E-win Racing Flash Series Gaming Chair Review

Primarily, as console gamers, when we sit down to play, it’s usually on a sofa, perched on the end of the bed or, when with friends, awkwardly crossing our legs, jostling for space on the floor. However, with gaming setups becoming ever more versatile and compact, modern consoles now find themselves hooked up to monitors, sharing a space with desktop PCs instead of being exclusively tethered to the sitting room television.

It’s becoming increasingly common, especially among content creators, streamers, and those who consider themselves competitive gamers. In my experience, it’s also the default setup for student gamers who typically lack a large designated space in their halls/accomodation for gaming.

A key proponent in this setup is what you choose to sit on, with so-called gaming chairs becoming extremely popular in recent years. It makes sense, really: if you’re going to be sat in front of a screen for at least a few hours at a time, comfort is something you should take into consideration. E-win Racing are a company dedicated to making that gaming time as comfortable as possible.

Having cycled through a whole host of battered, timeworn office seating, planting my tush on the E-win Racing Flash immediately had me chipping away at my preconceptions about gaming chairs. They’re bulky, flashy, and – in a lot cases – very expensive. However, even with their price tags, I’m starting to realise why gamers are ponying up their hard-earned cash and why the market is so overcrowded.

After carefully removing the neatly secured parts from their heavy duty packaging, there was virtually no difficulty in piecing the chair together. Simple instructions that cover no more than a sheet of paper guide you through the assembly process with easy-to-follow diagrams. I didn’t even need to dip into my toolkit, using the keys and screws provided, attaching both cushioned parts of the chair before securing the armrests and gently lowering it onto the base. It took no longer than ten minutes to construct this E-win Racing chair and wheel it over to my current gaming setup.

First impression? Extremely comfortable. Aside from cost, sizing is the main reason I’ve never plucked on a premium chair in the past. At 6’4” I managed to comfortably nestle myself, adjusting the two pillows to cushion my neck and lower back and maintain good posture. It’s the first time I’ve felt myself actually sink into a desk chair instead of awkwardly perching on one while staring into a screen.

They’re pretty much universal features when it comes to high-end gaming chairs but being adjust your height, tilt, and recline allows you to easily reposition whether caught in the clutch of an online match or kicking back with a movie.

I then moved onto the armrests, shifting them up, down, forwards, and backwards to find the perfect position, turning them inwards ever so slightly. The PU material is firm yet squishy, comfortably cradling both arms without the rubbing or chafing that comes from moulded plastic.

That premium quality runs from the head pillow down to the five-wheel base. Where it matters most, however, is the body of the chair itself. The E-win Racing range boasts a dense layer of memory foam, clinging to their carefully constructed, durable steel frames, affording the unrivaled comfort serious gamers and streamers demands. Again, I was surprised at just how well the chair wrapped itself around my enlarged, somewhat disproportionate form, supporting my body and cushioning my legs.

After more than a fortnight of constant, heavy use, the material never lost its shape, the stylish black and blue pleather covering looking exactly the same as it did when being diligently unpackaged. There wasn’t so much as a stitch out of place.

Shopping for gaming chairs – or any piece of furniture for that matter – can be an absolute minefield. Although prices vary, they’re never cheap and it’s impossible to tell the good from the bad. Flashy aesthetics can sometimes bely poor material/build quality and there’s honestly no way of determining just how comfortable one is without trying it out first hand. At a price €409 for the standard sized gaming chair and €479 for the XL chair we reviewed – these are currently discounted to €369 and €409 respectively – these are priced well compared to other gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs.

What’s Good:

  • Extremely comfortable and adjustable
  • Durable steel and memory foam construction
  • Straightforward assembly with provided tools

What’s Bad:

  • Bulky “gaming” design

After some extensive field testing, we can confirm that E-win Racing’s Flash Series chair definitely lives up to the company’s promises. It’s easy to assemble, has a real air of quality and, most importantly, can provide ultra-comfortable gaming for hours at a time.

