strap for the bottom lumbar pillow. It flops back down and I end up sitting on it a few times a day when I forget to look before I sit. Second, the PVC leather seat makes my bottom sweaty.

Ewinracing Knight Series
Looks kind of pretty in my space right?

It’s important for me to note here that we keep our house at an unnaturally high temperature in the warm months in an effort to save money. Most people don’t have their AC set at 76 because they care about their overall happiness and don’t enjoy sweating to death. So it’s more likely my house, and not the chair.

My old chair had more of a breathable fabric on the seat. Great for keeping the chair cool, but on the other hand it collected dust and likely trapped germs. I feel like the PVC leather on my Ewin racing chair will be easier to clean and I honestly do prefer the look of it overall.

Between streaming on Mixer for TheMommyGamers, on Dlive as my JaxboxChick brand, and all the work I do to keep TheMommyGamers brand thriving I spend a ridiculous amount of time at my desk. I’ve spent about two hundred hours in this new Ewin gaming chair easily and can very confidently recommend it to anyone reading this blog post.

Please do your research before buying any gaming chair. It’s a big decision. If you decide to check out Ewin Gaming Chairs use code “mommygamers” and get that extra 30% off. And if you do make a purchase please come back and let me know in the comments here how your new chair is.

Make sure to follow @themommygamers and @ewinracing on Twitter. The Ewinracing twitter is especially adorable because they share pictures all the time of people enjoying their gaming chairs.

Side Note:

I took a little extra time with this review because I know that people expect honest reviews from me. Sure, I was really happy to get this gaming chair free for review purposes. Getting games is cool and all but an entire awesome gaming chair??? Whew!! I’ll never say I like something if I don’t, and I’ll never fast track a review on something this big.

Thanks for reading my review, I hope you’re having the best day!

*TheMommyGamers received an Ewin Knight Series gaming chair for review purposes in exchange for a very honest review. We did not get paid for this blog post and are always happy to check out new products.

Note: This is one review post from themommygamers .

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Review: EwinRacing Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Pillows


It’s easy to get lost in video games and much easier when you’re comfortable, and the first place you want to start with is with a chair. That’s where EwinRacing gaming chair comes in. As a purveyor of certified gaming chairs, they have your comfort and relaxation in mind. Recently we’ve been using one of their gaming chairs to see if it has what it takes to give you a sense of serenity, even in the most severe gaming sessions.

Out of the box, the EwinRacing Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Pillows comes mostly assembled. Armrests are attached to the base, and support pillows for your head and lumbar are affixed. From there, the most you’ll have to assemble is connecting all the pieces together. The chair is pretty easy to construct and straightforward, but if you do need a little bit of help, instructions and tools are included. In about ten to fifteen minutes, I was able to finish building the chair on my own. There was a little bit of difficulty, and that was with connecting the seat base to the backrest.

Once fully assembled, the chair stands at about 50 inches at its lowest setting, which can be raised by an extra five inches. The build of the chair is comprised mostly of durable plastic, foam, synthetic leather, and a metal bar to support your weight. Foam cushions feel dense at first, but once you sit in the chair and let your weight sink in, the cushions begin to open up and conforms to your bottom.

The look of the Ewin gaming chair follows the style of other chairs on the market. There’s no excessive bells and whistles and added bulk, just a streamlined design that comes with all the right curves that allow the seat to contour to your body. It makes sitting in the chair feel very natural. The synthetic leather that lines the seat gives the chair a premium look and feel, and it doesn’t allow your body to stick to the chair when you’re sitting for a long time.

The Ewin gaming chair is all about precise adjustments, so you can lock in your ideal settings to maximize your comfort. The armrests can be raised up, moved forward, and widened so your arms and elbows fall in a typical manner. The backrest can be adjusted with such small movements that you can easily find the perfect reclined setting that heightens your comfort.

The Ewin gaming chair already comes with all the needed features that will make you feel cozy and pleasant. But to make sure that you truly are comfy and homely in your chair, Ewin has added pillows for your head and lumbar is icing on the cake. Both pillows are soft, but they’re not too soft that you end up flattening them out. Not only do the pillows provide you with comfort, but they’ll also help you to keep your posture because the last thing you want after you stop gaming is to walk away with back pain.

