Review – E-Win Racing Gaming Chair-A Black Friday Purchase You’ll Actually Enjoy

So I’d like to extend a special thank you to E-Win Racing for their gaming and office chair for review. One thing I’ve never done despite getting things for review is sugar coat it. If I dislike something I say so. In this instance, I’m not finding anything to nitpick. Let’s get on with the review though.

What is the Great About this Chair?

The chair I have is the red and black model of their gaming chairsIt’s very slick design, and very sturdy. I tested this out over the course of several days not knowing how well I’d like it or not. I have to say I was surprised.

Upon receiving the box, I realized this wasn’t your typical cheap office chair. I’m generally accustomed to the $60-$80 range chairs and so getting this, I had to carry it to my kitchen to unbox and put together. I will say too that everything was carefully packaged to avoid any damage or loss of parts. Even the bolts that attached things directly to the chair itself were already in their designated spots to make it easier to find the correct bolts.

When I put the wheels on, the style for these with the hollow interior is really slick. The two-tone wheels and method for which they are designed definitely gives you a gamer and pro-office chair vibe where it’s not a cheap plastic wheel you’d typically expect from a desk chair. The base for the wheels was a nice improvement as well being actual metal instead of that cheap plastic you’d normally expect from an office chair.

In the box, the Ewin Racing Gaming chair came in several larger parts such as the wheels, the back of the chair, the bottom of the chair and the hydraulic system. I was impressed as I played around with this chair to see the vast functionality not normally in a standard desk chair.

Features included:

  • Hollow Wheels
  • Pillows for Neck Support and Back
  • Multi-adjustable armrests with the slider for the left to right, back and forth and up and down
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustments
  • Recliner Feature
  • Strong, Firm Seat with Leather Cover

Sitting in the Chair

How I battle-tested the PC Gaming chair was by sitting in it for many, many hours. I messed with the features to see how far it’d perform and honestly I was impressed with the comfort I had in this chair. I was able to game comfortably with a chair that matched the height of my fold-up table desk, and I was actually eye level with my 3 monitor setup. My arms were comfortable reaching the desk from the armrests, and I was able to sit up straight in part due to the back pillow. Normally a sloucher here when on my PC, this forced me to sit straight. I didn’t feel as if I had to get off of it or readjust to get comfortable either.

Check out the gallery below for more images on this chair:

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