Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review


Sometime after looking at the excellent noblechairs Icon, I was contacted by another company that also sold Gaming chairs. This company was E-Win, and no I’d never heard of them either. Sometime after I was contacted and a few emails later and I was in the possession of an Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair.

The chair itself is available in a variety of colour schemes (black/white, black/blue, black/red & black/orange/white). We have here today the black/red version.


The chair arrived at pcG in a very large box, with a hole in the side; obviously not Ewinracing’s fault. Luckily the contents were (surprisingly) unharmed by what must have been a traumatic event, for the box that is. The box gives very little away as to its contents, but it’s definitely from E-Win and I’m pretty sure the parts of a chair are inside…

As one would guess in the box are a number of parts and some assembly is required. As for packaging, well it survived the courier and that in itself is impressive. But overall I would say packaging and presentation was adequate and inline with many a Gaming Chair that we’ve seen in the past.



In the top of the box underneath the base and the foam padding we find the main back of the chair, protected by a simple plastic bag. Removing this allows us to see the next layer that houses the accessories box and the seat of the chair, complete with pre-installed arms. Again the seat is covered by a plastic bag and the metal arms (that attach to the seat back) are further protected with foam covers.



looking at the accessories box we can see that here we find the main instruction guide and simple it looks too! In addition to this the box also holds a plethora of parts: the tilt mechanism, hydraulic piston, piston cover, side covers (with screw covers), 5 wheels, some screws and a couple of allen (hex) keys and also some gloves! The gloves are there to help you keep the seat clean during assembly; a nice touch but more on this later. It’s also worth noting that the parts received (that are correct BTW) are not the same as the ones laid out in the instruction guide. ?




Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair

Foam Type:High Density Seperated Foaming

Foam Density: 55kg/m3

Frame Color: Black

Frame Construction: Metal

Adjustable Armrests: 4D

Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt

Tilt Lock: Yes

Tilt Angle Lock: Yes

Gas Lift Class: 4

Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back

Adjustable Back Angle: 180

Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base

Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU



As I mentioned earlier the instructions are simple, but that’s a good thing as it looks like the Ewinracing Champion Series might be one of the easiest Gaming Chairs to assemble that we’ve seen. Although the instructions are still wrong, but even that’s a good thing…That’s because the first two steps of the assembly instructs you to install the two cushions (head/lumbar) to the back of the chair. And, that step was already done for me as the back of the chair (as you can see from the image above) already has the cushion in place. Result! ? The lumbar cushion is held in place by two simple (yet a little ugly) straps, this allows the cushion to be positioned up and down. But, more importantly, it means that it stays there. The head/neck cushion is held in place by a simple strap that loops through the two holes in the back of the chair.


Next it’s time to take a look at the seat of the chair as Step 4 sees us mounting the seat to the back of the chair itself. Worth noting that the armrests are already in place and this will indeed cut down on the assembly time. Step 3 asks you to remove the bolts that are already loosely in position on the sides of the seat back. I was quite impressed to see an additional flat washer pre-installed to protect the leather from damage by the locking spring washer.The task of holding the seat back in position and mounting it to the base is a little cumbersome and to be fair a little help here is always welcome. I forged on though (on my own) and without too much effort I manged to get all the bolts in place (loosely) after just a few minutes. These were then all tightened in turn…

If there was any evidence of cost cutting it is during Step 6 that you’re likely notice this. This is because not only are the plastic parts cheap to look at, they were also both dirty (above right) and there were numerous sharp (see centre image above) edges. Now I know this is not a premium Gaming Chair, but this needs sorting as it lets down the overall (good) feel of the product.

Fitting those side covers was also easy enough, but note they are not the same the larger one goes on the side with the tilt mechanism, something not mentioned in the instructions. I was impressed to see the inclusion of the screw hole covers that hides the screws once in place. Something missing from even premium brand chairs.

