E-Win Flash Normal Series FLC Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair Review

It has been said in the past that I’m a little tight with money. Hardware, peripherals, the 2DS – if there was a cheap version of something, it was good enough for me. My last chair was from Costco, and cost about £150. I forget what brand it was, or if it even had a brand. As I say, I needed a chair, and it was good enough.

When E-Win got in touch about their gaming chair, I’ll admit my curiosity was piqued. There are no shortage of gaming chairs, but being extremely frugal I’ve of course never tried one of those: I was happy to try E-Win as my first one. They sent over one from the Flash range, and given my measurements they decided the Normal size would be best. 183cm and 91 kg, in case you wondered.

Being a chair, it arrived in an absolutely huge box. I could have comfortable shipped two of my kids off in it – the non-tween ones. It was packaged neatly, and there was just enough padding to keep it in one piece.

ewin flash series ergonomic normal size computer gaming office chair with pillows flnc

You get gloves, the back, the seat, feet, middle pole and five wheels, as well as three screws and two end caps. Oh, and two hex keys, because two of the screws are slightly smaller than literally every other screw… Yes, I said gloves, they’re to stop you getting your new chair sticky while you assemble it. And probably in case a part nips your skin…

Assembly is pretty easy, and since most of the screws are already in place, you just have to unfasten them and put things in their correct position. It took me about half an hour with following the clear instructions. I had a little trouble with getting the angle right with one of the screws, which ate into my time.

Once constructed, the Flash is very stable. I mean really – I pulled the handle and leaned back in one smooth motion, and my wife burst out laughing because she thought I was about to topple over backwards. Yeah, and you judged me for talking about putting my kids in a box, didn’t you? Anyway, whilst in full recline I felt totally safe. Ironically, if you lean forwards on the chair and sit on the edge of the seat, it does tip forwards, so don’t pick things up off of the floor in front of you.

However, due to the range of movement in the arms and all of the buttons attached to them, they do feel pretty wobbly. I suppose if they were too stiff they would be more difficult to move, but it doesn’t feel great.

ewin flash series ergonomic normal size computer gaming office chair with pillows flnc 1

What surprised me most was how high the Flash is. On it’s lowest setting, it’s only just below what my old chair was on the highest. At it’s highest, my toes don’t even touch the floor, and I pretty much have to tiptoe to get up onto it. Having completed a Health & Safety course years ago, I remember that your eye line should be with the top of your monitor. Well, thanks to this chair’s lowest setting, my eyes are there.

I think the only thing I haven’t mentioned yet are the two cushions which came with the Flash. There’s one near the top for your head, and a larger, firmer one for your back. Unfortunately, because it’s adjustable, I don’t really know where to put it. Where is your “lumbar”, anyway? It has aided my posture, though, so I’m not too upset.

For the week that I’ve had it, E-Win’s Flash has been firm and comfortable, no matter if I’m sitting, lounging or lying in it. The fabric covering it is like a soft faux leather, which is better than real faux leather (is that a thing?) in that I don’t have to peel my skin off of it when wearing shorts and sat with my leg beneath me.

I was prepared to complain loudly about anything I found wrong with this chair, and I honestly have. It spins smoothly, the wheels are nice and chunky to allow it to glide across the carpet, and it’s comfortable when sat in for extended periods of time. I really like the Flash E-Win Racing gaming chair, and feel good in recommending it.

E-Win Flash Normal Series FLC Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair Review

I really like the E-Win Flash, and feel good in recommending it.

NOTE: This is a review post from Gamegrin.

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EWin Racing Flash Series Racing Chair Review


EWin Racing Flash Series Racing Chair Review

It seems that the gaming chair market is growing more crowded by the day, with a number of suppliers eager to offer comfortable furniture that meets our specific needs. However, separating the quality goods from the fly-by-night trash isn’t always easy, particularly when you’re not given much information to go on.

Which is why the approach by EWin Racing is so refreshing. A relative newcomer to the gaming chair scene, the firm started out by making car seats in 2002, before becoming an OEM office chair manufacturer in 2012. It was only logical to combine the two into ergonomic racing chairs for the enthusiast gamer, with a focus on offering high quality at exceptional value. After their first outing at Gamescom 2016, EWin Racing has been retailing directly to gamers in both the US and Europe, with an openness and transparency in sharing how the chairs are made. It’s an approach that’s been quietly winning both plaudits and fans alike.

We’d urge you to digest the review first but, if you like what you see, EWin Racing have also offered an exclusive deal for MMORPG.com readers. Simply enter discount code ‘mmorpg’ to score 15% off this chair, or any of the others in their range. That’s in addition to free shipping to US and EU.

In this review, we’ve focused on EWin Racing’s Flash Series, featuring higher-end features like an aluminum five-star foot and 4-directional armrests, which I’ll dig into shortly. Our sample was from the Normal-size range, but the firm also offers an XL-sized version with the same feature set and specification. For a closer look at the chair in action and the unboxing experience, take a peek at our companion video review below.

Technical Specs

Focusing on the upholstery first, both the backrest and seat are built on a metal frame made from 16mm diameter steel tubing that’s 1.5mm thick and coated to prevent rust. Cushioning is made from cold molded (not cut) memory foam, with the seat built up from three individual pieces, and the backrest from a single molded form. The foam is then supported by wide elastic webbing to ensure there’s no blocks or planks that get in the way of comfort. Wrapping it all up is 1.2mm thick grain-embossed PU leather, with double-stitching used throughout all key seams.

The seat also has a thick steel bar running across the middle to provide strength, and also acts as a mounting point for the baseplate and cylinder. Reassuringly, that gas lift cylinder is a meaty one, measuring 12cm long with a class 4 rating, and capable of supporting 150kg or 330lbs. For weight distribution, the Flash Series chair also comes with an aluminium 5-point star foot and 3” wheels.

In terms of adjustability, the EWin Racing Flash Series includes a recline lever with a tilt of 85 to 155 degrees, and 4-directional armrests that can be moved up/down, in/out, forward/back and rotated. The under-seat lever controls chair height, but also acts as a lock for the built-in tilt, with a tension knob also built into the baseplate to adjust rock resistance. Finally, the included lumbar support and neck brace cushions can be unclipped and moved or removed as desired.



You can watch our unboxing experience in the companion review video above, but it’s safe to say that the EWin Racing gaming chair is well packed and protected from potential damage in transit. Even so, unpacking the parts yielded a few pleasant surprises alongside the usual suspects we’d expect.

First up, a pair of white assembly gloves were included to protect hands from any cuts or scratches during assembly. It’s something high-end case manufacturers should take note of, especially considering the number of times that an I/O shield or PCI slot has demanded a blood-sacrifice mid-build. The four-page instruction guide is in full colour, with clear steps to follow in plain english.

Crucially, however, this chair is one that can comfortably be built solo in about half an hour or so. Some of the assembly is already done prior to delivery, with only a handful of steps needed to finish the job. All the tools needed are also included, with two Allen keys to fit all the hex bolts used. The trickiest part is locating the seat onto the gas cylinder, but that’s the hardest step. Once complete, the chair had no shakes, rattles, clicks or other problems that would indicate a build issue.



The cold-molded memory foam and elastic webbing ensure that this is a comfortable, enjoyable gaming chair, while avoiding that feeling of numbness or soreness that comes from sitting on a rigid surface for hours on end. Having a three-piece seat also meant that I didn’t feel insecure, as if I’d roll off the chair or adopt bad posture part-way through gaming. Those PU armrests also have a spongy, rubbery feel, providing give without bruising elbows or forearms.

For me personally, I was also pleased that the included cushions could be unclipped and moved around if needed. Lumbar support tends to be welcome, but the neck brace is typically too low for my taller frame. Thanks to the particular back design, I could unclip the cushion and pull it around the top of the backrest, raising it a few inches and getting it in the perfect spot for my neck. The high number of adjustment options meant that, once it was set up, it’s a chair that I didn’t want to climb out of, and felt absolutely fine for extended gaming sessions.

My only gripes were minor areas of personal preference, and not a big deal at all. I’d like to have had some quilted stitching on the seat of the chair to encourage air circulation and reduce the build-up of sweat, due to the man-made PU leather used. I’d also like the foot to have been slightly larger or slightly further forward, as my centre of gravity felt a little off when trying to rock, but this is probably related to my height as much as anything.



There’s a lot that I like about the Flash Series EWin Racing gaming chair. The chosen components are high quality, and the firm is up-front and transparent about how the chairs are made. Assembly is easy to perform solo, and the white protective gloves are an incredibly welcome touch. It ticks all of my comfort needs, with only a few minor gripes that come down to personal preference.

I think the only additional steps that EWin Racing could offer are in the form of aftercare touches. Gaming chairs are a significant investment, and it would be great if the firm offered the option to buy replacement parts direct from them. Likewise, it would be nice to see aftercare instructions included in the box, although these are available on their website FAQs.

The Flash Series EWin Racing gaming chair retails for approximately $380, €350 or £300 direct from their US or European web sites, and come with free shipping (US and EU only) and a two year warranty. At that mid-tier price point, the chair represents great value for money compared to other models on the market.

To sweeten things even further, EWin Racing have come up with an additional offer especially for us. Simply enter ‘mmorpg’ at the checkout and get 15% off the Flash Series chair, or any of the others in their range. That moves it from being great value to a very keen price indeed.