Note: This is the review post from www.thesixthaxis.com

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E-Win Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Best Budget Big and Tall Gaming Chair

commerce artwork
E-Win Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Finding an affordable big and tall gaming chair is, well…a tall order, but thankfully E-Win has stepped up to the plate. With a 21.7-inch wide seat and a 400-pound weight capacity, it should be able to support almost any user.

The E-Win Big and Tall Gaming Chair looks like the spitting image of the Secretlab Titan, not that we’re complaining after all this is a very handsome gaming chair. This model also has large lumbar and neck pillows, for its large support areas.


Note:This is one review post from www.ign.com

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EWin Flash XL Gaming Chair Review

When EWin contacted me to check out their gaming chairs, I told them to send me the “big golden throne chair” they had recently introduced as their luxury chair. The golden throne of a gaming chair finally arrived, and I have spent a couple weeks testing out the unit.

This is my first personal hands-on with a full-fledged gaming chair, and it’s quite a different experience compared to the regular office chairs I’ve used throughout the years. I’ve been loving the EWin Flash XL, and its ridiculous golden styling is something that perfectly matches my guido taste. Read my full review to find out whether the latest from EWin is worth it!

From the get-go, the EWin Flash XL was extremely easy to assemble and the instructions were also quite easy to read. In fact, I was a bit surprised by how simplistic the instructions were, bordering on Ikea-level simplicity. For a very large gaming chair that is also very heavy, I was definitely worried about putting this thing together right – and it didn’t take long at all.

You may think having a shiny golden chair in your home office would be an eyesore, but it actually grew on me. The chair arrived pristine and nearly ready to go, all I had to do was attach the base pieces and the backrest. The majority of the chair is covered with the aforementioned gold PU leather cover, which is both stain and crack resistant.

For clarity’s sake, this chair is part of the EWinracing Flash Series, meaning it’s generally meant for big and/or tall people. I’m a taller guy, so the extra height this chair has with its backrest is definitely appreciated.

The throne-like size of its main cushion is also a nice bonus, providing an extremely comfortable sit throughout. Most desk chairs tend to leave me with back fatigue, but not the Flash XL.

I’ve been using the Flash XL chair typically in 2-4 hour sessions working at my home office, and I honestly can’t say I’ve felt the same kind of sedentary fatigue you get with standard size chairs. The chair, due to it being large and in charge, supports up to 550 lbs. Whether you’re a bigger person or just want to have some fun in between work, this chair will stand up to downward forces.

One of my only gripes with the Flash XL chair is that its armrests feel a bit cheap, and uncomfortable. When the rest of the chair feels like a luxury item and has the quality to back it, it’s kind of strange the armrests are mostly solid plastic, with a very hard cushion piece on top. I could understand a focus on ruggedness, but this isn’t comfortable really at all.

The lumbar pillow is a very nice addition, something I haven’t thought about for most of my adult life until recently, ironically, when I started using a lumbar support on my other chair. This cushion is much smaller but feels like it gives just enough support to maintain good posture. I’m not that old, and yet I’m telling all you kids to have better posture! It makes a world of difference.

The backrest cushion is, honestly, totally unnecessary and feels like it’s both too small and like it constantly sags out of a good spot. It doesn’t feel as natural as the lumbar cushion and maybe was just another spot to throw a logo onto. This isn’t a true negative as the cushion is optional, but it feels like a wasted effort. I would prefer something more slim and good for upright sitting.

The Flash XL comes with EWin’s signature base, so you can lean the backrest up to a full 155 degrees backwards. This, combined with the axis in the base, allows for optimal feet-on-desk-resting moments. The recline is actually very comfortable, that is until you get to the maximum angle and the lumbar cushion starts jabbing into your back. For the most part though, it’s really great.

The Flash XL starts at $479 before any discounts or promotions, so once again this is designed as both a larger chair for larger people, as well as something of a luxury chair. I think this is definitely a bit out of budget for a good number of gamers, however this chair is definitely an extremely comfortable feel. I’d say if you got tired of cheap or mid-tier chairs falling apart, consider a nicer one.