Next we return our attention to the base of the chair, literally. As Step 8 sees us install the main tilt mechanism to the base of the chair. First we need to remove the four pre-installed bolts attach the mechanism and reinstall the bolts. Again it’s best to get each bolt in position first before any tightening is done. Also note the mechanism MUST be fitted in the correct orientation (Step 9), with the front label on the mechanism facing the front of the chair.

Finally we turn our attention to the base of the chair and its associated wheels. Here again there was a possible sign of cost cutting as the base of the chair itself, while well made, seemed incredibly light and there was no bracing in its moulded form.All five wheels fitted with ease with a simple push. The base was complete once the hydraulic piston was slotted into the hole in the top and covered by the telescopic plastic cover.

With the chair and the base complete it was time to fit one atop the other and Voila! Very nice it looks too ?

First Impressions

First impressions are really rather a good, the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming chair looks good, appears comfortable and seems well made. The E-Win embroidering is also rather nice too… ?

The only drawbacks I can find are the cheap, dirty (yet easily cleaned) plastic parts and the fact that the base of the chair seems surprisingly light. The chair itself seems really good, I very much like the adjustable (position) lumbar support and the chair also sports a good deal of adjustability also.

Hardware Performance



On the base of the chair there one main control and one adjustable knob. The lever on the right side of the chair (when you’re sat on it that is) controls the height of the chair. Note that the lowest height of the base of the chair (from the floor) is approximately 45cm while at at its highest it’s around 60cm. Pulling the lever out unlocks the back of the chair allowing it to tilt backwards. Conversely, pushing the lever in will lock the chair in position.The ease at which the chair can be tilted back is controlled by the cylindrical knob in the centre of the chair.



As with the previously reviewed noblechairs Icon the armrests can move within four different directions. The two buttons on the inside of the armrest allow the armrest itself to either move sideways (left/right) or forwards and backwards, the arm can also be swivelled left and right. The lever on the outside of the armrest allows the armrest to move up and down. There is obviously plenty of adjustment here and most should be happy.


I’ve now been sat in this chair for almost 3 weeks and I have to say that I’m really rather impressed. There’s no doubting that at this point the chair is extremely comfortable. Of course, what it might be like in a year or two from now is hard to tell. I only say this as there’s no doubt that it’s not as well made as the noblechairs Icon, that itself is the benchmark of quality. But in E-win’s defence here you’re not paying for it either…From a pure asethetics and comfort point of view there really is little to complain about here. The chair is comfortable, adjustable and I just love that positional lumbar support. OK, so the chair might not be the most understated of Gaming Chairs that we’ve seen, but come on – you know it looks good…In fact considering that this chair can be bought and delivered (at the time of review) for approximately £210 (using pcGameware discount code), this Gaming Chair is easy to recommend.

Final Thoughts

I have to confess I’m really pretty impressed with the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair. It’s got the looks, it is for the most part (and given the cost) well made and more importantly it’s really comfortable.The Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair arrived at pcG in a somewhat lacklustre yet eco-friendly box. There was even a hole in the side of it thanks to the pesky couriers no doubt, but all contents within remained undamaged. Packaging is still best described as adequate although it is in line with all of the Gaming Chairs that we’ve seen before.As is common with Gaming Chairs the Champion Series chair needed to be assembled first and the instructions were clear and concise but unfortunately, they were also wrong in places, providing instructions for assembly that was, in fact, already done! Although to be fair that’s a good thing; right!? I didn’t even have to attach the arms to the seat as that was also done, in fact the assembly was complete within around 15-20 mins.Once built the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair was found to be quite the looker. I’m a fan of the colour scheme (black/white, black/blue & black/white/orange also available) and I really liked the E-Win embroidered logo on both the seat and both of the cushions. As soon as I sat in the chair I felt comfortable, there’s the right amount of support laterally and the positional lumbar support is really nice. This is especially true as thanks to the (somewhat unsightly straps) it stays in position. After Gaming (here’s looking at you Black Desert) for countless hours, over numerous weeks, the chair was found to be comfortable at all times.Overall the adjust ability was also found to be good, there’s height adjustment, back angle adjustment, tilt with variable control and the armrest that move back/forth, left/right, up/down and they swivel too.Overall Ewinracing have produced a great Gaming chair in the Champion Series, the only fly in the ointment really is the fact there’s some cost cutting here and there. This can be found in some cheap plastic parts on the side of the chair and the somewhat lightweight base. But to be fair once you’re sat in it all of that is likely to be forgotten…




Design/Quality pcGameware awards the Ewinracing Champion Series a Silver


NOTE: This is a review post from Pcgameware.