Ultimately, however, EWin Racing have certainly surprised us with their commitment to high quality and good value, and it clearly shows in the Flash Series chair. As the firm moves out of the OEM shadows and reaches out to gamers directly, it’s going to be interesting to watch how EWin Racing shakes up the market.

NOTE: This is a review post from Mmorpg.

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Do you ever fancy one those gaming chairs that you see your favorite Twitch streamer sitting in? A gaming chair is a well worth investment not only for PC and console gamers, but for those who spend their day on the computer. A gaming chair provides comfortable support for those long hours of sitting and hardcore gaming.

And if you have not guessed it already by the title, today we will be reviewing a gaming chair from EwinRacing, specifically their Hero Series Gaming Chair.

We would like to give a special thanks to them for providing us with their Hero Series Gaming Chair to review.

Let’s jump right in by taking a look at specs of this chair.


Style Name: Hero Series
Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
Foam Type: High Density Integrated Foaming
Foam Density: 55kg/m3
Frame Construction: Metal
Adjustable Armrests: 4D
Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
Gas Lift Class: 4
Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degree
Adjustable Lumbar Cushion: Yes
Adjustable Headrest: Yes
Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU




Assembling the chair is easy and should only take you about 20 minutes to put it together. This was my first time putting together a gaming chair and I did not find it difficult. The instructions are easy to read and follow along, so you should not have a hard time. The chair provided comes in two color variations: blue and red. The chair is made of a durable steel frame with high density integrated memory foam. The Hero Series comes with a lumbar cushion pillow and a head rest pillow. The chair is designed to mold with your body, so that provides comfort for long periods of sitting. The chair has 4D adjustable armrests. You can rotate them or set their angle, move them further apart or closer together, move them forward or backwards, and adjust their height. The chair is adjustable and also can be tilted back to 155 degrees for relaxing.


I have had a full week of using the chair and can say I really love it. I spend a lot of my time on the computer due to work. I need a chair that provides comfortable support and the Hero Series Gaming Chair provides that. I could hardly sit for 1 hour in my old chair without my back hurting. The Hero Series Gaming Chair has a price of $359. The price is around the average price of other gaming chairs on the market. One thing I do have to say is, I wish the armrests had a little more padding and were not so wobbly. All in all, I would highly recommend getting yourself one of these gaming chairs.


  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Lumbar support


  • Armrests aren’t that padded
  • Armrests are a bit wobbly
  • Wish it came in more than two colors (Not really a con, but something worth noting)

NOTE: This is a review post from Thetechgame.

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E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair Review


I’m a firm believer now that everyone who uses a computer heavily needs to own a good gaming chair for their station. It’s not because gaming chairs are cool, even if they kind of are, but mainly because they all seem to be built with heavy emphasis on ergonomics as well. There’s been little that has affected my lower back issues nearly as much as what having quality seating has done. Unfortunately, there has been numerous competitors cropping up in the market and a buyer can have a really hard time finding the right chair for the right price. At some point, you have to wonder if spending close to $1000 would be worth it, but most of us would be extremely skeptical of that. E-Win has been making some heavy pushes to break into the market and we’re going to look at one of the Champion series chairs to find out how well they do. Let’s take a quick look at the values of the company, then we can dive into the rest of the review.

Features and Specifications

Below is the full list of features for the Champion chair. Two things to note though are the 4D armrests, which give a large amount of customization for comfort, and the breathable material. Those are nice qualities to have in a gaming chair. It looks like the lift can support up to 330 lbs which is a good indication of the weight limit this chair is designed for. Not bad either!

The specifications on the site pretty much revolve around a basic description of the chair. Informative, even if the list is nothing to get excited about.

Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair

Foam Type:High Density Seperated Foaming

Foam Density: 55kg/m3

Frame Color: Black

Frame Construction: Metal

Adjustable Armrests: 4D

Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt

Tilt Lock: Yes

Tilt Angle Lock: Yes

Gas Lift Class: 4

Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back

Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees

Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base

Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU

Packaging and Accessories

All around, the packaging for the chair is really solid. As soon as you open the box, you’re greeted with the 5 point wheel base with protective bubble wrap. The card board divider helps keep the material parts of the chair safe as well.

The back is laid on top of the base and both pieces seem to be safe from damage of each other, or other parts in the box. I felt like the bottom could use a bit more buffering from potential impacts that can happen, but the extra sheet of cardboard helps with the majority of what could damage the chair.

Their isn’t much along the lines of accessories for this chair, but the two things that qualify are really great additions. First, the manual is excellently done. There’s full color, easy to follow steps that set an extraordinary example of what any company should do. The other thing is the pair of white gloves. These help protect from getting grease stains on the chair material during assembly.


I chose to be a rebel and assemble the chair in my own way. While I don’t recommend that, I wanted to point out that this chair is quite easy to piece together. Starting with the wheel base, I began by putting all five wheels in place. Once that’s done, I dropped the lift in the hole, stuck the cover over that, and pushed it down a tad to help it stick. My weight in the chair will be the final touch to that step.

Next is installing the tilt mechanism to the seat base. E-Win mounts the bolts to the chair in shipping, so you need to remove them first. After that, it’s a simple process of tightening them back in with the included, larger hex key. The bolts have a very clear stopping point that doesn’t take He-man strength to fully tighten. I would recommend checking the bolts on the armrests though, since some of them need a little tweak to be all the way tightened.

After that, you simply line the back up with the holes on the seat base and screw the bolts in there as well. You can do the balancing act that I did, or lay the chair on it’s side. Either way, only lightly thread the bolts on each side so that you can easily get all four started. Once that’s finished, you can tighten them down. If the top bolts can’t seem to quite reach, then do the bottom two first, that will suck the brackets in enough to make the top ones really easy, then finish tightening all four down.

Finally, using the smaller bolts and hex key, screw the bracket covers onto the sides. One has an out-dent that goes on the side with the reclining lever. After that, get ready to enjoy sitting in your new chair!

Final Look and Seating Impressions

While E-Win has multiple styles of chairs, this Champion model with the breathable material only comes in all black for the time being. That’s great in my book! It turns out that my other desk items have so much color, that black fits nicely in my station. The chair certainly has a very strong quality feel to it. I recently had troubles with a wheel base on my OPSeat at work breaking because the aluminum was a bit too flimsy. E-Win doesn’t look like it will have this problem. It goes to show that the old adage is true that you get what you pay for.

Looks and quality are one thing, but the feel of the chair is going to rule the majority of the review. Here, E-Win has hit it out of the park. I only remember sitting in one gaming chair at CES that felt like I was sitting in a cloud of comfort. The Champion is now the second one that holds that honor. The elastic straps on the seat base seem to help with a soft, cushion-y feel and the entire chair is nice and roomy. The ergonomic design makes it so that sitting with a proper posture is the most comfortable way you can sit. While I’m not a big fan of lumbar pillows, both of them are soft and comfortable to use. The breathable material is great as well, making sure I didn’t get sweaty in normal to even slightly warm room temperatures. Who knew sitting could feel so good!


E-Win has what I would consider a “practically perfect in every way” chair with this Champion model. Quality, features and comfort are all top notch. It even seems like the chair sells out frequently which doesn’t surprise me. If you like to have a more detailed visual look at the chair, check out my video review below, especially for the thorough look at the assembly process.

The final consideration is looking at the price. When I first set out looking at gaming chairs, $200 felt like my hard limit. I can say that there is some pretty decent options in that range. E-Win is offering this Champion for $299. While that’s certainly more pricey, let’s talk about what the extra money gets you. First, there’s the features. We have a large weight limit, better armrests and good size for the chair. The big selling point for me though is the substantial bump in the comfort level. I’ve tried several low to mid $200 chairs and nothing comes close to how E-win feels, even if the straight ergonomics are close to the same level. E-Win has what I consider a perfect balance of quality, comfort, features and price in that I have to recommend this chair as a must have if you can spot the cash for it. Because of that, we happily award the E-Win Champion Gaming Chair the Pure Overclock Editor’s Choice Award!

If the current price wasn’t already good enough, don’t forget you can enter the promo code “PureOC” at checkout and get an additional 15% off!

NOTE: This is a review post from Pureoverclock.


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A few months ago, I was pretty sure only one racing chair company existed, but it wasn’t long before I realized there are tons of these companies out there, all trying to compete with each other in a very busy and cramped marketplace. While most of these chairs are, on average, around the 400-500$ mark, they are priced out of the range of many people. Ewin Racing, however, has chairs that are competitively priced with even your average computer chair. I had the great opportunity to review the HERO Series racing chair, which retails for roughly 349.99. You can get one even cheaper by going to Ewin Racing home page and using code ‘gamesreviews’ to save 15%! The cheapest Ewin Racing chair retails for roughly 229.99 USD.

Shipping and Packaging

Ewin Racing has warehouse facilities in the EU and the United States, and while they offer free shipping to those countries, there is a charge for shipping to Canada, roughly 50$ according to the company. From start to finish, my chair took about a week to arrive from the United States. Thankfully, the contents inside the box was packed very well, because the box came to my home fairly beat up, due to poor handling while being shipped.

Ewin Racing

Ewin cares about the product they are sending to their consumers, so making sure that everything is wrapped and packaged properly to ensure complete arrival of your product in the factory condition. Not everyone takes this much care in shipping, but obviously Ewin does. They want you to get a racing chair free of any potential scuffs, or even worse, a tear!

Ewin Racing

The box itself is very heavy, so having someone with you to move the box to your desired building location is ideal. Don’t build the chair and hope to move it, as once it’s together, it can be difficult to move because of its odd shape.