I may have some minor gripes with its armrests, but EWin has really put out an excellent gaming chair with the Flash XL. I’ve used a number of various styles with office chairs, and none have felt as comfortable as the Flash XL in terms of all-around comfort, it’s one of the best gaming chairs. If you can snag it on a good sale or simply want to go all out, definitely check it out.

If you’re looking to pick up a Flash XL chair or any of the other chairs from EWin, make sure to use our coupon “nichegamer” for 30% off your order!

The EWin Flash XL Gaming Chair was supplied for review by EWin. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.

Note: This is a review post from nichegamer.

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The importance of gaming chair in veterans and U.S military camp

Gaming Chairs have become common in the past few years. They used to be the reservation of an excellent few. But now because of their inexpensive pricing and different styles and models have started to saturate into the general public, and be used by an average person.

But what exactly are gaming chairs and why should anyone buy it if they are not a hard-core gamer?

Gaming Chair is basically a chair/seat that has been intended and established to improve your gaming experience.  Companies like E-Win are providing the expanding market with amazing chairs.

Uses of gaming chairs

Due to its designs and technology, gaming chair is not only used for this basic purpose. They are similarly at home being used to watch movies, listen to music and then relax. These are also referred to as racing chairs. Never undervalue the significance of a very comfortable chair, with technology coming out from it.

Highlighting features of gaming chairs

Although gaming or racing chair comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and specifications, they all usually have the same basic elements and then vary as you move up and down the price range.

They are made to be very comfortable, with extra soft padding, breathable mesh lining, and portable headrest. Some of the top end chairs, like the X Rocker Deluxe, essentially look like a lazy boy, with leather look vinyl.

Some of the best ones are actually the PM Series Pyramat Gaming Chairs, which are like a fan that sits on the floor. They back your backbone and give a great gaming position for longer times of gameplay.

Talking in terms of technology racing chair is really loaded. We’re talking about various surrounding sound speakers, huge subwoofers, wireless connection to gaming relieves, rechargeable batteries, iPod/mp3 audio input, multiplayer audio outputs, iPod docking stations, and headphone jack. Obviously, all of these characteristics cannot be found in all of the gaming chairs. Those that you will not get at the lowest price range will include wireless, rechargeable headphone jacks and docking stations.

Fierce video games and training instruments in the U.S. Army

Gaming and soldiers are factually are always together. After typical war games comprising of chess, the contemporary manifestation rose in the 19th-century game Krieg spiel, a mathematical battle recreation that the Prussian army used for military training. Such war gaming continues into the 20th century, with games that were used and polished by military tacticians and coaches as well as by the common people for fun.

War gaming increased into a commercial type in the mid-20th century and transitioned from board games to video games by the 1980s. This is because of technological advances in the military, comprising of flight recreation and the development of networking projects. This allowed real-time fight replications among distant units. The U.S. military’s first raid into adjusting retail video games was the first-person shooter Doom, which was altered as Marine Doom in 1997 for teaching decision-making and military thinking.


During the last few years, the U.S. military has certainly reacted by dedicating substantial research to understanding PTSD and suicide. Such as, the Pentagon set up a continuous hotline for soldiers to organize therapy. The Army contracted thousands of extra mental health benefactors. These racing or gaming chairs can certainly serve as relievers of stress and anxiety among the soldiers.

The Army’s surgeon general legally motivated more precise PTSD diagnoses, and the Army began a $50 million study of the increasing suicide rates. These determinations will positively end up in good medical care for soldiers and veterans. The problem is still hidden within the U.S Army and other graphical military culture, as well as literature on VRT.

Note: This is one review post by veteranstoday.

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A few weeks ago, Mithrandiel let me know that a company that made PC gaming chairs wanted to provide us with a review product. Seeing as how my old chair was on its last leg (okay, it still had all its legs, but you get the idea), I leapt at the opportunity. I was able to select a chair from the Ewinracing Champion Series, and the chair arrived a few days ago.