Final Reaction

We don’t often think about it, but our comfort plays a big factor in our gaming, and having the right chair will be your savior. The Ewin gaming chair hits all the boxes when you want comfort and ease. Premium materials make the chair strong and durable while providing your gaming area with a bit of style. Soft foam lets your body sink in, while included pillows make sure your posture stays true. The chair has some weight to it, but you can still move it around your room with ease. And the small adjustments ensure that you’ll always have the right settings to make sure you’re comfortable. As a person who used to use a typical office chair while gaming, the gaming chair has reaffirmed that a good seat can take you a long way, and Ewin Racing wants to take you on that ride.

Score 5/5 Atoms

For more info, please visit the Ewin Racing site.

*The Gaming chair was provided by Ewin Racing for review purposes.

Note: This is a review post from nerdreactor.com

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Forget keyboards and headsets, this is what you’ll need to succeed in esports

For maximum immersion in the world of the game, comfort is required. After all, if you are constantly distracted by the inconvenience, it is impossible to fully enjoy the world of video games. In the past, few people thought about comfort during the game, especially if they were gathered by the company or the whole family …

The members of the group were located, as a rule, haphazardly. During the era of consoles, a very voluminous TV box with a kinescope was located on an equally heavy pedestal stand. Moving such an array was very difficult. In addition, very often the length of the wire from the joystick to the console was about half a meter, and it was impossible to reach a comfortable sofa or chair with comfort in principle. In an attempt to make the pastime a little more comfortable, pillows were used, which at that time replaced much more comfortable chairs. Although much more often, everyone just landed on the floor near the console.

Of course, everyone understands that the player holding the gamepad was not worried about comfort. In addition, the joystick itself was often made of cheap plastic, and therefore, after ten minutes of active play, he strove to slip out all the time. Children were allowed to play for about half an hour a day, and therefore the hook position was not too critical for them. But parents didn’t mind relieving stress after a hard day and playing a game, often playing for longer than 30 minutes. And naturally, many of them later faced the problem of “how now, in fact, to straighten out?”.

Years passed, and thin plasma panels replaced the huge TV boxes. Gamepads have gained wireless connectivity and it has become possible to sit on a far-standing sofa or chair. The game audience has expanded significantly, new devices for games and gamers themselves appear on the market all the time. And even for the pickiest players, comfort has become not just a must, but an integral part. In the modern market, there is a whole series of products that fall under the category of gaming chairs, they will now be discussed.

Chairs with increased comfort is not a throne for the player, but a great solution for everyone who spends a lot of time behind the monitor. Most of these seats are “mesh” and ergonomic with much finer adjustment of the backrest and height.

To better understand the real value of a good gaming chair we look at Ewinracing Knight Series.

Upholstery made of excellent material, head restraints, adjustment of all parts – this is not an exception at all, but rather an unshakable rule. Such a chair will be a true decoration not only for the gaming room, but also for the office, because it well emphasizes status.

The pricing policy here is versatile, which means that the solution can be chosen for any pocket. For luxury models, you still have to pay a substantial amount, but in this case you get the maximum level of comfort and some exoticism.

Even a real racer doesn’t shun such a chair, because it’s almost a real car seat. Everything here testifies to the automotive design – from the angle of the backrest to its shape. The backrest is conveniently adjustable , and it effectively helps to maintain a flat spine if it is folded back.

The armrest is also adjustable in height and this allows you to adjust the overall design to the growth of the gamer. On the base of the cross is a plastic pad for a more comfortable foot support. The chair is made of steel and leather.

This is an ideal chair for both professional and gamers just starting out . This model ideally combines functionality and increased comfort. High-quality materials, stunning ergonomics, a sloping edge of the seat that prevents squeezing of the arteries, convenient adjustment of the armrests and the five-arm “Flake” are ideal for users who sit in one place for a long time.

And the sturdy construction underlying the Ewin seat is capable of supporting up to 150 kg — more than other similar chairs on offer.

This high-quality leather chair is suitable for both work and leisure. Outwardly, it resembles seats mounted on cool cars. And its improved frame, the presence of a multifunctional adjusting mechanism and a dense foam filler provides comfort and ease of use.

Comfortable fit, quality material, ergonomic design allow gamers to maximize your focus on the gameplay and achieve amazing results. Value for money will also please buyers making it easily one of the best gaming chairs on the market currently.