Chair Construction

The instructions that came with the chair lacked detail, but this would only be a problem for those who lack a certain amount of common sense. The step by step guide will walk you through the entire process, and should you not have any issues with some of the bolts like I did, it should take you 20-30 minutes to complete.

With all the parts, it does look pretty daunting, but even I was able to put this together fairly easily. My one criticism of the process is attempting to put the screws back into the seat when attaching the backrest to the seat base. Since the threads are buried inside the seat, you might have to fiddle around with the bolts to line them up, and ultimately get them screwed in. What should have been a one person job quickly turned into a two person job, but only because I was so frustrated I had given up.

Ewin Racing

It should be noted that my wife had NO problems getting the bolts to line up, so this could have strictly been a problem for myself. Regardless, it is worth mentioning. Before you know it, your Ewin Racing gaming chair will be ready to use!

Chair Comfort

You know how people will often tell you that something – say Sushi – is an acquired taste? I feel the same thing about all racing chairs. Racing chairs are designed for those who play games for a long time, and while being comfortable, they also promote good posture with their ergonomic design. Hence the inclusion of the valuable lumbar pillows to help with your posture.

If you’ve been sitting improperly for years – such as I have – when playing video games or working at your desk, you won’t instantly find the comfort you seek. This is not a knock on Ewin Racing or on any racing chair company. It is purely a reality. History tells us that while sitting improperly – lounging, slouching, etc. – is definitely more comfortable in the moment, it can cause chronic and severe back pain in the future. With my current setup – Lazy-boy in front of the TV – I’ve already been noticing serious back pains and aches from long gaming session.

After using the Ewin Racing chair for about 3 weeks exclusively – i.e. no more sitting in my recliner to play games for review – a lot of my back pain is gone. Was there a period of getting use to sitting properly? For sure, but now that I’ve become accustom to sitting the right way, I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to a couch or recliner. The comfort level is through the roof; Ewin Racing does allow you to customize your sitting positions.

I’m not a huge guy, but I’m not thin either. Anyone larger than myself would not comfortably fit in the HERO Series Ewin Racing chair, but know that the company does offer other chairs that will accommodate different people of different sizes.

Ewin Racing has put a premium on the parts they have used, including a strong metal, 5 star base, quality gas lifts that won’t buckle or break under extreme weight, and quality parts throughout. The stitching around the chair itself is top notch, holding in the cold molded foam seat padding, that surrounds a durable metal frame.

The HERO Series racing chair is heavy, which is why I originally suggested moving the box to the location where you will use the chair. Unlike headsets and controllers, a chair with some weight is really what you want, as you know the durable construction and metal design will last over long periods of time.


When I compare the Ewin Racing HERO Series chairs to similarly priced chairs from other companies, you quickly realize that some are snagging a few extra dollars out of your pocket because of the brand name alone. Ewin Racing isn’t the most recognizable racing chair brand name, but that probably benefits the consumer in the long run. Similar chairs – with identical designs, construction, etc. – are priced $50+ more when compared to Ewin Racing, and you are paying for the name alone.

If you are in the market for an Ewin Racing chair, we highly recommend the HERO Series chair. It’s their midrange model that can accommodate most people. We love it and so will you!

You can get your own Ewin Racing chair by going to Ewin Racing home page and using code ‘gamesreviews’ to save 15%!

NOTE: This is a review post from Gamesreviews.

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EWin Racing Flash Series XL Gaming Chair Review



ewin racing flash xla

Just like with most gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, pads, headsets and even LCD screens ergonomic bucket chairs have also flooded the market (perhaps a little faster than we were expecting). However although there are countless models for people to choose from that have different shapes, features and colors there aren’t that many actually aimed towards larger people and that’s not really hard to tell since out of our 12 gaming chair reviews only 2 are really aimed towards such consumers. Now as many of you are well aware currently most gaming peripherals manufacturers have released such products and although not all of them actually make their very own gaming chairs (thank OEM manufacturers for that) it still would be best if such models were not as hard to come across. EWin Racing may not be the very first gaming chair manufacturer to come in mind but they offer an entire line of gaming chairs designed to cater to the needs of larger people called the Flash Series XL and with us we have their brand new black and red model.
EWinRacing Chair was newly founded in 2016 after being a leader OEM office chair manufacturer. With the development in design and research, we strive for a professionalization in gaming chair field. Even more in order to bring you a healthier and relaxing environment we will continuously pursue humanism in design and manufacturing ergonomic gaming chairs. What’s more our strict quality inspection process and standard ensures you a better chair for better life. Visit www.ewinracing.com for more information on our products.

What makes the Flash Series XL stand out from most gaming chairs in the market today is its target audience since its frame was designed for people up to 2 meters tall and 300Kg heavy (89cm tall backrest with 57cm wide seat). Unfortunately although the Flash Series XL line does feature a reinforced steel frame (15mm in thickness) since it uses the same class-4 gaslift as with the rest of their models the maximum supported weight (seat/backrest included) is actually no more than 150Kg. Other features include a PU leather cover, foam density of up to 60Kg/M3 (obviously for the seat), 4 directional adjustable armrests (height/position/orientation), removable head and lumbar pillows, 70mm nylon caster wheels (EWin says 3 inch ones but these are actually 70mm and not 75mm in diameter), backrest adjustment (up to 155-160 degrees) and the somewhat classic tilt/rocking (up to 12 degrees) and height adjustment mechanism we find with most desk chairs.

















ewin racing flash xl 1t

EWin Racing ships the Flash XL gaming chair inside a large box that has their logo on all sides.



The chair parts were packed extremely well as you can see from the above picture.



The 5-star aluminum base was placed at the top of the box so we took that out first followed by the backrest which has both removable pillows attached.



The large seat was next (the 4D armrests are already attached).



Next we took out the five 70mm caster wheels, instructions manual, large size gloves, two Alen keys, three small round taps and the two plastic side covers.



EWin packs the typical butterfly tilt/rocking and height adjustment mechanism with the Flash Series XL so that came out next along with 3 Allen screws and the class-4 gaslift with its plastic cover.








ewin racing flash xl 8t

Once again we started assembly of the chair by mounting the 70mm caster wheels to the 5-star aluminum base.



It’s the 3rd time we’ve received a gaming chair with large caster wheels.



Placing the class-4 gaslift with its plastic cover on the 5-star base was the next step.



The base of the seat has a total of three green elastic bands for increased support.



As you can all see each 4D armrest is attached to the seat with no less than 4 Allen screws.



Mounting the butterfly mechanism requires a total of 4 Allen screws as seen above.



To mount the backrest onto the seat you will have to use two Allen screws on each side (a small opening is placed between the two Allen screws).


After that you will need to place the plastic covers and the screw taps again as seen above.



The upper body is now complete and I have to admit that it looks very nice.




ewin racing flash xl 19t

The Flash Series XL gaming chair looks very good and is actually among the top 3 chairs to arrive in our lab with as much foam density.



The PU leather used may not compete with the one used in the X-Comfort by Thermaltake or with the one of the EPIC by Noblechairs but it’s still very good.



The company logo is placed on both the head and lumbar pillows.



The armrests can be height adjusted from 29cm all the way up to 36.5cm.



Just like all 4D armrests the top can move forward, backwards, left, right and diagonally to suit your style.



This is the rear of the Flash Series XL gaming chair.



EWin uses a head pillow that features a clip, not something we see a lot.



Although the backrest doesn’t fall all the way (180 degrees) still it does fall up to 155-160 degrees and thanks to the good amount of padding it’s very comfortable.





ewin racing flash xlb

We first heard of EWin Racing quite recently but after checking their Flash Series XL gaming chair we have a pretty good idea as to why they’ve been the OEM go to manufacturer by some popular gaming peripheral companies. You see the Flash Series XL is not only one of the two largest gaming chairs to ever reach our lab but it also features a very good level of quality, plenty of padding (foam density), large caster wheels, reinforced steel frame, 4D adjustable armrests and its backrest can drop up to 155-160 degrees. Unfortunately by using the classic butterfly tilt/rocking mechanism the chair doesn’t feel as sturdy as it would had EWin Racing used the Z-support tilt/rocking mechanism found in many high-end models so we really hope they will eventually start using that as well. Oh and did we mention that the Flash XL series is available in several different colors and designs? Check the above picture for some of them.
EWin Racing claims that their chairs are affordable compared to their competition but after checking the price tag of the Flash Series XL Gaming Chair it doesn’t seem to be quite right (some of their other models however are quite affordable). To be more specific you can currently get the Flash Series XL model for USD429 inside the USA (EWin USA) and 389Euros inside the EU (EWin EU) a price tag which is not that far off from let’s say that of the X-Comfort by Thermaltake. The good news is that the Flash Series XL is taller, wider and has more padding than most models we’ve received so far thus it’s more ideal for large people so at least for them this is the obvious way to go. Overall thanks to its size, foam density and features the Flash Series XL gaming chair is actually a very good choice for large people which is why it gets our Golden Award.



– Good Build Quality (PU Faux Leather / Steel Frame)
– Designed Specifically For Large People
– Available PU Leather Designs & Color Combinations
– Very Comfortable (High Foam Density)
– Features (Adjustable Backrest / 4D Adjustable Armrests)
– Removable Neck And Lumbar Pillows



– Price (For Some)
– Butterfly Mechanism (Not As Sturdy As The Z-Support Model)


NOTE: This is a review post from Nikktech.