Right away, I noticed there are two main differences between my last gaming chair and this one. First, this chair was way easier to build. By that I mean that most of the parts were already pre-assembled in the box for me. The last one that I put together every single piece needed to be assembled – from the arm rests to the wheel base. So, that immediately cut down into how much time and effort was needed in order to get the thing together.

Second was a pair of white gloves that came in the box. The instructions even mentioned that it was required to wear the gloves to put it together – which, of course, stirred my inner rebel. It was confusing considering that I didn’t think there was any specific part that really needed them… until I put them on and started using them at least. They were incredibly comfortable, had a protective lining for the fingertips and I could tell that my grip was increased. The only bad marks I have against them is they slip somewhat because they’re a one size fit all and they reduce your manual dexterity pretty badly. Still, I was so impressed with them I added them to my toolbox for future use.

I know what you’re thinking – “So the chair is easy to assemble and you get a little surprise work-glove goody, big whoop! How is it to sit in?!”

Fair question, dear reader. Of course, the most important aspect of a chair is how comfortable is it to sit in. While I’m not completely certain the material that the chairs are made of, it feels like a very soft leather (I’ve had leather chairs before). And yet, while it is incredibly soft, there’s a firm support to it, that baffles me as I get to sit and write about it right now. Even the pillows that are at the top and bottom of the back piece, I don’t feel them, even when I lean back into them, the only time that I know that there’s a bottom pillow is when I sit up and I feel supportive pressure in the small of my back. It’s so comfortable I’ll likely be catching myself falling asleep in it for the next couple of weeks.

There are a few downsides to the chair. The directions to assemble were a little confusing in that instead of going left to right with each section, the steps snake along the page. Another potential issue is the chair doesn’t seem to have a way of adjusting the height. There are pull arms that would make it seem like one of them would, since one of them prevents the chair from leaning back. It might be there but I just haven’t figured out how to pull it right (I’m nervous about doing any damage to the chair). For me though, these issues are minor and the benefits of the chair definitely outweigh these admittedly minor negatives.

I love this chair. Before this, the most comfortable chair that I had was the one at work. It’s incredibly comfortable to sit in for many hours as I watch videos, play some games or write articles about gaming chairs. Now, I didn’t want to talk about it in the article, since it would take away from the actual aspects of the chair is that it is pricey. And while I know there’s a clear bias in that I got mine for free, if you can afford the chair and you need one it is well worth the money spent. You can pick up one of these chairs on the Ewinracing site – as well as enjoy 30% off with our code “TheGeeklyGrind”. So, play like a champion in one of these phenomenal chairs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna lean back in this bad boy and drink it in some more.

Note: This is one review post from thegeeklygrind.

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Reviews: EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chairs

As most of you know from either hearing me on the podcast or seeing me on streams, I am not a small person. I am 6’4″ and weigh around 230 pounds, depending on the week. Finding a comfortable gaming chair or office chair can be a challenge.

About six months ago, I moved my primary gaming area to a desk. I used to sit on a couch or loveseat and play my games. But I realized that I need to switch to a desk to help me focus on streaming and better content creation. This meant that I would be sitting in an office chair for hours on end.

PS Nation has started to develop a relationship with Ewin Racing. Glenn reviewed a chair several months ago and loved it. When the opportunity to review another chair came, I was next on the list. EWin sent us the EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair. This chair is not 100% built for my height and weight, but it has held up over the last eight weeks or so that I have had it.

The Calling Series Chair shows up in a really large box that likely will need to be handled by two people. Instructions are pretty straight forward, but could be slightly clearer. A few things that are in the instruction steps are already completed when you open the box. Assembly was mostly easy, a lot of what I like to call “blind assembly”. For example, you insert an Allen screw into a metal plate and through the leather of the chair and hope you find the receiving end of the screw and tighten.