The big question is, just how much do you want to invest in a chair? Spend more for higher quality or save some and get best value for your money?

There is no definite answer on this issue because for different categories there are completely different prices. You can buy a chair for $200 US dollars and be very surprised why for a seemingly ordinary chair anyone would pay as much as $500 or even more. The taste and color, as they say,  as well as in chairs, are different. What can be definitely said is that the choice of gaming chairs differs in the breadth of the assortment and an interesting model can be selected for almost any pocket and for any needs.

Remember that a good chair is not all. Taking care of your comfort and your body is just as important in the long run.

Note: This is a review post form vieesports.com 

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I just love PC Gaming Chairs. I’ve been using EWin chairs in my home and office for almost two years. Typically I stand while I work and sit only while gaming. Believe me folks, as you age, your back begins to ache a lot. I’ve had injuries where I can hardly stand up straight and sitting or laying down are all I can do. Ewin chairs have been my number 1 most recommended office chair for gamers and non gamers as well as friends who have expressed back pain while sitting. For the latter I tell them this: get a standing desk and an Ewin chair. The latest I’ve been using is now my 10 year old, hyper athletic nephew’s: the Ewin Knight Series Gaming Chair.

The reason I enjoy these chairs is the tight comfort they provide. The lower back and upper head support are fantastic. This new chair from the Knight series has a removable lumbar pillow for those who just don’t need it. In addition to lowering and raising the chair and arm rests, this chair can recline with the simple pull of a lever on the right-hand side. I’m a huge fan of subtle coloring. I love how this chair is all black with blue accents. So you get comfort and, in my opinion, a cool design. A winning combination from Ewin! These chairs are often on sale. In fact, using our link gets you 30% off. Please note we do not earn a commission on this.

You can shop for Ewin products on their new online store.

Note: This is a review post from GeeksWorldWide.

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EwinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

They are not the Iron Throne, but EwinRacing already sells gaming chairs for a wonderful gaming experience when you lay your next round of the virtual game.

The EwinRacing Champion Series gaming chairs increasingly gives us a greater number of features to each model that is also being launch on the market. Innovation does not stop, but at the same time personalization doesn’t either.

Gaming has evolved the peripherals of a mouse and a keyboard that seem extravagant and useless, for some people are left only in “the beautiful” without highlighting the functionality. While there are others whose great impact and are very useful, an example of this is the gamer chairs of champion series from EwinRacing.


The EwinRacing champion series has come up with a luxury that is offered by the seats of luxury cars. Hence, this cube seat model is popular for being in Rally competitions or Formula GT. A premium PU leather with a soft and cozy cushion has made the chair even more comfortable. This eventually serves the purpose of buying a gaming chair by offering you maximum comfort while playing your favorite game for a longer period of time.  You will feel like a Rally driver and will spend hours sitting, as the real gamers. Sounds amazing, right? This is why it began to popularize the idea that Ewin has conveyed.

If you’re looking for a design that is more comfortable than conventional office chairs, for long days of play, this is the perfect choice for you. EwinRacing champion series offers a fine combination of quality and comfort.

The purpose of a chair of this type is the greatest comfort and convenience to spend hours sitting. Because for a gamer, it is very important to take care of your health. EwinRacing champion series is just more than perfect to serve the purpose.

EwinRacing Chair

Design and Build

The approach that the Ewin champion series offers is was one of the reasons that convince the buyers.  It has almost the same characteristics as the seats of a luxurious car like Audi.

The highlighted wings of the backrest are a nice addition to Stealth. It provides additional support for the shoulders and back – perfect if you spend hours on your computer.

Usually, we put away the lumbar pads quite quickly, but the attached cushion is strong enough to provide support without too large dimensions. The cute sleek design and the vibrant colors make these chairs magically attractive.

Under the leather foam cover, you will find a cold-formed thick foam, which is softer than the one you can find in cheaper armchairs.

It also offers 4D armrests that allow you to customize every aspect of the armrests.


The EwinRacing chair has a durable steel frame and a large five-star base. This means that anyone weighing up to 150 kg can sit comfortably in the chair without any worry.

