Ewinracing Knight Series The Mommy Gamers Review

Gaming, working, streaming, or doing anything that requires long hours in a chair can take a toll on your body. How do you pick the right chair? If you’re like me you hit the internet looking for some honest reviews. Hopefully this one about the Ewin Knight Series gaming chair I’m currently sitting on helps.

My first gaming chair was an old, and extremely uncomfortable, hand me down office chair. You know the type right? No padding, barely anything in terms of back support, makes your bottom fall asleep. After quite a few long streaming sessions I decided it was time to upgrade.

At that time I just picked whatever gaming chair brand I saw most represented in every other streamer’s set up. Thanks to the Patreon support from our community I was able to shop and get one I liked. And then there was much rejoicing when my back wasn’t cramping up anymore.

Ewinracing Knight Series

The problem with shopping for the perfect chair for gaming is that there’s hardly anywhere to get hands on, or in this case butts on time with them. So most gamers will do what I did and buy the same thing everyone else has.

If you’re lucky enough to attend a gaming convention, like TwitchCon which is happening this weekend, you’ll get to try out quite a few different brands. Even then, not every gaming chair company is at every event. So you’re not getting a fair chance to try them all.

To make things worse, it’s not like you can walk into an office store and check out gaming chairs. There you’ll just get a bunch of boring clunky, overpriced chairs that are meant for an executive office, not your epic gaming space.

Or even worse, you’ll have someone that doesn’t know about gaming, or chairs buy you one from said office store and you end up with an expensive commercial brand “gaming chair” that really doesn’t have half the bells and whistles of a gaming chair. I’ve seen this happen so many times with my friends who are parents, but not gamers. They had good intentions, but they unknowingly got their kids an uncool chair from a local office store. And probably paid too much while they were at it.

So what’s a gamer looking for the best gaming chair to do? Look for some honest reviews online. Hopefully mine helps you possibly find a new chair you and your bottom will be happy with.

My Ewin Gaming Chair:

I chose the Ewin Knight Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair to try out. Ewin has gamers covered from big plush chairs to more low profile models. I like simplicity in a chair, and not a lot of cushions so this one felt like the right fit for me. And even though I pride myself on not being too much of a girly-girl type I still chose pink. Why? Because I hoped the color would keep my teenage son from taking it and claiming it as his own.

Kids take your stuff. A lot. Nothing is sacred, and they will eat all of your potato chips.


Ewinracing Knight Series

It’s worth noting here that I once had an actual job assembling office furniture. So it’s possible that my opinion is slightly skewed after assembling literally hundreds of chairs in my lifetime. If you need help with yours just hit up @Jaxboxchick on Twitter and I’ll help.

TLDR version: I found my Ewin chair very easy to assemble. The instructions were very clear, there weren’t a lot of complicated parts, and they even included these cute gloves!


Ewin racing seems to almost always have great discounts available on their site already. As an added bonus, if you use code “mommygamers” when you check out, you will save an additional 30% off. With all those discounts the price is more than one hundred dollars less than my old gaming chair. Pretty significant savings, and I really feel that my new chair is better than my old one. Even when it was new.

Use Code “mommygamers” for 30% off 
The purchase of an Ewin Gaming Chair

Final Thoughts:

Where you put your bottom while gaming really matters. Especially when you’re like me and getting a little older. Back pain sucks, and having a supportive chair is important regardless of your age. After a full month of testing out my new Ewin Knight Series racing chair I can honestly say I love it.

Old chair vs my new Ewinracing Knight Series Chair

Overall I feel like I have more chair under me. It’s bigger, the seat is wider, and my favorite part is the curved arms. Weird feature to love in a chair right? As someone with bony elbows I can tell you that I’ve experienced way less chapped elbow issues over the last month than I have in the past few years.

I have only two mild complaints about my Ewin Knight Series chair. One is the lack of a strap for the bottom lumbar pillow. It flops back down and I end up sitting on it a few times a day when I forget to look before I sit. Second, the PVC leather seat makes my bottom sweaty.

Ewinracing Knight Series
Looks kind of pretty in my space right?

It’s important for me to note here that we keep our house at an unnaturally high temperature in the warm months in an effort to save money. Most people don’t have their AC set at 76 because they care about their overall happiness and don’t enjoy sweating to death. So it’s more likely my house, and not the chair.

My old chair had more of a breathable fabric on the seat. Great for keeping the chair cool, but on the other hand it collected dust and likely trapped germs. I feel like the PVC leather on my Ewin racing chair will be easier to clean and I honestly do prefer the look of it overall.

Between streaming on Mixer for TheMommyGamers, on Dlive as my JaxboxChick brand, and all the work I do to keep TheMommyGamers brand thriving I spend a ridiculous amount of time at my desk. I’ve spent about two hundred hours in this new Ewin gaming chair easily and can very confidently recommend it to anyone reading this blog post.

Please do your research before buying any gaming chair. It’s a big decision. If you decide to check out Ewin Gaming Chairs use code “mommygamers” and get that extra 30% off. And if you do make a purchase please come back and let me know in the comments here how your new chair is.

Make sure to follow @themommygamers and @ewinracing on Twitter. The Ewinracing twitter is especially adorable because they share pictures all the time of people enjoying their gaming chairs.

Side Note:

I took a little extra time with this review because I know that people expect honest reviews from me. Sure, I was really happy to get this gaming chair free for review purposes. Getting games is cool and all but an entire awesome gaming chair??? Whew!! I’ll never say I like something if I don’t, and I’ll never fast track a review on something this big.

Thanks for reading my review, I hope you’re having the best day!

*TheMommyGamers received an Ewin Knight Series gaming chair for review purposes in exchange for a very honest review. We did not get paid for this blog post and are always happy to check out new products.

Note: This is one review post from themommygamers .

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