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EWinRacing Hero Series Gaming Chair Review

*Thanks to EWinRacing for providing us with their EWinRacing Hero Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair for review*

Being an IT professional, a vivid gamer, I spend quite a bit of time sitting down.  Because of that, there’s only one thing that’s more important than the hardware I amass in my office. That is a good quality chair. Which is exactly something that I’ve neglected for as long as I can remember. Let’s be honest, a good chair costs a lot of money. We’re talking $300 or more for a quality chair that doubles up for long gaming sessions or late night coding sessions. A chair that won’t have your rear end and back feeling like crap. Yet for 20+ years, the most I’ve ever paid for anything overly expensive. Yeah, I’m cheap as heck when it comes to chairs.

However, with me being 41-years young, my body has been telling me that it’s time to stop being so cheap. As such, I started looking for a chair that would allow me to do what I enjoy. Without breaking my bank account. Or even better, not having my wife potentially killing me. So, after doing some research on numerous gaming chairs out there, I was going nowhere fast. Seriously, looking for a chair nowadays is like looking for a car. Every one of them has this sexy looking, possessing numerous advantages and stuff that others don’t have. Just when you decide on “The One”, you look at the price tag. Suddenly, that one just isn’t the one after a while.

EwinRacing Hero Gaming Chair

Thankfully for me, it seems that stars started to align. See, being a gaming and technology journalist, you tend to get offered stuff to check out. It just so happens that it was my turn to be offered a chair to review. The kind folks over at Ewin Racing had reached out to me, asking if I wanted to review one of their chairs. After a conversation with one of their representatives (Hello Sally), I decided on the EWin Hero Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair, in red and black.  After a few days, the chair was shipped out to me.

You can your very own EWinRacing chair by heading to their website.

I admit that I was never completely sold on the idea of a “Gaming Racing Chair“. I was under the impression that it was a gimmick to promote more sales. With countless online personalities claiming that a gaming chair was the best piece of equipment they ever acquired. Despite seeing them pop-up in more and more places. Despite reading multiple articles claiming that they’re the best thing since, well since sliced bread. Damn it, now I’m hungry. Anyway, I’m not too proud to admit when I’m wrong. I was clearly in the wrong here. I’ll be damned if this both comfortable and good for my back.

So let’s dive into this chair and see what it’s all about.

Specs of the EWinRacing Hero Gaming Chair:

Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair

Foam Type:High Density Integrated Foaming / Foam Density: 55kg/m3

Frame Construction: Metal

Adjustable Armrests: 4D

Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt Gas Lift Class: 4

Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degree

Adjustable Lumbar Cushion: Yes

Adjustable Headrest: Yes

Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base

Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU

Upon opening the box, which wasn’t damaged (thanks, UPS), I took each of the parts out of the box and reviewed them. Surprisingly, there weren’t as many parts as I expected there to be. Included was the seat and pillows, base, wheels, and various other accessories. The included instructions were clear and precise, which was a blessing. It took my wife and myself thirty minutes to put the chair together and we never once had a problem reading the instructions.

They even included two Allen keys to assemble the chair. You don’t even need to use your own tools, as they included everything for you. I’m still not sure why a pair of gloves were added, or why they were called “PU Gloves”. At least they allowed my daughter to crack a joke about them being PU Gloves (they stink). Ah, children.

EwinRacing Hero Gaming Chair 2

All the parts included in the box.

