EwinRacing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

Last year, EwinRacing reached out to us and asked if we wanted to check out their “Hero” line of gaming chairs. You can find that review here. In short, I loved it. Now here we are a year later checking out another one of its chairs, the “EwinRacing Calling Series“.

Selecting the right chair

EwinRacing has many chair models, all of which offers a different experience. My last chair was a bit too soft for my tastes, despite enjoying it. I wanted something firm, something that gave a bit more support. Which is why I settled on the EwinRacing Calling Series chair. While this chair comes in a variety of colors, I selected the blue and black version, as it matches the sound panels in my office.

This chair uses “Ewin Cold-Cure Foam” which is supposedly more dense and heavier than the traditional foam used in some of their chairs. Which means it won’t wear out as fast and will remain firm throughout the time with the chair.  This foam was also used in the back support and headrest pads, so that’s a plus. I’ve used the chair for nearly two weeks now and I much rather this newer foam compared to my last chair.  Whether it keeps its shape in the upcoming months remains to be seen.

Ewinracing Calling Series Chair Review-02

Another new addition to this chair is the wheels that EwinRacing calls “Soft-Glide Wheels”. These wheels are advertised to be much quieter and more resistant to breakage. Meaning if you happen to leave stuff on the floor like screws or other hard surfaces, the wheels won’t break as easily. While the wheels should be quieter under normal usage. When my office had a carpeted floor it wasn’t an issue. That all changed once I installed a laminate wood flooring down. Every time I moved around the office, it was a noticeable difference. These newer wheels are quieter but they’re still audible. They also look like little racing wheels, which complements the chair. The fabric is smooth and now stain resistant, which is another new feature on this chair.

The fabric is much tougher than the previous material they used, which means it should be able to stand the test of time and harsh cleanings. Which is great, as my previous chair has started to peel due to wear and tear.

I also noticed that the lever that tilts the back of the chair forward and back now has a contoured grip, instead of a basic flat level. Sure, it’s a simple change but it feels natural as it conforms to your fingers as you grip it. Outside of that, the standard features applied, such as raising and lowering of the chair and armrests. The headrest and lumbar pillow can also be raised or lowered as they’re attached via two straps that wrap around the rear.

Ewinracing Calling Series Chair Review-05

Some assembly is required
As with all of EwinRacing’s chairs, all the tools needed to assemble the chair comes included. No extra tools are needed, and EwinRacing has also tossed in a few extra screws. So no worrying if drop a screw or two and a blackhole sudden opens up and devours them. I know I can’t be the only one this happens to.

Once the wife and I took the items out of the cardboard box, it was time to get busy. No, not that kind of busy, I meant getting busy putting the chair together. Thanks to the ease of putting these chairs together, it took the two of us 30 minutes to assemble the chair. We likely would have finished sooner, however, we kept pausing to watch the ongoing episodes of HyperDrive on Netflix (great show if you’re a car fan).

I’ve provided an image of everything that is included in the box, below.

Ewinracing Calling Series Chair Review-07

How does it feel? Of course, it wouldn’t matter if the chair was easy to put together or the looks if it doesn’t satisfy in the feels department. Yes, I wrote it exactly how it sounds. To which  I’m very pleased with the fully assembled chair. As I mentioned prior, I rather like how firm this chair feels, while the lumbar support thanks to the much firmer pillow has been great for posture. Overall the chair is very comfortable, sturdy and I’m enjoying it.

Ewinracing Calling Series Chair Review-06

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