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EWin Hero Series HRD Gaming Chair Review




Price at time of Review$359


High density memory foam, more than average height adjustment, slim lumbar pillow, sturdy metal frame and base, 155 degree recline, well packaged and easily assembled.


Price is a little steep, embroidery frays over time, plastic bar hits your head when fully reclined without pillows, this model lacks additional armrest adjustments,


A well designed chair with negligible faults, but the price is currently at a place where you may be better off with either a less expensive model with similar features or pay a little more for an upgrade.


Chairs! Whether you’re being a cubicle jockey or gaming until your butt goes numb, a good chair goes a long way. Now EWinRacing has thrown their hat in the pool of gaming chairs, an analogy that has gotten away from me. Have they made the most epicurean masterpiece to which one should perch their posterior? Have they simply made a good looking chair? Let us find out. To the REVIEW! After these messages:

EwinRacing chair was newly founded in 2016 after being a leader OEM office chair manufacturer.

With the development in design and research, we strive for a professionalization in gaming chair field. Ever more, in order to bring you a healthier working and relaxing environment, we will continuously pursue humanism in design and manufacturing ergonomic gaming chairs. What’s more our strict quality inspection process and standard ensures you a better chair for better life.

If you were having a hard time reading that, you are not alone. Moving on. Also, you can check out the video review if you enjoy watching the miseries of trying to open a box without cutting the tape!

Unboxing and Assembly

I gently place the box on the ground. With swift determination I flip out my trusty knife to open the box. But what is this!? “Do Not Cut” written beneath a warning of attention. Undeterred, my Christmas Day repertoire of exhuming skills unleash upon the cardboard prison… and wow is there a lot of tape.

I’m assuming that “Do Not Cut” is mostly placed in effort to prevent someone from opening it with the knife pointed directly downward. It wouldn’t have mattered, however, as the first object in the upright position is the steel five point base. In the instance you are opening this box with a Crocodile Dundee knife, you knew what you were getting into. The chair back cushioned the center while the base and box of parts were cleverly positioned at the bottom. Being the lowest layer wasn’t the clever part so much as the box of smaller parts was pushing the seat against the opposite side of the box.

The other two sides of the box were supported by the armrests. Why is any of this important? I found out last time I opened one of these chairs that anything fragile really shouldn’t be in contact with any side of the box. Nothing was touching the sides of the box that couldn’t take a hit. The plastic facades on the hinge of the chair are buffered from the sides of the box by the armrests. Worst case scenario would be someone hitting the exact location of the facades on the bottom of the box or someone dropping it fiercely, but even then those hinge covers have at least a centimeter between them and the cardboard surface because of the seat. A dumb thing to be excited about and I don’t regret it. People need to know they should test their shipping containers.

If I had a criticism with packaging, it would probably be the location of the instructions. While the small part box is the obvious choice, taking inventory of the parts would be easier if you had the list when you opened the box. Along with the invoice of parts is a checklist of warnings and precautionary steps to take before assembly. Again, something we might want to know before we start taking parts out.

Assembly was simple enough. I appreciate that the majority of the screws were in the holes that you were going to place them already. Unscrew the back rest bolts, place on seat, put the bolts back in. Unscrew four base screws, place metal chair lift bracket, put the screws back in. There were only two, though it said there should be three, screws that came in a bag. No screwdrivers were needed, either. All of the screws had hex heads that you placed with the included Allen wrenches. The only difficult part of the build was the same problem with every gaming chair: attaching the seat and the back rest together. Maybe I need to assemble more chairs because that step always gets me. I feel like that is the one step that might require two people. I swear I’m doing it wrong every time.

Weirdest included item? Microfiber gloves.

As Josh pointed out, “I would love some microfiber gloves for handling these full glass PC cases, but why do you need them with a chair?” Are you displaying the chair for an event? You’ll probably want those gloves to keep all the greasy hand stains off of it. Are you going to use the chair? You’ll probably get greasy hand stains on it. Or at least I will. Doritos, tacos, sweaty game palms, head, back, french fries, and every greasy thing you can imagine will eventually touch this chair. Those stains also don’t tend to linger. Much like purposefully making a scratch on a metal plated apple device, assume people will have their grimy hands on your chair.

In the end, casters are still awkward to push down and it is awfully nice to sit in any chair after you assemble it.

The Sitting Experience

Is there some sort of butt comfort metric to compare how much better one chair feels compared to another? E-Win’s chair is a steel frame covered in cold molding, high density memory foam. Does this mean that the chair will never form to your body? I don’t know, I doubt I can wait long enough for the answer before posting the review. It is less stiff than other gaming chairs in the seat area.

My only issue with the seat is that it does not reach the back of my knee, something that I never used to have but now feels noticeable.

Thigh wings keep your legs from moving too far out of the proper ergonomic range (so far as I’m concerned, that is the proper name now). The equivalent foam rails that come out from the backrest is probably my favorite design feature. It both keeps the body’s mid section in place while also contouring with the lumbar pillow when it’s attached. Most gaming chairs are built less for all-around comfort than intentional ergonomics. Those body rails lining the edges are intended to keep your body from leaning or positioning your legs in improper ways. As a result of the design, if you sit cross legged, slumped to one elbow, or hunched forward it will likely seem awkward and uncomfortable. If you sit with all of your necessary joints at 90 degrees and sitting upright then no worries, marathon away.

Something I’d like to point out if you are in the market for this chair is the difference between the Hero Series HRD and HRC. The HRD has 2D armrests. That’s a fancy way of saying it goes up and down. Technically if you loosen the screws for the armrest you can move them left and right a smidge. The HRC has the fancy 4D armrests that rotate, shift back and forth, in and out, break dance, pop a wheely, you get the gist.

Personally, the 2D is plenty as the left and right adjustment can bring them inward a little more. The default armrest distance feels a little far for me. It works as a resting position to have my arms spread out but keyboard and controller related tasks require your arms to be in a little more. If you have broad shoulders and are built like a Battletoad, you can dismiss my opinion.

Reclining with gaming chairs is a little out of control. I understand throwing the seat back to relax, I do! Full 180 degree recline is more terrifying than comfortable. To my relief, the Hero Series E-Win stops around 155 degrees. That extra 25 degrees you’re not bent backwards goes a long ways towards being able to get back up without assistance. Also, while we are talking about reclining, I wouldn’t suggest leaning all the way back if you do not have the head pillow on.

Throwing yourself back at an angle of around 125-135 degrees will cause your head to collide with a stiff piece of plastic. I’ll talk a little more about that later. Headrest wise, it feels good. A non critical issue is if you squeeze the headrest, it sounds like crinkling. As if to fill some additional space someone stuffed it with newspaper. It doesn’t effect the feel of the headrest and you won’t notice the sound unless you squish it by hand but I thought it was interesting.

My favorite part of this chair is how hilariously high the vertical lift goes. At full height, my feet are dangling. Without shoes I feel like a kid in an adult seat.

I’m 6′ tall, so I typically only have this problem with bar stools. When I built a desk into my wall, I had made it high enough that I could get an old office chair’s arms under it. The issue afterwards was being unable to set my armrests high enough to be level with the desk so it was seamlessly flat to the keyboard and mouse. Now I can go above and beyond what I need. You may not experience this if you are all legs and no torso, in which case I apologize for misleading you.

Head and Lumbar Pillows

My mantra involving gaming chair pillows is, “all gaming chairs need a head pillow, lumbar should be used as needed.” There’s likely a more flowery way to say that, let’s call it a work in progress. The headrest and pillows all have the E-Win logo embroidered on them. As I’ve noticed in the past, anything embroidered that makes repeated contact with the body is likely to unravel a bit. Embroidery on cloth and other fabric materials don’t tend to have this problem, but the faux leather tends to not handle it as well.

Of the chairs I’ve used, the Hero Series E-Win Gaming chair has my favorite lumbar pillow. Other than fitting into the design of the chair, the pillow has a thinner profile and feels more natural to keep it attached. But like every gaming chair, the lumbar pillow pushes you off the chair a bit.


The issue is only exaggerated by the distance from the edge of the chair to the back of my knee. If you haven’t noticed, gaming chairs have their center of gravity towards the back of the chair so you can lean back safely.

Any forward weight tips the chair. The lumbar pillow can push you precariously close to the point of balance failure. Still, there’s times where you might want the lumbar pillow for lower back pain. I’m not saying you can’t sit on the chair with it, so much as asking you to be mindful of the chair’s center of gravity.

The position of the head pillow, as it comes in the box and on the picture on the website, is not a good way to use the pillow. Out of the box, the head pillow strap is wrapped around the lumbar pillow straps.

This is fine if you have the lumbar pillow attached, no problems. What if you don’t want the lumbar pillow? If you attempt to use the pillow through the plastic slot in the chair, it will just fall out because it is a full horizontal opening.

I’m curious what advantage there is to having a full horizontal slit as opposed to having only two holes to thread the straps through. Attaching the lumbar pillow to the back side of the chair works.

The straps still exist to attach the pillow. Honestly, it still isn’t at the best position to use it as the pillow ends up in the upper back.


I’ve found these pillows work best when in the neck area. In order to get the pillow up to neck area, you have to pull it up and lean back quickly into it. How do you avoid all of this mess of logistics?

Simple, give up on attaching it to the lumbar straps and pull it over the top of the headrest. Seems like that is what E-Win concluded as well, given the picture of their Hero Series HRC. My worry was over stretching the strap so it would no longer attach to the lumbar pillow.