Under the fabric upholstery, you’ll find molded cold foam that is soft, offers breathablity and comes with extraordinary durability if compared to the other chairs available in the market and often known as ‘budgeted chairs’.

Along with providing a beautiful soft pillow with velor foam, Ewin champion series gaming chairs also contain a new velor lumbar pillow.

EwinRacing Gaming Chair


Seat height: 46-55 cm

Dimensions: 66 x 60 x 137-149 cm (width X depth X height)

Seat height: 53-65 cm

Adjustment of the armrest: 4D

Maximum load: 150 kg

Two-year warranty


A sturdy design and a comfy outlook-its the greatest innovation that Ewin Champion Series has brought to the market with its awesome gaming chairs. It is one of the most expensive chairs in our round – but for good reason. It allows a deviation between 85 and 155 degrees.

The perfect utilizations of required material hhas given trhe chair a next level attribute that is quite a hard to find out in a normal gaming chair. It will atttract you with a magnetic power by offering the cozy, soft sitting for long hours.

The chair comes in a huge box at the time of delivery. So, never forget to arrange enough space around while unboxing it. The process of assembling is nothing but just an easy cake walk. There is an instruction manual that is quite easy to follow. They provide a pair of gloves as well in the box that will make the assembling easy and risk free. The whole process of assembling could take up to 15 minutes maximum. Yes, it’s as fast as that. Undoubtedly, its a great innovative technology that has made this EwinRacing champion series so popular among the gamers worldwide.


EwinRacing might be an uncommon name for you if you are exceptionally turned out of the latest trends of the gaming industry. However, if you’re a game worm, you should definitely give this awesome and comfy chair a try. This champion series is built in a fantastically cozy manner that awards you with a prolonged hour of comfortable gaming. It looks great,  and it offers durability. Its customizable features allow you to set it in the way you want it to be. To enjoy unlimited hours of uninterrupted gaming, you must give this chair a try. Even you’re not a game lover, still, you’ve a .lot to do with the chair. You can easily opt them out if your work is more demanding and you need to spend prolonged hours in front of your computer. Sitting tight is no more a nightmare neighther it’ll turn in to a nightmare anymore.  The days are gone when sitting for long hours on a chair used to cause backpain-go light and fit with these unique chairs from EwinRacing champion series.

Get the EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair now and enjoy 20% off by using the code GAMEHAUNT or Click here to visit their website for more!

Note: This is one review post by  Excelle .

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As a dedicated gamer, you spend countless hours lost in a virtual world. While you’re sitting, trapped behind a screen, you need to be as comfortable as ever to stay in the game. Posture and comfort are vital as you stay focused. Whether it’s competing in an online match, casually playing solo, or working on anything else, the chair you sit in determines the level of comfort you have and how long you can focus on the task at hand. The decision on what chair to buy is one of the hardest decisions to make. When looking at chairs, we immediately thought of 3 things: Style, Comfort, and Affordability. So, what kind of chair is out there that suits those 3 needs?

I am a guy with many back problems, and the old wooden barstool was not suited for me. There was no support for my back, nor was I able to lean back and relax. It was time for something new. After the countless amount of reviews read throughout the chair industry, I struggled finding “The one.” Taking a second shot browsing, one brand caught my eye. Reading the reviews, the comfort was there, the style was there, and the affordability was right in my budget. Ewin Racing provided me with everything I was looking for. So, I decided to snag one of their Knight Series gaming / office chairs, and man, was I excited.

After about 3 days, a massive package arrived at my door. It felt like Christmas in March, I was so excited. I was immediately astounded at how heavy the package was. It was known then, that this chair was going to be sturdy and well built. I couldn’t believe how well packaged the chair was. Everything was super protected to ensure nothing got damaged. Attached was a beautiful, laminated set of instructions that would walk me through about 20 minutes of easy assembly. They also provided me a nice pair of gloves! Once built, this monster stood out. It blew my mind on how good this gaming chair looked. One thing off my list checked, but does it fulfill my needs in terms of comfortability?

Throwing the barstool to the side, this new beast took its place. As soon as I sat down, I immediately felt like I was thrown on a cloud, it was THAT comfortable. The Ewin Knight Series chair comes with a comfortable head pillow for relaxation and one well designed lumbar support to keep me upright. At any time, I can move the pillow and lumbar support or remove them completely to ensure 100% comfort. Nothing on this chair felt cheap. The adjustable arm rests were well built, as well as the actual frame of the chair. You can easily tell that this gaming chair was built with a lot of TLC.