The chair itself is a good. My wife and daughter are more in line with the size recommendation and love it. I find it to be supportive, but would like it to provide more comfort. I never found myself uncomfortable while sitting for long periods of time, but did notice more stiffness after getting up from a long sitting session. For me personally, the chair could use a bit more padding and comfort.

It does not support my upper body well, since the middle of my neck and head are above the headrest. But I can still feel the support being in the right place for the correctly sized person.

The feature I use and enjoy the most are the adjustable armrests. You can raise or lower them as needed. I need to lower them when sitting close to my desk typing or editing, but love the fact that I can push slightly back and raise the arm rest. I can then recline the chair and just play games with ease.

The chair is height adjustable as well, so you can find the desired height to have your feet rest on the legs, or have them firmly planted on the floor, your choice. The chair rolls well on the carpet in my office and doesn’t get stuck in the carpet after being in one place for a long period of time.

Over the past few months of playing at a desk vs. a couch, I have learned that personal comfort is very important. You need to know what you really want from a chair. Do you want firm support or soft comfort? Do you need a wide base since you don’t like feeling confined?

These gaming/office chairs are 100% worth the price. But the more features you want, the more they cost. Getting one to fit your height and weight is very important, as well as knowing what you want out of the chair. I would recommend you find somewhere that has a variety of chairs for you to try, even to just check out what type of cushion you want. You don’t need to find a Racing chair to try out, but maybe a few office style chairs will help you understand what you do or don’t like.

In terms of the overall build quality I was very impressed. I had another Racing-style chair that I had purchased from Amazon about two years ago that recently completely snapped at the metal frame that attach to the piston of the chair. I was very discouraged with how that chair just one day completely broke and was now unusable. At the time of writing this review I am very confident that the construction of this chair’s frame will prevent this issue from repeating itself on the EWin chair.

The EWin Calling Series Chair is a great investment at $359.00. You won’t be disappointed in your purchase. With a large variety of style and color choices, you will find something that fits your style and needs. This particular chair has been a great addition to my gaming room. I just wish I had one that was built for my weight and height to truly know the full potential.


Note: This is one review post from psnation.


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EwinRacing Flash XL Size Series Gaming Chair Is Without A Doubt The Best Chair We’ve Ever Owned!

At first, we really didn’t realize that “gaming” chairs were a thing, but given the amazing opportunity to check out the EWin Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Golden Computer Gaming Office Chair, we are seriously ready to never look back at a standard gaming/office chair ever again!

Not only is the EWin chair incredibly comfortable, but it is durable as well. This chair is sturdy enough to make it through some serious wear and tear and still remain standing and we adore the fact that it features a pillow and a fantastic lumbar support system. Did we also mention that it looks amazing as well? The gold and black color really pops and we have already gotten several comments from visitors to our office asking where we picked up such an amazing looking chair.

Another thing we loved about the EWin chair is the stain-resistant 2.0 PU leather that covers the chair. It feels great to the touch and can be cleaned multiple times with a clean cloth without causing any damage such as rips and tears to the chair. We can already tell that this chair will look brand-new for years to come, which is a definite plus!

We put the chair to the test with several lengthy computer gaming sessions and it retained its’ comfort level even after several hours of use. The foam used to construct the seat almost reminds us of a sort of memory foam but bounces back to shape after getting up from the chair. We also loved that this chair features a fully adjustable backrest meaning we can lean all the way back to take a break or a short nap without the worry of tipping over or breaking the chair.

Another plus for the Ewin chairs is that they offer a variety of styles and sizes to support different weights which is a great thing if you are a person of size and looking for a gaming chair that will offer you a solid level of support and comfort, which can be very hard to find with many standard gaming/office chairs. It was also incredibly easy to assemble. It only took us about 20 minutes using a screwdriver and following the provided instructions.

If you are currently in the market for a new gaming/office chair then we highly recommend those offered by EWin, as they provide the perfect look along with the highly important features of durability and comfort to meet all of your gaming and/or office work needs! We are in love!

You can check out all that E-Win Racing has to offer by clicking here!