Yes, it will over stretch, but attaching it to the lumbar pillow was inefficient anyway. Just commit.


This gaming chair comes in at $359, a price on the precipice of affordable and luxury. What sets the chair apart is its memory foam layer, additional backrest lumbar support/stability, and vertical height. There are several chairs $100 cheaper that also have a steel frame, lumbar and head pillows, 2d armrests, full recline, and metal five point base. With the exception of the awkward plastic bar across the headrest, there is nothing wrong with the design. My only hesitation is that the price is a little steep for the introductory gaming chair. I would say though, that if you could save around $60 it would be a perfect price, so not a huge gap. I’m going to go ahead and give this a Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award.

Don’t forget that if you plan to buy your own EwinRacing Gaming Chair, to check out the promo code below!


NOTE: This is a review post from Pureoverclock.

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EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair Review

EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair: Introduction

Just about anything in the computer world has a gaming version. Monitors, keyboards, mice, motherboards, cases, and even entire laptops can be dedicated to gaming. And what gamer wouldn’t like that? Manufacturers figured out years ago that gaming versions of their products help sales, so they put extra effort into making their gaming lines as appealing as possible to existing and potential gamers. Of course, gamers want the extra edge, no matter how small it may be. One thing that gamers do (myself included) is spend a lot of time parked in front of their monitors, blasting away enemies or trekking through elaborate maps in RPGs. But you have to be comfortable. You can’t be distracted by a creaky old office chair. So what better way to game than in a gaming chair?


EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair: Closer Look

There are four lines of gaming chair styles in the EWin product line up and they are all available in different trim and accent colors. The different series include the Champion, Calling, Hero, and Flash. Today we have the Champion Series in blue. Other color options include red, white, orange, and pink. The chair comes disassembled in a plain cardboard box. The “plain” ends quickly as you get the box open and start going through the components. On top is the base, which is well-protected with individual bubble wrap pouches.


As soon as you lift the base out of the box you realize that this all metal – no plastic. The website says it is aluminum, but I was able to get a magnet to stick to it, and aluminum is not magnetic. Regardless, it is robustand solid. Next is the seat back, which is also well-protected in plastic.



With the plastic bag removed, the rich PU leather and blue accents grab your attention. There are two pillows attached, but they are easily removable by disconnecting the elastic straps on the back. So far, the qualitylooks excellent. That leather sure is soft.



The next component is the seat base. The soft leather and blue accents continue across the seat cushion. Now we are ready to attach the seat back to the seat base and then the base with the wheels.



Before assembly begins, it is a good idea to go through the hardware kit and, of course, the instructions. The instructions go over each step and clearly list the components and hardware. The pictures do a fine job of walking you through each step. A few minutes spent with the instructions will shorten the assembly process.



The assembly process is rather straightforward and in less than 10 minutes you can have a chair ready for some gaming action. While I am presenting this as a gaming chair, it is technically called an Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair. Regardless of what you call it, I am ready for some seat time. But first, let’s look at some of the details.


A closer look at the pillows shows that the same care and quality that go into the chair go into the pillows. They are both adjustable and completely removable, if you like. The EWin logo embroidery looks very nice. All of the stitching and seams look great.



Here is the lever to raise and lower the chair. Height adjustment is simple and similar to any office chair. Sit down, pull the lever, and the seat lowers. Stand up, pull the lever, and the seat raises. The Class-4 gas lift cylinder can handle the lifting job up to 330lbs. Push or pull this lever in or out and you lock or unlock (Free / Lock) the tilt mechanism. Looking at he picture on the right, there is the pull lever to recline the chair. This adjusment ranges between 85 and 155 degrees. I call the 155-degree position “nap mode”.



The wheels are smooth and quiet when you roll around. On the right is the tilt adjustment. It is spring-loaded and you can adjust the tilt resistance by twisting the knob. The lift lever shown above can be set to Lock or Free which enables or disables the tilt function.


The armrests are independently adjustable with four degrees of freedom, which include: raise / lower, forward / back, in / out, and rotation. These are easier to demonstrate in the video below.


Ah, yes, here we are fully reclined or in what I call “nap mode.”  Besides the overall comfort, a big thing that I noticed with this chair is how quiet it is. You can move around and shift your weight from side to side or forward and back and there is pretty much no sound. No rattles, no popping – just plain quiet. Even when you roll around it is quiet. This is a big plus for me.

Now it is time for the video review. It is much easier to go over the features and demonstrate the chair functions in a video, so click here to learn more.

EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair


Chair Type:
Gaming/Office Chair
Foam Type:
High-Density Separated Foaming
Foam Density:
Frame Color:
Frame Construction:
Adjustable Armrests:
Mechanism Type:
Multi-functional Tilt
Tilt Lock:
Tilt Angle Lock:
Gas Lift Class:
Chair/Seat Back Style:
Adjustable Back Angle:
85-155 Degrees
Base Type:
5-star Wide Aluminum Base
Caster Size & Material:
2″ Caster/PU



The inner workings are exposed here in these graphics. The steel frame construction provides a firm foundation for the foam cover. The foam is what really brings this chair to life – just sit in it and you will see what I mean.


These graphics from the EWin website show the dimensions and adjustment range for this chair.


EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair Features:

  • 4D Adjustable Armrests:   PU Surface, Front/Back Left/Right Sliding Functions, Clockwise/Counterclockwise Rotations, Vertical Adjustments.
  • Height Adjustable: To raise seat height, stand up and pull the lever and the seat will rise. Release the lever at the desired height. To lower seat height, sit on the chair and pull the lever and release at desired height.
  • Lever Operated Back Recliner: Pull recline lever up, lean backwards on the seat back to achieve desired angle. Chair allows 85 to 155 degree adjustment.
  • Tilt Lock & Tilt Control Mechanism: Tilt lock mechanism. Tilt-tension Control. Installed with a stability and safety Class 4 Gas Lift Piston that supports up to 330lbs.

EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair Conclusion:

The best way to test a chair is to just sit down and use it, which is just what I did. There is certainly a lot of subjectivity when it comes to rating something like a chair. When I test cases or CPU coolers, I can get some hard numbers from the thermal testing and compare the results to other cases or coolers. But how do you rate a chair? What do you measure? What is soft or comfortable to me may not be to someone else. That is like trying to pick clothes for someone else, but what I can do is simply tell you about my experience.

So, here it goes: I love it! To me, it is very comfortable, very accommodating, and certainly makes my gaming experience and even plain old web browsing more pleasant. Some of my excitement may come from the fact that my old chair was a low-end office chair that I had actually recovered a couple of times to extend its life. So going from that to the EWin Champion chair is like going from a skateboard to a Cadillac. Well, maybe not that drastic, but my point is that this chair definitely delivers the comfort. Pull the lever, lean back to the full recline position, and in a few minutes, it’s lights out for me. The different accent colors that are available also allow for some variety.

All of the components were well-protected in the box and arrived in perfect condition. The assembly process was fairly simple with the help of the instruction sheet, and in just a few minutes you can go from the box to a ready-to-use chair. The included white gloves are a nice touch and help to keep the chair clean during the assembly process.

I have short legs, so I have to set my chairs to the lowest position. A quick pull of the height adjustment lever and I am at the right level. After a few other adjustments of the armrests to find the sweet spot, I could spend my usual gaming sessions without having to shift around to get comfortable as I did with my old chair. Fewer distractions mean better focus on your game. I used the head and lumbar pillows at first, but after a while, I found that the lumbar pillow wasn’t right for me and, fortunately, it can be removed easily. I was fine with the head pillow so I left it in place. And after years of using what I will call a noisy office chair, this one from EWin is whisper quiet. I could shift my weight from side to side and move all around and not hear any noises. For me, that is a big plus. I can say that once you use a chair like this, there is no going back.

The retail price of $359 may seem a bit high at first, but you can find it on sale for a more palatable $279US. If you are like me and spend a lot of time in front of your computer, then an investment in a good chair makes sense. Is your current gaming chair ready to be replaced? Or maybe you are ready for a serious upgrade from an old office style chair? Either way, this is one you should check out. Plus, if you use promo code OCC at the EWin Racing store, you save 15% on your order.



  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Comfortable seat and back
  • Can recline to 155 degrees
  • Vertical adjustment
  • Armrests can independently adjust in four dimensions
  • Removable lumbar and head/neck support (pillows)
  • Great quality of materials and workmanship


  • None
OCC Gold


NOTE: This is a review post from overclockersclub.

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EwinRacing – CP-BW3B Gaming Chair

Mit dem CP-BW3B haben wir heute einen Gaming Chair aus dem Hause EwinRacing im Test, welcher neben einer guten Verarbeitungsqualität auch mit einer besonders guten Ergonomie punkten möchte.

Welche Details in dem CP-BW3B Gaming Chair von EwinRacing stecken und wie er sich in unserem Test geschlagen hat, erfahrt ihr in diesem Review.