Decked out in black and red, this chair does remind me of a racing seat. The armrests adjust to three different levels. The seat also raises and lowers, thanks to the height adjustment. To the rear of the chair is reinforced high backing, great for taller people. Included are two cushions (headrest and lumbar) that attached by two straps, that can also be placed as needed for maximum comfort. Rounding out the rest of the features is the pull recline lever that moves the chair between 85 – 155 degrees. Great for watching TV, playing games, or just relaxing. Speaking of being comfortable, a good measure for a gaming chair is how long can you sit in it. Since I spend a lot of time in my office, being comfortable is super important. Prior to this review, I’d clocked in 200 hours in this gaming chair so far and not once have I felt uncomfortable in it. That’s extremely positive for me.

The build quality is exceptional as well. Made out of hard plastic and metal, the chair is very sturdy.  The frame of the chair is made out of steel, while the seat is covered in high-density memory foam. The base of the chair is also high quality and made out of aluminum This particular model can support up to 330lbs. Definitely some quality stuff here.

All in all, the chair has been great to me.

By now, you’re probably thinking to yourself “is it as good as you make it out to be”? Well, it is almost perfect, however, there are several things that I wasn’t a fan of. Not to knock the chair, but more like constructive feedback.

The first has to do with the seat of the chair. Along the sides, toward the front, it has a slight incline that tends to restricts your freedom. It pushes my thighs together, with little wiggle room. I can sit comfortably, but I can’t spread my legs out. Not unless I sit a bit closer on the edge of the seat, which could result in me tipping over. Those with smaller thighs won’t likely have the same, so your experience may vary. For me, it’s nuisance but it’s not a detractor. The chair sits up a bit higher than I liked, but not too much of a big deal.

Outside of that, the chair is a great value for the price. Currently, this chair is priced at $379, but at the moment EWinRacing is running a promotion for Chinese New Year. For now, the chair comes with a 20% discount, dropping the price of the chair to $359. Once the promotion is over, the chair goes back up. Fortunately for our readers, we have a 15% discount off all Ewin chairs by using the code “TOH15” at checkout. We won’t get any kickback if you purchase a chair. Just a little something to help our readers out, nothing more. Enjoy! EWinRacing Hero Series Gaming Chair My very first gaming chair and it’s a winner. Not overly expensive, while being durable, sturdy and looks cool as well. Definitely comfortable for those who are at their or TVs for long periods of time. There’s not really much I can say other than this chair has put my other chairs to shame.  Sadly, the chair is a bit too good and now I have to fight my family over it. So I guess that means I’m buying another one.

NOTE: This is a review post from Theouterhaven.

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Review: EWin Racing Flash Series XL gaming chair

People who stream video games is increasing each and every day, which means gaming chair companies such as DXRacer, OPSeat, Vertagear and others are making a killing trying to keep up with demand. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing chairs from each of the companies listed above, and today I’m taking an in-depth look at another gaming chair company called EWin Gaming Chair as they have sent me their EWin Racing Flash Series XL gaming chair over to me to play around with.

  • Style Name: Flash Series
  • Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
  • Foam Type: High Density Intergrated Foaming
  • Foam Density: 55kg/m3
  • Frame Construction: Metal
  • Adjustable Armrests: 4D
  • Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
  • Gas Lift Class: 4
  • Adjustable Back Angle: 85 – 155 Degree
  • Adjustable Lumbar Cushion: Yes
  • Adjustable Headrest: Yes
  • Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
  • Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU

First Impressions

My first impression of this was the larger than life sized box that appeared on my front door step. Following this came the weight of the package, which prompts a small safety warning to lift with your knees not your back. There is an old saying that weight usually goes hand and hand with the quality of product, which I am hoping to be true about the EWin Racing gaming chair. EWin Racing took the high ground with their packaging, offering a cardboard box that was actually meant to contain the chair as well as bumps and bruises it may encounter during shipping.

Once I started pulling various chair pieces out of the box I realized that EWin Racing had sent me a really HUGE gaming chair. In fact, their Flash XL Series seems to be the biggest chair they sell. At first I thought it was going to be a bit too big for me, even though I am a bigger guy, it just looked way too big. Only a bit of time in testing it and sitting in it would really tell if it was too big or not.

