EwinRacing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review

I’m not a young gamer anymore. What does this mean? Well, among other things, it means that lower back pain, middle back pain, upper back pain – all of them are no strangers to me. That’s what happens when you spend several hours each day in a chair playing computer games and writing about that. In a crappy chair, I might add.

Boy, if only I would’ve known about the EwinRacing gaming chair before! I’m sure that my back would’ve felt a lot better. I would’ve killed countless more enemies because of a better posture, because I would’ve felt so much more comfortable. But at least I’m righting the wrongs now – better late than never.

Because, yes, I now am the proud owner of a professionally made gaming chair: the Ewin Calling Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows. A long name, but it’s worth memorizing it, because it’s the name of quality and comfort. And today I’m going to share with you my EwinRacing Calling Series gaming chair review.


I’ll be very honest with you: I’m not extremely skilled when it comes to manual labor. I can craft the most amazing structures in my games and I’ve built a base in Fallout 4 that the entire Wasteland envies. But when it comes to using tools and building stuff in real life, I am completely clueless.

When I saw the pile of stuff that was supposed to be me gaming chair, I was scared. I was sure that I’ll do something terribly wrong and I will destroy an otherwise great product. But I had no choice. I had to put on my armor (a pair of white gloves, in this case – included in the chair’s package) and get to work!

Assembling the Ewin Racing Calling Series gaming chair proved to be extremely easy, fortunately. Maybe I got a boost in skill from the magical gloves or maybe it was the extremely helpful instructions manual that took me through all the steps clearly, but I managed to do it! That pile of scary materials quickly turned into a chair.

It took me at most 30 minutes to completely assemble the Ewin gaming chair and I am sure that gamers of a slightly higher level than mine will be able to cruise through this stage in 15 minutes tops. But I was satisfied with my half an hour as well, especially since the final product looked soooo good!

Design and goodies

If you are like me and rested your buns on crappy chairs during your entire life, you’ll be thrilled to look at the Ewin Racing Calling Series gaming chair. It’s enough to just look at it and you’ll understand how comfortable it is. And there are multiple color options if you don’t like the sober, black & gray touches I went with.

It’s built of faux leather which still looks very durable and is extremely comfortable and smooth to the touch. It’s heavy and sturdy, meaning that it will hold you in place even during the most intense on-screen battles.

It comes with two pillows – which I consider the cherry on top, the frosting on the cake: one for better lumbar support and a headrest, which are a must if you’re spending hours on a chair, working or playing games. Trust me – you might not feel the pain now that you’re young, but as years will pass by, it will get more and more difficult.



The pillows can be completely removed if you want to (but I wouldn’t recommend that) and you can easily adjust their height. The upper pillow is giving me a bit of trouble as it refuses to stay in one place and always seems to be lower than I’d like it to be, so it has to be adjusted regularly. Not a big problem, in the end and it’s definitely worth the few seconds when it comes to feeling so good.

But it’s not just the pillows that are built to help increase comfort. The steel frame itself (dressed in high density memory foam) is designed to mold around your body. This means that you’ll still feel comfortable even after hours of sitting on this chair. And to make things complete, the armrests can also be adjusted vertically.

Another nice feature is the chair’s option to recline all the way to 155 degrees. This is a very comfortable position for watching movies or whatever, taking a nap during those long raids or chilling with a controller in hand, if you really do that on your PC (since I wrote about console chair options otherwise!). I haven’t really used this much, but it’s good to know about it and I’ll sure put it to good use if the opportunity arises.

How does it feel?

I still remember the moment I sat down on this amazing gaming chair created by Ewin. My whole body instantly felt the difference and especially my lower back was shouting with joy.

The Ewin Calling Series gaming chair is extremely comfortable and a great deal for the price. Even at the end of the day, I still feel great and I am sure it will help improve my back pain over time. A great product selling at a great price. You really have no reasons to complain about it!

Final rating


NOTE: This is a review post from Unigamesity.

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