At the price of $269.00 (15% off if you use the promocode: TheTechGame), I can say that this chair is worth every cent. Now for that price, that is one cheap gaming chair. After a full week with the Knight Series chair, I can easily tell you that I am still as impressed as I was the day it arrived. Now, everything has it’s pros and cons. Here are mine:

Easy to assemble.
Lumbar support.
Very comfortable.
Great product for what you pay for.

Arm rests are not padded.
There is no wheel lock as I do roll around a bit.


Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair

Foam Type:High Density Seperated Foaming

Foam Density: 40kg/m3

Frame Color: Black

Frame Construction: Metal

Adjustable Armrests: 2D

Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt

Tilt Lock: Yes

Tilt Angle Lock: Yes

Gas Lift Class: 4

Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back

Adjustable Back Angle: 85 – 155 Degree

Base Type: Nylon 5-star Base

Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PVC

If you would like more information about the Knight Series, look here: https://www.ewinracing.com/knight-series/33-ewin-knight-series-ergonomic-computer-gaming-office-chair-with-pillows-kta.html

If you want to see what else Ewin supplies, check out their website: https://www.ewinracing.com

This review was not paid for, nor does TheTechGame gain any money off this review.

Note: This is a review post from TheTechGame.

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Best gaming chairs 2019: T3’s best gaming chair picks, from PC gaming comfort to premium eSports rockers

These are the best gaming chairs on sale today, covering every budget – find the best gaming chair for you in 2019

T3’s best gaming chairs 2019 guide is here to help you navigate through all the different options out there, and reach your ultimate – the absolute best gaming chair for you, whether you’re a PC or a console gamer.

Of course we love gaming here at T3.com, which is why we know what we’re talking about when it comes to the best gaming chairs available in 2019. What follows is our expertly curated list of the best gaming chairs going, plus some useful advice to help you find the right one for whatever setup you’ve got at home.

Even with the new year sales season out of the way, it’s still a great time to pick up a premium gaming chair – you’ll find most of the top gaming chair makers discounting their ranges to delivering some very attractive gaming chair deals.

But just going online and splurging big bucks on the first gaming chair you see with “deal” written next to it is certainly not how you should go about picking the best gaming chair for you – do your research properly to avoid landing a product that looks good to begin with, but soon starts showing some flaws.

The truth is that picking a great gaming chair is hugely important if you’re a gamer: if you’ve invested a lot of money into your gaming setup with top titles, the best hardware and a dedicated area of your home or office to house it all in, you don’t want to compromise the whole setup by overlooking the importance of a specially-designed gaming chair.

 If you don’t have the best gaming chair to go with your other hardware then chances are you will not be able to hit those high scores (or enemy targets). At the top level, marginal gains can make the difference between winning and losing, so investing in a gaming chair that aids you really is a no-brainer if you’re serious about gaming performance and comfort.


The main things to look out for when you’re buying a gaming chair are the differing levels of comfort and support included. Most come with the ability to make adjustments to height, but also look for adjustments to the armrests and the way the chair reclines too, as well as detachable cushions – which enable you to quickly change how your chair feels and how your body feels in it.

 You should also determine what discipline or gaming genre the chair might have been tailored for. For example, some of the best gaming chairs on the market have been designed with racing or flight simulations in mind, while others for first person shooters, and the small differences in setup can often have a big impact on gaming performance. If you just need an all-round top gaming chair then don’t worry, though, as there are plenty of those, too.


There are many different gaming chairs tailored towards PC gaming, as well as playing games on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, with size, build material (such as leather), and feature sets differing.

The best gaming chair is therefore, first and foremost, the one that is most suited to your particular gaming setup and intended usage scenarios. Certain gaming chairs, for example, are built for use in simulation games such as racers and flight sims, while others specialise in supporting gamers in MOBA or FPS titles.

Naturally, you should also consider the look and style you’re going for when choosing one the best gaming chairs on the market in 2019.

Fortunately, most gaming chairs are suitably stylish and tend to resemble leather-clad racing car seats, but you’ll obviously want to pick a style that goes the best with your gaming room decor, as well as a colour that won’t annoy you or your partner hours into a gaming marathon.