Use code AOTN to get 20% off EwinRacing gaming chairs

Note: This is the review post from ageofthenerd.

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EwinRacing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

Last year, EwinRacing reached out to us and asked if we wanted to check out their “Hero” line of gaming chairs. You can find that review here. In short, I loved it. Now here we are a year later checking out another one of its chairs, the “EwinRacing Calling Series“.

Selecting the right chair

EwinRacing has many chair models, all of which offers a different experience. My last chair was a bit too soft for my tastes, despite enjoying it. I wanted something firm, something that gave a bit more support. Which is why I settled on the EwinRacing Calling Series chair. While this chair comes in a variety of colors, I selected the blue and black version, as it matches the sound panels in my office.

This chair uses “Ewin Cold-Cure Foam” which is supposedly more dense and heavier than the traditional foam used in some of their chairs. Which means it won’t wear out as fast and will remain firm throughout the time with the chair.  This foam was also used in the back support and headrest pads, so that’s a plus. I’ve used the chair for nearly two weeks now and I much rather this newer foam compared to my last chair.  Whether it keeps its shape in the upcoming months remains to be seen.

Ewinracing Calling Series Chair Review-02

Another new addition to this chair is the wheels that EwinRacing calls “Soft-Glide Wheels”. These wheels are advertised to be much quieter and more resistant to breakage. Meaning if you happen to leave stuff on the floor like screws or other hard surfaces, the wheels won’t break as easily. While the wheels should be quieter under normal usage. When my office had a carpeted floor it wasn’t an issue. That all changed once I installed a laminate wood flooring down. Every time I moved around the office, it was a noticeable difference. These newer wheels are quieter but they’re still audible. They also look like little racing wheels, which complements the chair. The fabric is smooth and now stain resistant, which is another new feature on this chair.

The fabric is much tougher than the previous material they used, which means it should be able to stand the test of time and harsh cleanings. Which is great, as my previous chair has started to peel due to wear and tear.

I also noticed that the lever that tilts the back of the chair forward and back now has a contoured grip, instead of a basic flat level. Sure, it’s a simple change but it feels natural as it conforms to your fingers as you grip it. Outside of that, the standard features applied, such as raising and lowering of the chair and armrests. The headrest and lumbar pillow can also be raised or lowered as they’re attached via two straps that wrap around the rear.

Ewinracing Calling Series Chair Review-05

Some assembly is required
As with all of EwinRacing’s chairs, all the tools needed to assemble the chair comes included. No extra tools are needed, and EwinRacing has also tossed in a few extra screws. So no worrying if drop a screw or two and a blackhole sudden opens up and devours them. I know I can’t be the only one this happens to.

Once the wife and I took the items out of the cardboard box, it was time to get busy. No, not that kind of busy, I meant getting busy putting the chair together. Thanks to the ease of putting these chairs together, it took the two of us 30 minutes to assemble the chair. We likely would have finished sooner, however, we kept pausing to watch the ongoing episodes of HyperDrive on Netflix (great show if you’re a car fan).

I’ve provided an image of everything that is included in the box, below.

Ewinracing Calling Series Chair Review-07

How does it feel? Of course, it wouldn’t matter if the chair was easy to put together or the looks if it doesn’t satisfy in the feels department. Yes, I wrote it exactly how it sounds. To which  I’m very pleased with the fully assembled chair. As I mentioned prior, I rather like how firm this chair feels, while the lumbar support thanks to the much firmer pillow has been great for posture. Overall the chair is very comfortable, sturdy and I’m enjoying it.

Ewinracing Calling Series Chair Review-06

Review Disclosure Statement: The EwinRacing Calling Series gaming chair was sent to us for review purposes. For more information on how we review video games and other media/technology, please go review our Review Guideline/Scoring Policy for more info. Affiliate Link Disclosure: One or more of the links above contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, we may receive a commission should you click through and purchase the item.

The Outerhaven Badge Of Recommendation

Note: This is one review post from theouterhaven.