Technische Details:

  • Gesamthöhe (mit Basis): ca. 129,5 – 142 cm
    Höhe Sitzfläche (mit Basis): ca. 49 – 61,5 cm
    Höhe Rückenlehne: ca. 80,5 cm
    Breite Rückenlehne innen: ca. 30,5 cm
    Breite Rückenlehne außen (breitester Punkt): ca. 55 cm
    Breite Sitzfläche innen: ca. 40 cm
    Breite Sitzfläche außen (breitester Punkt): ca. 56 cm
    Tiefe der Sitzfläche: ca. 51 cm
    Minimalhöhe der Armlehnen: ca. 63 cm
  • Gewicht: ca. 21 kg
  • Neigungswinkel der Wipp-Mechanik: ca. 10°
  • Material: Stahl (Rahmen), Kaltschaum (Polsterung), PU-Kunstleder (Bezug), Aluminium (Fußkreuz), Polyurethan (Rollen), Polyurethan (Armlehnen)
  • Farbe: Schwarz, Gold
  • Maximalbelastung: 150 kg
  • Herstellergarantie: 5 Jahre
    Praktische Wipp-Funktion
    4D-Anpassung der Armlehnen
    Anpassbarer Winkel der Rückenlehne (85-155 Grad)
    Flexible Sitzflächenhöhe
    Inkl. je einem Kissen für unteren Rücken und Nacken
    Säule mit langlebiger Gasdruckfeder (Klasse 4)
    Starke 5-Punkt-Basis aus Vollaluminium
    Stabile Stahlkonstruktion im Kern


  • EwinRacing – CP-BW3B Gaming Chair in gewählter Farbe
  • Montagematerial
  • Handschuhe
  • Montageanleitung

Design und Verarbeitung:

Der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair wird von EwinRacing in einer neutralen Verpackung geliefert, welche neben dem E-Win Logo auch noch mit einem Hinweis auf das hohe Gewicht sowie einer Trageempfehlung bedruckt ist.

Innerhalb der Verpackung ist der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair in einem zerlegten Zustand nicht nur in Folien verpackt, sondern stellenweise auch durch Schaumstoffpolster geschützt.
Hat man die Einzelteile aus der Verpackung entnommen, so hat man alle Bauteile vor sich liegen, welche man benötigt um den Gaming-Stuhl zusammenzubauen.

EwinRacing liefert neben einer bebilderten Anleitung, anhand welcher der Aufbau leicht von der Hand geht, auch noch das benötigte Werkzeug sowie ein paar weiße Handschuhe mit.

In der Regel platzieren wir den Montageabschnitt hinter der Produktbeschreibung. Da der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair jedoch als Bausatz geliefert wird, und eine vollständige Produktbeschreibung erst im zusammengebauten Zustand möglich ist, schieben wir die Montage in diesem Review mit in den Abschnitt der Produktbeschreibung.


Im Vergleich zu Herstellern anderer Gaming geht EwinRacing den Aufbau etwas anders an, wodurch man im ersten Schritt nicht mit der Montage der Rollen beginnt, sondern mit der Montage der Rückenlehne.
Laut Montageanleitung muss man vor der Montage der Rückenlehne noch das Nackenkissen sowie auch das Kissen zur Lendenwirbelstütze an der Rückenlehne montieren. Da dies jedoch bei unserem Testmuster schon vormontiert waren, schauen wir sie uns noch einmal etwas genauer an.

Diese beiden Kissen sind passend zu der Farbgebung unseres Testmusters aus schwarz/weißem Kunstleder gefertigt.

Wo das Kissen zur Lendenwirbelstütze mit zwei dehnbaren Befestigungsbändern ausgestattet ist, verfügt das Nackenkissen über ein einzelnes Befestigungsband. Alle Bänder sind mit Verschlüssen versehen, wodurch sich die beiden Kissen einfach abnehmen und wieder anbringen lassen.

Auch wenn die beiden Kissen schon an der Rückenlehne befestigt sind, muss man noch eine kleine Vorbereitung treffen, um die Rückenlehne an der Sitzfläche befestigen zu können, denn EwinRacing hat die hierzu notwendigen Montageschrauben schon in die Montagegewinde der Rückenlehne eingedreht.

Bevor man die Rückenlehne montieren kann, muss man die Montageschrauben somit wieder herausdrehen.

Zur Montage der Rückenlehne befinden sich an der Sitzfläche schon zwei bewegliche Stahlelemente.

Nicht nur diese Aufnahmepunkte sind schon an der Sitzfläche vormontiert, sondern auch die beiden Armlehnen.
Betrachtet man die Sitzfläche einmal von ihrer Unterseite aus, so wird man hier neben drei breiten Gummibändern, welche zur Federung der Sitzfläche dienen, auch die Befestigungspunkte der Armlehnen vorfinden.

Diese sind als Langlöcher ausgelegt, wodurch man die Armlehnen je nach Bedarf nach innen oder außen verschieben kann. Zudem sind hier auch noch die Montageschrauben für die Basis zu finden, welche wie die Montageschrauben der Rückenlehne schon eingeschraubt sind und somit nicht in einzeln im Lieferumfang zu finden sind.

Die Montage der Rückenlehne erfolgt mittels der vier Inbusschrauben, welche wir zuvor aus der Rückenlehne herausgedreht haben.

In den beiden beweglichen Stahlelementen wurden jedoch nicht nur die zwei Montagebohrungen eingelassen, welche zur Befestigung der Rückenlehne dienen, sondern jeweils auch noch ein kleineres Gewinde.

Diese Montagegewinde dienen zur Befestigung von Kunststoffblenden, durch welche sich dann ein schlüssiges Design ergibt.

Um das Design vollständig abzurunden, befinden sich im Lieferumfang noch schwarze Kunststoffkappen, mittels welchen man die Montagelöcher verschließen kann.

Ist die Rückenlehne an der Sitzfläche montiert, so kann man mit der Montage der Basiseinheit beginnen. Diese ist nicht nur mit einer Spannfeder ausgestattet, durch welche man den Kraftaufwand einstellen kann, welcher zum betätigen der Wippfunktion benötigt, sondern auch mit einer Sperre, mit der man die Wippfunktion sperren kann.

Über den gleichen Hebel wird auch die Höhenverstellung betätigt.

Wie wir es schon kurz zuvor bei einem Blick auf die Unterseite der Sitzfläche gesehen haben, müssen die Montageschrauben für die Basiseinheit erst aus der Sitzfläche herausgedreht werden.
Im Anschluss kann man die Basiseinheit an der Sitzfläche befestigen.

Bei der Montage der Basiseinheit muss darauf geachtet werden, dass die Spannfeder zur Vorderseite der Sitzfläche zeigt.
Ist dieser Montageschritt vollzogen, kann man das aus Aluminium gefertigte Fußkreuz zur Montage vorbereiten.

Dieses muss hierzu im ersten Schritt auf den Kopf gedreht werden, denn nur so kann man den richtigen Druck ausüben, welchen man bei der Montage der Rollen aufwenden muss.

Hat man das Fußkreuz einmal auf den Kopf gedreht, ist auch schön zu erkennen, dass das Fußkreuz im Inneren mit zusätzlichen Streben ausgestattet wurde, welche als Verstärkung dienen.

Die seitens EwinRacing mitgelieferten Rollen sind passend zum Design des Gaming Chairs in einem schwarz/weißen Design gehalten.

Dieses Design konnte durch Einsätze erzielt werden, welche von der Außenseite auf die Rollen aufgesteckt wurden.

Die Rollen haben einen Durchmesser von 60 mm und sind mit einer recht festen Lauffläche ausgestattet, welche zwar schnelle Rollbewegungen zulassen, jedoch auch entsprechend lauter sind.

Die fünf Rollen werden einfach in die dafür vorgesehenen Bohrungen des Fußkreuzes eingesteckt. Hierzu ist jedoch ein gewisser Kraftaufwand notwendig.

Im Anschluss muss der Gasdruckdämpfer in das Fußkreuz eingesteckt

und mit dem Überwurfschutz versehen werden.

Hat man diese Arbeitsschritte vollzogen, kann die Sitzfläche auf den Gasdruckdämpfer aufgesetzt werden.

Anschließend kann man entweder von dem wuchtigen Anblick des CP-BW3B geflasht sein, sodass man den Stuhl gleich ausprobieren möchte, oder man nutzt die Chance, um sich alle Details einmal etwas genauer anzuschauen.

Da die montierte Kombination aus Sitzfläche, Basiseinheit und Rückenlehne recht schwer ist und das Aufsetzen auf den Gasdruckdämpfer hierdurch eine etwas zittrige Angelegenheit werden kann, hätten wir es besser gefunden, wenn die Montage der Rückenlehne der letzte Arbeitsschritt gewesen wäre.

Betrachtet man einmal die Sitzfläche und die Rückenlehne des CP-BW3B Gaming Chair etwas genauer, so hat man bei der von uns in diesem Test herangezogenen Variante des Stuhles eine schwarz/weiße Version vor sich stehen.

Die Sitzfläche sowie auch die Rückenlehne sind mit einer angenehm weichen Polsterung versehen, welche mit einem schwarz/weißen Kunstlederbezug bezogen wurde. Durch die weiche Polsterung wird einem zwar in der Regel ein angenehmerer Sitzkomfort geboten, jedoch kommt es hierdurch oftmals auch schneller zu einer sogenannten Sitzkuhle, weswegen wir den CP-BW3B Gaming Chair auch über einen längeren Zeitraum für euch testen werden.
Im Detail setzt EwinRacing hier auf eine Polsterung aus Kaltschaum, welcher auf einen Metallrahmen aufgezogen ist.