With a mixture of tastes and usage scenarios catered for, from luxurious and leather-clad, to super-soft and stylish, these are the best gaming chairs available in 2019.


It’s also absolutely crucial when buying a gaming chair that you pick one up from a premium, respected maker that has proper heritage, as many new brands have suddenly started to flood into the market.

 Some slick marketing and a deluge of copycat designs later, and the waters are now well and truly muddied. That makes it very hard for the uninitiated to tell if a gaming chair has the build quality to go the distance, or is a six-months-later-and-the-stitching-is-coming-loose dud.

The makers that follow here are approved by T3 to be gaming chair producers of the highest quality: Nitro Concepts, Secretlab, GT Omega Racing, EWIN, Noblechairs, X Rocker, DXRacer, Vertagear, Corsair, and Songmics.



The best gaming chair for racing game enthusiasts

+4D adjustable armrests+Ergonomic design+High density memory foam
 If you want a gaming chair that looks more like a high-end racing car seat than a stuffy office chair, then the Flash XL from Ewin is your best bet. It’s an ergonomic design built for maximum comfort, with a durable frame, pillows for neck and lumbar support, high density memory foam and tilt-tension control.
 When you’re shopping for the best gaming chair of 2019, you want to know it’s going to be a pleasure to sit in, and the Flash XL ticks all the boxes.
 The Flash XL is one of the best on the list for making armrest adjustments, too, with so-called ‘4D armrests’ that can be fine-tuned in all directions before holding them in place. It comes in bright blue and black or bright red and blue, ideal for those who are after a colourful chair that packs a punch.


Note: This is part of review post from T3.

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EWin Racing Gaming Chair Review (Calling Series)

Looking for a new gaming chair? This is our review of the EWin Calling Series!


  • Completely adjustable and very comfortable
  • Promotes good posture, which helps with blood circulation
  • Variety of uses, including office chair, gaming chair, etc.
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Expensive relative to standard swivel chairs
  • Too tall for those 5’0” and under


If you spend a lot of time in sitting, we think that this is a good chair for you. Whether you work long hours, are trying to improve your posture and overall health, or you stay up all night playing World of Warcraft, this chair is going to change your life. We love how adjustable it is, which helps it to be much more comfortable overall, for anyone. We realize that it has a hefty price tag, but we think it’s worth it if you sit a lot.


If you have a desk job, chances are you have an office chair. Most Americans work an eight-hour work day, which means you could be spending up to eight hours a day in that chair. Quick question—are you comfortable in this chair? Are you sitting properly with good posture? Turns out, most people aren’t, but you can fix this pretty much instantly.

ewin gaming chair review calling series from ewin racing

In this review we discuss the EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair that the company sent us to check out.



Don’t get us wrong, we realize you might have some sticker shock when you see the price of this chair. It’s $359 before any sales, but as of this post, it’s currently on sale for $259.

Before you write this chair off completely because of the price, remember the health and comfort benefits that it offers. Maintaining proper posture while you sit can improve circulation, improve breathing efficiency, and overall oxygen supply to the brain, heart, and other vital organs.

Think of it like the organic vegtables at the grocery store: they’re expensive, but probably better for you in the long run.

And to be honest, for gaming chairs, it’s not actually egregiously priced. They also make plenty of other gaming chairs.



Basically, EWin created this chair to give the user complete control over customizing it, so that they can reach maximum comfort.

The base of the chair is a steel metal frame, with a dense memory foam molding on top. The chair doesn’t really feel like memory foam to us though, it just feels like dense foam because it has fast responsiveness.

ewin gaming chair review calling series from ewin racing

The chair is then supported on a nylon five star base that rolls around on wheels, and has support pillows for the neck and lower back that are attached by elastic straps. The pillows can also be removed if you wish.

This chair can support up to 330 lb.

