E-WIN Racing Gaming Chair review

The craze of the racing gaming chairs is all over the place, most of your favorite streamers and Youtubers own one, but what is so special about the chairs and are they worth it? Well, it is time to find out.

Recently we got in touch with the good fellas of E-Win Racing Gaming Chairs. They are one of the new manufacturers in the gaming chairs market with some great designs, including the Championship series, the model we got to review this time.

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, both gaming and working and by the most part i lacked proper back support, like many out there have been using different chairs, none with proper lumbar, back or neck support, long sessions in front of the PC and the usual late night MMO sessions made a dent in said areas.

For a long time i wanted to get a proper chair, researching and looking around the world wide web, a simple and cheap office chair was not cut for the job, not in the long run. A proper gaming chair was the answer and with this racing gaming chair i found what i was looking for.

Let me start by saying the assembly is not hard at all, pretty easy, althought you will have to juggle the parts around you as the seat and the back are heavy, very simple to do with two people but assembling it alone is a bit tricky but very doable. Well my cat was there but he was busy playing with the box (he says thanks E-Win Racing, the box is purrrfect!).

As for the packaging it was very nice, inside the big box all wrapped in plastic, a smaller box inside with all the accesories (wheels, screws, instructions), tools and even a pair of gloves so you don’t get hurt assembling the chair or why not, if you feel like dancing and say “Jazz hands!”

With that out of the way, how is it? Well at first i was not sure how to feel for the chair, having mixed feelings, the seat was feeling great but the lumbar cushion was not something i was used to, at all, thinking to remove it at first but decided to endure, glad i did.

The shape of the seat back force you to stay in a good posture, kind of it embrace you, if you have the bad habit to lean to the left or right and rest in the arm of the chair, this will help prevent that, keeping you in a proper posture to work or play.

Some hours later i was enjoying the chair a lot, sadly i got a headache in the afternoon but this gave me the perfect opportunity to try another feature of the chair, The reclining backrest.

By using the level operated back recliner i did laydown to rest of that headache as i took a short nap in the gaming chair, never felt that I was going to fall down, the chair feels sturdy and strong to let you sleep or laydown to rest your eyes without any worries, gotta say i did love that.

Watching Netflix or Crunchyroll was also a pleasant experience by using the reclining features of the chair. Feels nice, feels relaxing.

The arms of the chair are quite comfortable, you can adjust the height, and even the position of the same, towards the front or back among others. Built quality as i comented before, sturdy and strong, you can feel it with the weight of the chair.

The look of the chair stands out way more in person, pictures dont make it justice, you can see the quality of the sewing is really good. The materials used and the way it feels, you know you are paying for a quality product, looks and feels good.

Currently they have four gaming chairs series available, Champion Series, Calling Series, Hero Series and the Flash Series (which includes the Flash XL models) ranging from 300$ to 400$ depending of the model you pick with express delivery right to your doorstep.

The manual could be inproved, with more details of the different features of the gaming chair, don’t get me wront it is ok but i feel could be a bit more detailed.
Of course it is heavy, especially in the box, adviced to have a friend help you to move the box around and to assemble the chair, again not a chair defect no, just saying, be careful don’t get yourself an hernia.

Now this is not really a downside of the chair, i am a tall guy and a chubby one for the matter, while the seat feels ok, the arms dont bother me either, but is not perfect.
The side cushions of the seat feels a bit tight in my legs on a person like me, feels it was designed for a more healthy/skinny type or person.

the backseat feels a little tight on my back, while comfortable, there’s not much room for movement and you notice it when you raise your arms, then again this is just me, so for people with my body shape i would recommend to go the Flash XL model they have on the website.

With the Ewin Racing Gaming chair Championship edition you get what you are paying for, quality and comfort, plus proper back and neck support for long gaming sessions.

Sometimes we spend more on consoles, games and parts for the PC, even in snacks, so why not pay that cash to be comfortable and still take care of our back and your health? For 349 for the Championship Edition is not too high as most of not all brand are around the same price. While not perfect, the pros seems to outweight the cons.

Stay tuned for a video review real soon, last but not least, thanks to EWIN Racing Gaming Chairs for providing us with a review unit of the Championship series. Enjoying the chair and the cats love their new castle (the box).

In the meantime, if you want more information about EWIN Racing and their gaming chairs please check their social media pages, FacebookTwitterInstagram and of course their website.

NOTE: This is reprinted from Animecourtyard.


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