Bei dem verwendeten Kunstlederbezug setzt EwinRacing auf einen glatten und geschlossenen PU-Kunstlederbezug, welcher im Vergleich zu einem perforierten Kunstlederbezug nicht atmungsaktiv ausfällt. Dies kann gerade in heißen Sommertagen von Nachteil sein, da man hier bei langen Gamingsessions etwas ins schwitzen kommen kann.
Um den Gaming-Stuhl optisch aufzuwerten, hat EwinRacing die von uns herangezogene Variante nicht nur mit weißen Kunstlederelementen abgesetzt, sondern im Bereich der Sitzfläche auch mit weißen Nähten.

Die Außenkanten der Sitzfläche, der erhöhten Wangen sowie auch der kompletten Rückenlehne wurden zudem mit einem abgesetzten Kunstlederstreifen versehen.

Die einzelnen Nähte wurden seitens EwinRacing überaus sauber verarbeitet.

Um das Design gänzlich abzurunden, wurden nicht nur die beiden mitgelieferten Kissen mit einem eingestickten E-WIN Logo versehen, sondern auch der Bereich der Kopfstütze.

Schaut man sich jedoch einmal den Übergang von der Sitzfläche zu den Seiten der Sitzfläche etwas genauer an, so wird man hier einen Übergang von mehreren Kunstleder Elementen finden, welcher leider alles andere als sauber verarbeitet wurde.

Von der Form her wurde der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair an das Design moderner Sportsitze angelehnt, wodurch die Sitzfläche sowie auch der mittlere Bereich der Rückenlehne etwas vertieft sind. Links und rechts von diesen Bereichen wurde der Stuhl mit hervorstehenden Seitenwangen versehen, welche einem einen gewissen Seitenhalt geben.

Unterhalb des in die Rückenlehne eingestickten Logos wurden zwei Durchführungen in die Rückenlehne eingelassen, welche mit einer weißen Kunststoffdurchführung versehen sind.

Diese befinden sich, wie man es von einem Rennsitz aus einem Sportwagen der DTM etc. kennt, in etwa auf Schulterhöhe. Bei dem EwinRacing CP-BW3B Gaming Chair dienen diese Durchführungen jedoch nicht zur Durchführung des Sicherheitsgurtes, sondern zur Durchführung der elastischen Befestigungsbänder der beiden mitgelieferten Kissen. Leider ist die Farbe des hier verwendeten Kunststoffes jedoch nicht identisch zu der Farbe der gesetzten Nähte und der weißen Kunstlederelemente.

Betrachtet man die hervorstehenden Seitenwangen der Rückenlehne einmal von der Außenseite aus, so wird man feststellen, dass der eingesetzte Kunstlederbezug an dieser Stelle auf beiden Seiten leicht wellig aufgezogen wurde, wodurch die sonst ganz schicke Optik an einer recht auffälligen Stelle etwas gemindert wird.

Mit einem Blick auf die Rückseite des CP-BW3B Gaming Chairs findet man einen fast komplett geschlossenen PU-Kunstlederbezug vor. Dieser wurde auf der linken und rechten Seite mit einem Reißverschluss versehen, welcher jedoch nicht geöffnet werden kann, da sich dessen Enden im Inneren der Rückenlehne befinden.

Bei einem der beiden Reißverschlüsse mussten wir einen kleinen Verarbeitungsmangel feststellen. Dieser ist an mehreren Stellen so geschlossen, das ein Zahn des Reißverschlusses übersprungen wurde.

Der Reißverschluss ist dennoch fest verschlossen und geht auch dann nicht auseinander, wenn man den Stuhl an dieser Stelle etwas strapaziert.

Neben der von uns in diesem Test herangezogenen Farbvariante gibt es den CP-BW3B Gaming Chair von EwinRacing auch noch in sechs anderen Farbvarianten.

Der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair wurde von EwinRacing zwar optisch ansprechend, jedoch nicht zu 100% perfekt verarbeitet, denn bei genauerem Hinsehen findet man hier und da ein paar Stellen, an denen der verwendete Kunstlederbezug nicht ganz akkurat aufgezogen wurde.

Sitzkomfort und Ergonomie: 

Nachdem wir das erste mal auf dem CP-BW3B Gaming Chair platzgenommen haben und unsere Gaming Session Stunde um Stunde andauert bestätigt sich unser erster Eindruck von der Polsterung, denn diese bietet einen auch bei einer andauernden Nutzung einen guten Komfort. Die Polsterung der Rückenlehne ist ausreichend dick ausgeführt, ohne den Eindruck zu erwecken als würde man auf einem überpolsterten Sessel sitzen und gefühlt kilometerweit einsinken. Die seitlichen Backen bieten auch bei turbulenteren Spielrunden guten Halt. Auch die Sitzfläche besitzt diese angenehme Polsterung gepaart mit den seitlich sehr groß ausgeführten Wangen. Wie man es schon von anderen Gaming Stühlen her kennt, erlauben es einem diese Wangen nicht sich im Schneidersitz oder in anderen Sitzpositionen auf den Stuhl zu setzen.

Zu einem bequemen Sitzkomfort trägt bekanntlich nicht nur die verwendete Polsterung bei, sondern auch die Ergonomie. Auf diese hat EwinRacing besonderen Wert gelegt, wodurch sich alle Komponenten des CP-BW3B Gaming Chairs an die eigenen Bedürfnisse anpassen lassen.

Hier bietet der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair von EwinRacing einen weitaus höheren Funktionsumfang, als man es von vielen anderen Bürostühlen kennt.
Durch ein an der Basis angebrachtes Einstellrad kann der Kraftaufwand eingestellt werden, welcher benötigt wird, um mit der Rückenlehne nach hinten zu wippen.

Über einen Hebel auf der rechten Seite der Basis kann die Wippfunktion auf Wunsch in der Ausgangsposition gesperrt werden. Eine Sperre in der nach hinten gewippten Position ist leider nicht möglich. Der Neigungswinkel der Wippmechanik beträgt ca. 10°.

Über einen an der rechten Seite verbauten Hebel kann zudem der Neigungswinkel der Rückenlehne selbst verstellt werden. Die Rückenlehne kann so in einem Winkel von 85° – 155° verstellt werden.

Um den CP-BW3B Gaming Chair an die Größe des Nutzers anpassen zu können, kann dieser natürlich auch in der Höhe verstellt werden. Die hierzu verbaute Gasdruckfeder der Sicherheitsstufe 4 kann die Sitzfläche von ca. 49 cm auf ca. 61,5 cm heben und senken. Die Tragkraft der verbauten Gasdruckfeder liegt bei 150 Kg. Mit einer Minimalhöhe von ca. 49 cm ist die Sitzfläche im Vergleich zu anderen Gaming Stühlen auch in der niedrigsten Einstellung noch recht hoch, wodurch man zur Nutzung des CP-BW3B Gaming Chairs auf jeden Fall eine Körpergröße von 1,5 m haben sollte.

Durch die Möglichkeit, die Rückenlehne so weit nach hinten zu neigen, kann der Stuhl auch problemlos dazu genutzt werden, um eine entspannte Sitzhaltung einzunehmen, welche es einem erlaubt, auch einmal die Augen zu schließen, um z.B. auf einer Lanparty einmal etwas abzuschalten.

Um das Sitzgefühl perfekt machen zu können, hat EwinRacing auch die verbauten Armlehnen so ausgeführt, dass man diese in die verschiedensten Varianten verstellen kann.
Die seitens EwinRacing als 4D-Armlehnen bezeichnete Armlehnen lassen sich nicht nur in ihrer Höhe verstellen,

sondern können auch nach vorne bzw. hinten geschoben werden.

Ebenso ist es möglich, die Auflageflächen der Armlehnen nach links und rechts zu verschieben, sowie nach links und rechts zu verdrehen.

Es ist jedoch auch möglich, die komplette Armlehne nach innen oder außen zu verschieben. Um diese Verstellung vornehmen zu können, muss man jedoch auf das mitgelieferte Werkzeug zurückgreifen, da dies wie schon eingehend erwähnt durch die Langlöcher im Montagebereich der Armlehnen ermöglicht wird.

Die restlichen Verstellmöglichkeiten können ganz einfach durch das drücken oder ziehen eines Knopfes/Hebel ausgeführt werden.
Durch die Option auch die komplette Armlehne seitlich verschieben zu können handelt es sich bei den verbauten Armlehnen eigentlich um 5D-Armlehnen, wie man sie auch bei dem ein oder anderen Hersteller findet. Aus diesem Gesichtspunkt muss sich der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair nicht hinter anderen Modellen am Markt verstecken, welche mit dem Feature “5D-Armlehne” aufwarten wollen, denn genau die gleichen Funktionen bietet einem EwinRacing mit den verbauten 4D-Armlehnen.
Die verbauten Armlehnen verfügen im Inneren über einen Polsterkern, welcher auf der Außenseite mit einer flexiblen Kunststoffschicht versehen wurde.

Durch die überaus große Einstellmöglichkeit des Neigungswinkels und auch der Stellung der Rückenlehne kann man sich nicht nur für eine kleine Entspannungspause weit zurücklehnen, sondern auch eine gemütliche Sitzposition beim Gamen oder Betrachten von Filmen einnehmen. Gleichzeitig kann der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair jedoch auch sehr rückenschonend und ergonomisch eingestellt werden.

