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It’s easy to get lost in video games and much easier when you’re comfortable, and the first place you want to start with is with a chair. That’s where EwinRacing gaming chair comes in. As a purveyor of certified gaming chairs, they have your comfort and relaxation in mind. Recently we’ve been using one of their gaming chairs to see if it has what it takes to give you a sense of serenity, even in the most severe gaming sessions.

Out of the box, the EwinRacing Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Pillows comes mostly assembled. Armrests are attached to the base, and support pillows for your head and lumbar are affixed. From there, the most you’ll have to assemble is connecting all the pieces together. The chair is pretty easy to construct and straightforward, but if you do need a little bit of help, instructions and tools are included. In about ten to fifteen minutes, I was able to finish building the chair on my own. There was a little bit of difficulty, and that was with connecting the seat base to the backrest.

Once fully assembled, the chair stands at about 50 inches at its lowest setting, which can be raised by an extra five inches. The build of the chair is comprised mostly of durable plastic, foam, synthetic leather, and a metal bar to support your weight. Foam cushions feel dense at first, but once you sit in the chair and let your weight sink in, the cushions begin to open up and conforms to your bottom.

The look of the Ewin gaming chair follows the style of other chairs on the market. There’s no excessive bells and whistles and added bulk, just a streamlined design that comes with all the right curves that allow the seat to contour to your body. It makes sitting in the chair feel very natural. The synthetic leather that lines the seat gives the chair a premium look and feel, and it doesn’t allow your body to stick to the chair when you’re sitting for a long time.

The Ewin gaming chair is all about precise adjustments, so you can lock in your ideal settings to maximize your comfort. The armrests can be raised up, moved forward, and widened so your arms and elbows fall in a typical manner. The backrest can be adjusted with such small movements that you can easily find the perfect reclined setting that heightens your comfort.

The Ewin gaming chair already comes with all the needed features that will make you feel cozy and pleasant. But to make sure that you truly are comfy and homely in your chair, Ewin has added pillows for your head and lumbar is icing on the cake. Both pillows are soft, but they’re not too soft that you end up flattening them out. Not only do the pillows provide you with comfort, but they’ll also help you to keep your posture because the last thing you want after you stop gaming is to walk away with back pain.

Final Reaction

We don’t often think about it, but our comfort plays a big factor in our gaming, and having the right chair will be your savior. The Ewin gaming chair hits all the boxes when you want comfort and ease. Premium materials make the chair strong and durable while providing your gaming area with a bit of style. Soft foam lets your body sink in, while included pillows make sure your posture stays true. The chair has some weight to it, but you can still move it around your room with ease. And the small adjustments ensure that you’ll always have the right settings to make sure you’re comfortable. As a person who used to use a typical office chair while gaming, the gaming chair has reaffirmed that a good seat can take you a long way, and Ewin Racing wants to take you on that ride.

Score 5/5 Atoms

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*The Gaming chair was provided by Ewin Racing for review purposes.

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