Now let’s get into all these customizable features we keep promising you. First, the armrests can be lifted and lowered. This is important to make sure that you’re not scrunching your shoulders up to use the arm rest.

ewin gaming chair review calling series from ewin racing

The overall chair is also adjustable, letting you adjust to where you can comfortably lay both feet on the ground. We found that most of the guys in the office could accomplish this, but Kaite Kale who is five-foot-nothing couldn’t make the chair short enough to be comfortable, so we don’t recommend this chair for those who are 5’ tall or under.

ewin gaming chair review calling series from ewin racing

The back is lever operated between 85 degrees to 115 degrees. If you want to be awake and alert, set this chair all the way upright, and if you want to take a nap, lay it all the way down. We think gamers will really like this ability to recline to their comfort. On top of that, you can lock the seat of the chair with the “tilt lock” so you can tilt both the back of the chair and the seat of the chair back together.

ewin gaming chair review calling series from ewin racing

Besides all that, you can further customize this chair with your favorite color. It’s available in accent colors of black, grey, red, orange, yellow, lime green, blue, brown, light pink, and white.



This is definitely an office favorite around RIZKNOWS. In fact, we might have to make a rotation chart in the office among the guys because they keep fighting over who gets to use it. It’s incredibly comfortable and even though we have all different sizes of people in the office, it can fit each and every one (besides Kaite) because it is so adjustable in so many ways.

ewin gaming chair review calling series from ewin racing

We think it’s definitely a luxury expense, but if you’re someone who sits for the majority of the day during work or play, we suggest this chair to you.


Note: This is a review post from RIZKNOWS.

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Best gaming chair 2019: The best PC gaming chairs you can buy

If you spend hours gaming, good posture is vital: these chairs offer the support you need to stay fit and focused

Some gamers only value a powerful PC: a high-end graphics card, a fast internet connection and a big monitor are their touchstones. Yet you can’t be a true king of gaming without the right throne.

Of course, the joke in the gaming community is that a dedicated computer chair makes you a wannabe hacker, but don’t listen. A specialist seat can help you maintain a good posture, keep you comfortable and reduce strain and tension during long gaming sessions. That may not sound important, especially to younger gamers, but the last thing you want is an injury that affects your ability to work, rest and kick ass in PUBG or League of Legends.

But what should you look for? Here’s everything you need to know before making a purchase and, below, our top picks of 2019.

How to choose the best gaming chair for you

There are a few key elements that differentiate a gaming chair from a regular office chair. The most obvious is the aesthetics: most gaming chairs are designed to look cool, as if they’ve been plucked out of a race car or an oversized PC rig. They come in a variety of eye-catching colours so, if you’ve had your heart set on a bright orange chair, you may be in luck. Of course, there are more professional-looking designs, too. Aesthetics are subjective so pick whatever captures your heart.

Gaming chairs also come in a range of materials, from fabric to real and synthetic leather. Make the right choice: if you’re gaming in a hot room, a fabric chair might get uncomfortable. That’s not the case with a mesh-styled gaming chair or one that uses premium materials.

Chair size is another important consideration. Gaming chairs provide neck support, often with dedicated neck and lumbar pillows, so they’re comfortable to sit in for long periods. To get the benefit, though, you need a chair that’s the right size for your body. Pay close attention to the dimensions and check the height adjustment options.

For the snuggest fit, you may want to choose a car-seat style design, which will typically include thigh support side bolsters, along with waist and shoulder pads that resemble a racing seat.

E-Win Flash XL: Perfect for tall individuals

Being tall has its benefits: you can see over people’s heads and might be mistaken as ‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones. However, when it comes to gaming chairs your options are somewhat limited – not every chair will accommodate your tall frame and if you’ve been hitting the gym your body won’t fit in some of these bespoke narrow chairs. Alas, E-Win Europe’s Flash XL caters for such individuals.

The chair is supremely comfortable with cold moulding foam, has all the right adjustments and is wide, tall, large and strong enough, too. It has 4D armrests, a rocking mechanism (but with no angle lock), comes with lumbar and neck pillows and comes with a 5-year warranty. If you’re tall or well-built, the Flash XL is an excellent choice.

Key specs – Height adjustability: 12cm; Width of seat base (inner): 38-42cm; Length of backrest: 85cm; Width of backrest (total and inner): 57cm and 34cm; Backrest adjustability: 85-155°; Seat depth: 54cm; 4D armrest: Yes, lockable; Rocking mechanism:Yes up to 11° with no angle lock; Pillows: Yes, lumbar and neck; Maximum weight (user):150kg; Warranty: 5 years

Note: This is a review post from Expertreviews.

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