EwinRacing Flash XL Size Series Gaming Chair Is Without A Doubt The Best Chair We’ve Ever Owned!

At first, we really didn’t realize that “gaming” chairs were a thing, but given the amazing opportunity to check out the EWin Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Golden Computer Gaming Office Chair, we are seriously ready to never look back at a standard gaming/office chair ever again!

Not only is the EWin chair incredibly comfortable, but it is durable as well. This chair is sturdy enough to make it through some serious wear and tear and still remain standing and we adore the fact that it features a pillow and a fantastic lumbar support system. Did we also mention that it looks amazing as well? The gold and black color really pops and we have already gotten several comments from visitors to our office asking where we picked up such an amazing looking chair.

Another thing we loved about the EWin chair is the stain-resistant 2.0 PU leather that covers the chair. It feels great to the touch and can be cleaned multiple times with a clean cloth without causing any damage such as rips and tears to the chair. We can already tell that this chair will look brand-new for years to come, which is a definite plus!

We put the chair to the test with several lengthy computer gaming sessions and it retained its’ comfort level even after several hours of use. The foam used to construct the seat almost reminds us of a sort of memory foam but bounces back to shape after getting up from the chair. We also loved that this chair features a fully adjustable backrest meaning we can lean all the way back to take a break or a short nap without the worry of tipping over or breaking the chair.

Another plus for the Ewin chairs is that they offer a variety of styles and sizes to support different weights which is a great thing if you are a person of size and looking for a gaming chair that will offer you a solid level of support and comfort, which can be very hard to find with many standard gaming/office chairs. It was also incredibly easy to assemble. It only took us about 20 minutes using a screwdriver and following the provided instructions.

If you are currently in the market for a new gaming/office chair then we highly recommend those offered by EWin, as they provide the perfect look along with the highly important features of durability and comfort to meet all of your gaming and/or office work needs! We are in love!

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Note: This is the review post from ageofthenerd.

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