Durch den verwendeten Kunstlederbezug zeigt sich jedoch nicht nur an kühlen Wintertagen ein kleiner Nachteil, sondern auch an warmen Sommertagen. Steht der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair in einem kalten Büro, so dauert es aufgrund des verwendeten Materials ein paar Minuten, bis man ihn mit seinem Körper auf eine angenehme Betriebstemperatur aufgewärmt hat. An warmen Sommertagen ist dies genau der umgekehrte Fall, denn der verwendete Kunstlederbezug wurde nicht mit einer feinen Perforation versehen, wodurch er nicht belüftet ist und man so recht schnell ins schwitzen gerät. Besonders unangenehm ist dies, wenn man eine kurze Hose trägt, denn in diesem Fall bleibt man gerne einmal mit der Haut an der Sitzfläche kleben.

Die verbauten Rollen gleiten durch ihre Beschaffenheit nicht nur problemlos über einen feinen Teppich, sondern auch sehr einfach und schnell über einen Parkettboden. Leider sind die Rollen an dieser Stelle etwas lauter als die Rollen manch anderer Modelle.

Während den drei Wochen, in welchen sich der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair von EwinRacing in unserem Test befand und täglich zwischen 6 und 10 Stunden genutzt wurde, konnten wir keine Verschleißanzeichen wie eine Sitzmulde etc. erkennen.


Mit dem CP-BW3B Gaming Chair, welchen es in verschiedenen Farbkombinationen gibt, hat EwinRacing einen Gaming Chair in seinem Sortiment, welcher sich bestens für Anwender eignet, die nicht nur eine Runde an ihrem Rechner zocken wolle, sonder zudem auch einen ganzen Arbeitstag auf dem Stuhl verbringen müssen und somit auf einen entsprechend hohen Sitzkomfort angewiesen sind. Um einem diesen Komfort bieten zu können, hat EwinRacing den CP-BW3B Gaming Chair mit einer ganzen Reihe an Verstellungsmöglichkeiten versehen, wodurch er einem nicht nur eine bequeme Sitzposition bieten kann, in welcher man auch einmal etwas ausspannen kann, sondern auch eine sehr ergonomische Sitzposition gewährleistet, in der man viele Stunden am Schreibtisch arbeiten kann, ohne das man sich mit der Zeit hin und her bewegen muss, um den Rücken etwas zu entlasten. Das einzige Feature, welches dem CP-BW3B an dieser Stelle fehlt, ist die Möglichkeit zur Arretierung der Wippfunktion. Mittels der mitgelieferten Kissen kann der Komfort zusätzlich gesteigert werden. Durch seine Ergonomie hebt sich der EwinRacing CP-BW3B Gaming Chair nicht nur deutlich von günstigen Gaming Stühlen am Markt ab, sondern sorgt bei der richtigen Nutzung auch langfristig gesehen dazu, Rückenschädigungen vorzubeugen. Was die Verarbeitungsqualität angeht, konnte uns der CP-BW3B Gaming Chair im Vergleich zu dem angenehmen Sitzkomfort jedoch nicht so gut überzeugen, denn hier summieren sich mehrere kleine Schönheitsfehler, welche man in dieser Preisklasse eigentlich nicht erwarten würde. Wo man den Versatz am Reißverschluss nur beim genauen betrachten erkennen kann, sind die leichte Wellenbildung an den Außenseiten der Rückenlehne sowie die unschönen Übergänge an der Sitzfläche optische Mängel, welche in dieser Preisklasse nicht vorkommen sollen. Ein weiterer Kritikpunkt ist in den Rollen zu finden, welche durch ihre recht harte Lauffläche für ein recht lautes Laufgeräusch sorgen. Die Polsterung wurde hingegen sauber ausgeführt und wies auch nach einer dreiwöchigen Nutzungsdauer noch kein Anzeichen einer Sitzmulde oder andere Erscheinungsbilder einer Materialermüdung auf. Gleiches gilt auch für den verwendeten Kunstlederbezug, welcher jedoch je nach Temperatur für ein etwas unangenehmes Sitzgefühl sorgen kann. Dies ist jedoch ein Problem, mit welchem fast alle Gaming Stühle zu kämpfen haben, welche mit einem Kunstleder- oder gar Lederbezug ausgestattet sind. Da es sich bei dem EwinRacing CP-BW3B Gaming Chair um ein Produkt handelt, dessen Materialqualität sich erst bei einer langen Nutzungsdauer genau feststellen lässt, werden wir euch hier von Zeit zu Zeit mit entsprechenden Updates versorgen. Preislich liegt der EwinRacing – CP-BW3B Gaming Chair aktuell bei knapp 259€. Interessenten, welche sich für einen Gaming Chair von EwinRacing entscheiden, können zudem mit dem Rabattcode ModYourCase beim Kauf über den EwinRacing eigenen Onlinestore noch einmal 15% sparen.


  • Verarbeitung (verwendetes Kunstleder, Nähte, Rahmen, Polsterkern)
  • Guter Komfort
  • Gaming Design
  • Gute Ergonomie und Einstellmöglichkeit


  • Unschöner Übergang des Kunstleders an der Sitzfläche
  • Stellenweise Wellenbildung an der Rückenlehne
  • Laute Rollen
  • (Eigenschaften von Kunstleder (im ersten Momente recht kühl, später eventuell schnelleres Schwitzen))








NOTE: This is a review post from Mod-Your-Case.

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My First Gaming Chair Review – EWin Racing Champion Series

Today we are going to look at the Champion Series Gaming chair from EWin Racing. These guys make some fabulous gaming chairs that any respectable gamer will instantly fall in love with. I got mine, courtesy of EWin Racing and boy what a treat it is!

EWin Racing Champion Series – Introduction

EWin Racing makes all sorts of gaming chairs and two things immediately stand out when you buy one of their products. First, the construction is superb with full metal body and limited plastics unless it is necessary. Second, the seats are meant for uninterrupted gaming.

The Champion series is comfortable and adjust quickly to your body type thanks to its unique design and ergonomics. Though mine was a sample that I received from EWin Racing, it was surprisingly brand new, which gave me the opportunity to look at the packaging, and that’s where we shall begin the review.

EWin Racing Champion Series – Unboxing

Unboxing the chair reveals an aluminium 5 star base, which is light and doesn’t feel flimsy like some plastic footing of other brands. Removing the base reveals the back rest, which already comes attached to the neck and adjustable lumber support. Almost immediately, I fell in love with the design of the chair. It isn’t “in-your-face”, but it has dramatic ascents running across the backrest and cushions. Remove the back rest, and you get to the accessory box and the seat.

The accessory box has the instruction manual, side covers for the arms, hydraulic system and cover, wheels (they are matched to the chair!), a base platform that lets you go up and down plus the spring for the backrest and a pair of rubber gloves.

EWin Racing Champion Series – Assembly

I began by first putting in the wheels under the base, which is surprisingly simple. You just have to push the wheel heads into the slots on the bottom. No detailed work needed here.

The next step is to attach the back with the seat. Thankfully, Ewin Racing provides four bolts preassembled into the body of the back rest. Use an Allen key to remove those four bolts and keep them aside. On the seat are two flanges to the rear that you then line-up with the back rest such that the four bolts go through the flanges and back into their respective holes. Loosely screw the bolts and tighten all four until the back rest is firmly secured to the seat. (See image below)

Flip the back rest and seat combo over to expose the underbelly of the seat. Once again all necessary bolts are attached, so you just remove those that you need without having to worry about confusing numbers and directions. To attach the tri-stand that connects the seat to the hydraulic and base, just undo the screws that match with the tri-stand’s slots and fix it on nice and tight. (See image below)Bolting to the underside of seat

To install the hydraulic into the base just drop it in and secure it in place with the hydraulic cover. Then grab the whole chair and drop it over the hydraulic system to finish assembly. All that remains later is to hide the flanges on the seat using the only remaining pair of covers.

EWin Racing Champion Series – What Stood Out

As a whole, the chair boasts a metal construction with high density perforated leather foam and a beaded edge running around the chair with padding on the arm rests that are firm but not too much. Same goes for the seat cushioning and back cushioning that isn’t too soft nor tough. (See image below)

Moving to the bottom, each leg has some amount of rubber padding on the front, so your feet don’t slide off if you like propping them up on the base legs like I do. The wheels are smart in that they don’t need screws to stay in place, so you never have to worry about them coming undone.

Back up to the seat, the lumbar support and neck cushion are surprisingly well designed. They don’t feel like an after though but rather a part of the overall chair. The folks at EWin Racing probably included these cushions right from the beginning of the design. And, if you aren’t human and prefer neglecting the comfy pillows, you can remove both.

The arm rests do go up and down with a range of 800mm, which isn’t bad though a bit of movement to the sides or the front would have been nice. As for the chair itself, it sits 470mm high at its lowest position and can rise to 600mm at its highest. The knob underneath the seat lets you adjust the back rest tension to suit your preference. I like keeping mine at the lowest tension, which is how the chair reached me. (See image below) 

The last thing I want to cover is lowering the back. This chair does a complete 180 degree such that you are horizontal on it! Surprisingly, it is handy depending on what you want to do. Playing an intense game that needs your full concentration? Keep the tension high and the back at near vertical. But if you’re going to relax, Netflix and chill then push the handle to fall as far back as you need. Remember that knob to adjust the seat and back rest tension? Well, that’s what comes handy here as you finely balance the tension to suit your preference when tilting back.

EWing Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair Verdict

With plenty of styling options, embroidery choices, and killer looks, there is no doubt that EWin Racing Champion Series is a gaming chair. They may call it an “ergonomic computer gaming office chair, ” but that’s just sugar coating the truth, which is that the Champion Series is a comfortable beast looking gaming chair worthy of being a permanent companion to your gaming rig.

NOTE: This is a review post from Armchairempire.

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