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I’m a man who takes chairs very seriously.

I work from home. I put in an eight hour day in my office chair. I often game, read, or watch TV in my office at night. So my chair of choice is one I spend far too many hours in. It’s not an exaggeration to say that selecting the right chair is a big life decision.

Enter E-WIN’s Champion Series gaming chairs. These chairs are all about premium. From the sleek leather, to sharp design detail, to a tiny custom neck pillow; they’re very much about presenting a luxury chair experience. They even come with white gloves to protect your hands from grease during chair assembly.

Assembly: 4 Stars

I’m a dude who has built A LOT of chairs in my lifetime, probably in the neighborhood of 100 or so. Assembling the E-WIN Champion took little more effort than a typical office chair, but nothing too crazy. As is tradition, it’s assembled with simple hex bolts and two “L” wrenches. The toughest part was attaching the chair back to the seat, which was a bit difficult to align the screws.

Instructions were clear, and included high quality color photos of the actual product. The aforementioned white gloves were a nice touch, as there is a little contact with grease involved in attaching the base of the chair.  Nothing too crazy that wouldn’t wash off easily, but it was still nice to not have to worry about that.

Look: 5 stars

This chair looks cool as hell! From the design detail to the trim colors, it’s obvious a lot of thought went into deigning an awesome looking chair. The chair-back in particular mixes textures, colors, and stitching to maximum effect. Adding color to the wheels is a nice extra touch.

The Champion series is racing seat inspired, with a lot of contour to your body. I don’t know that it serves a functional purpose, but it’s a cool design feature, adding to the overall look of the chair.

Initial Comfort: 4.5 stars

The E-WIN Champion is a very firm chair at first impression. It’s not “hard”, but it is noticeably firm. I use a Tempurpedic office chair, which absorbs your body into a sense of spiritual one-ness with the chair, so it’s quite a difference.

The chair comes with removable, adjustable neck and lumbar pillows. It also has a great range of reclining options. Both features combine to create a very comfortable experience for controller based gaming. The lumbar pillow is also nice for keyboard and mouse gaming posture.

All-Day Comfort: 4 Stars

Comfort isn’t just an initial impression, it’s how you feel after an 8 hour work day, or weekend consuming dungeon crawls. In addition to sitting for 8 hours a day, I’ve got a lingering back injury and awful posture. The lumbar support forced me to have better posture, which took a little getting used to, but was fairly comfortable overall.

I’m always a bit concerned about overheating in leather chairs, but I had no such issue in the E-WIN Champion. It felt cool all day long, and during some late night gaming.

Bonus Points: This is a great chair for taller gamers. Chair and armrest height adjust to “very, very tall.”

The bottom line: This is a premium gaming chair, most comfortable when reclining for controller based gaming. It looks amazing, and has a ton of design detail.

E-Win Racing Chairs has PC gaming chairs and office chairs of all styles. Find your match on their website.


This is a premium gaming chair, most comfortable when reclining for controller based gaming. It looks amazing, and has a ton of design detail.

Total point: 4.5/5
Note: This is one review post by project-nerd.
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EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review — Your Back Will Thank You

EWin’s Knight Series chair is one of the nicest I’ve ever used in my life and has helped somewhat alleviate the pain that stemmed from using other chairs.

I sit in a chair all day long while I work. For a little over a year now, I’ve mainly used a pretty standard office chair that you could probably buy at any local department store. It’s done the job for the most part, but the longer I’ve used the chair, the more I’ve started to develop some serious back pain. Whether it be from the way I sit or from the chair itself, I’ve started to have more aches and pain over time to the point that sitting all day long while I work has become pretty intolerable. I’ve even gone to see my doctor recently specifically because of these back problems. Getting older is fun, folks.

Anyway, so when EWin Racing reached out to me recently and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their Knight Series Gaming Chairs, I jumped at the opportunity, eager to see if it’d help with any of the stiffness and pain that I had started to develop. After using the chair for a little more than a week at this point, I have to say that the change to EWin’s chair has been greatly beneficial and has made my days of work far more comfortable. While my pain hasn’t magically disappeared, the additional support that it has provided has been greatly beneficial and has proven to me just how vital it is to have a well-made chair.

EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review — Your Back Will Thank You

I think what I’ve liked the most about using this EWin gaming chair is that it’s incredibly sturdy. The back of the chair is fairly firm rather being too squishy or soft like other chairs I’ve used before. While it may seem like softer would be better at first, the sturdiness of EWin’s product has helped support my back much more, especially when I end up sitting for extended periods of time. As a byproduct, I think the firmness of this chair has also helped naturally improve my posture. Rather than slouching or sinking back into my chair now like I used to, this EWin model has somewhat naturally made me sit more upright.

The Knight Series chair also just feels really well put-together from top to bottom. The leather, underlying foam, and most of the other pieces that make up the chair feel like they are of a high-quality. It feels like it has been built to survive the long haul so that even years from now after I’ve sat in it for hundreds or thousands of hours, it’s still going to hold together and remain as sturdy as ever. Obviously this could prove to be untrue the longer I use it, but I’d really be surprised if it wasn’t the case.

Speaking of construction, the act of putting the chair itself together isn’t complex whatsoever. The night it showed up at my apartment, I had it fully constructed in around 30 minutes to an hour. Even though the instructions that came with the packaging weren’t all that specific at times, it wasn’t hard to figure out what pieces needed to go where and how they all bolted together. You don’t need to be a handyman to assemble this thing, so fear not.

EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review — Your Back Will Thank You

While there are a lot of different variants of gaming chairs that you can buy from EWin, the Knight Series comes with two additional pillows. One of these is smaller and is meant to go around the upper portion where your head would naturally sit while the other is to help support your back. The head pillow is pretty much necessary to attach as the upper part of the chair without it is rather uncomfortable for your head and neck when leaning back. The back pillow also isn’t attached to anything on the chair and can freely be moved up and down to support you wherever you feel like you need it the most.

My main criticism of this chair would likely be that of the pillows. While the chair feels like it’s made to last for a long time, both of these pillows feel somewhat cheap. I imagine that a few months from now, both will be pretty flat and won’t offer as much support or comfort as they once did. That’s not necessarily shocking, but considering you can’t buy replacement pillows separately (at least from what I’ve seen online) it does hurt the product as a whole.

Another aspect of the chair I’ve been impressed by comes with its wheels. Whenever you need to move the chair around, it glides fairly seamlessly on all surfaces. The workspace that I spend most of my time at sits on shag carpet, which is probably one of the worst surfaces you can typically use wheeled office chairs on. Fortunately, the EWin chair moves across this carpeted area with ease. And when moving it around on the hardwood floors in my apartment as well, it’s extremely quiet. It feels a bit odd to praise such a small piece of the chair, but these wheels really are great.

EWin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review — Your Back Will Thank You

Like many other popular gaming chairs nowadays, the EWin Knight Series also has a reclining feature that further allows you to situate yourself how you’d like. You can even recline it all the way back so that you can essentially lie down and sleep in it if you so desired. While I never used it for this purpose myself, it has been nice to be able to feel like I have direct control over how I want the back of my chair to sit. Most other standard office chairs allow you to recline a bit backward, but the back of the chair itself typically always sits upright. Being able to move this aspect now has been a nice feature that I’ve grown to appreciate.

All in all, I have greatly enjoyed using EWin’s Knight Series chair and I’m looking forward to continuing to utilize it as my everyday chair moving forward. Before I got my hands (and butt) on this product, I really didn’t think it mattered too much what kind of chair you sat in as long as it felt comfortable. After using this Knight Series chair for an extended period of time though, I’ve realized how foolish that line of thinking is. If you’re looking to invest in a new gaming or office chair for yourself that will give you quite a bit of support where it matters most, EWin’s Knight Series model is more than worth looking into.

Note: This is one review post by dualshockers.

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