The chair of my choice that they sent over to me was pink and black. Yes I know, you’re asking why did I choose pink and black? Simple answer is that I have a red and black gaming chair, a blue and black gaming chair, a white and black gaming chair and a yellow and black gaming chair. I don’t really care for green or orange too much so I figured, why not, let’s do something different and unexpected. So not upset with my decision either as the chair is actually really nice looking.

EWin Racing Image 2

Chair Assembly

Assembly of the chair takes about 20 minutes, if that, and inside the box comes all of the tools you need, which is basically just a set of Allen keys. Like the other chairs I’ve put together, EWin Racing makes it super simple to assemble these chairs in a matter of minutes.

For me I always put the casters on the base first. Simply because it’s the quickest thing to get done. All it takes is snapping each of the five casters into the five holes on the bottom of the base itself. Takes about 30 seconds total and there are no tools needed for this part.

The second part I usually tend to assemble is the height adjustment bracket which goes on the bottom of the seat itself. Make sure you look at the bracket as one end of it will say Front in big letters, and that side needs to face towards the front of the seat so that you can operate it properly.

There are 4 washers and 4 lock washers that go on each of the 4 bolts. Then simply line up the holes in the bracket to those in the bottom of the chair and screw all four bolts into the chair as tightly as possible using the included Allen key.

Once that is done, then the most difficult part of the entire process is ready to be done. That’s assembling the back of the chair to the base of the chair. Simply slide the back of the chair between the two brackets on each side of the seat of the chair and again fasten it with the 4 bolts, washers and lock washers that are included. Total time for this can take about 5 – 10 minutes as getting these holes lined up can be the tricky part, at least for me.

At this point the chair is ready for you to sit in and start using. However, there are two pillow type cushions that are optional for you to install and use. One is the head rest pillow and it simply slides over the top of the chair itself. The second is a back support pillow that sits right where the seat and the back of the chair meet. It comes with two long straps that buckle together in the middle. Simply run the straps through on of the holes near the top of the chair, down the back and through the slot where the seat and back of the chair are. Buckle them together and you’re good to go.

EWin Racing Image 1

Using The Chair

According to EWin Racing, the gaming chair has a reclining spec of 85 – 155 degrees, however I was able to lean the chair almost a complete 180, which was somewhat stable but not recommended at all in my opinion. So like they say, don’t attempt at this home or it won’t end up pretty.

As I stated early on above, this chair looked amazingly big when I was pulling it all out of the box in the various pieces before assembly. Once assembled, the chair was still very large in size and again it almost looked as if it were going to be a bit too large for me personally.

However, once assembled and put to use for a couple of hours or so, I realized that while the Flash XL Series is a bit larger in size compared to my other gaming style chairs from OPSeat, DXRacer and Vertagear, it’s actually very comfortable and quite nice to have the chair a bit larger.

There are some really good selling points to the EWin Racing Flash XL Series gaming chair that beat all of the others. First is the armrests and I touched on this in my OPSeat review. For me, while I like the moving armrests where they go up/down, left/right and front to back, on the DXRacer they were very annoying. The Vertagear didn’t do all of that with the armrests so there was no comparison. The OPSeat chair was much better than the DXRacer was about this, but the EWin Racing chair blows them all away.

The Flash XL Series chair does all three movements, up/down, left/right and front/back but it also does side to side. Unlike with the OPSeat and the DXRacer, all but the left/right require you to press/hold a button. That way when you lock the armrest into place it stays there. This was the issue especially with the DXRacer as it is super simple to swivel the armrests left and right and it was very annoying. The EWin Racing makes having these options a complete pleasure and not an annoyance in any way.

Throw in the fact that you can slide the EWin Racing armrests left and right is a neat little feature and added bonus as well. The armrests in general are pretty well padded and comfortable especially for someone like myself who tens to lean on one armrest(the left) more than anything. It’s a plastic/rubber type armrest that is much better than the DXRacer and Vertagear and again is just one more reason why I prefer it over the others.

Sitting in the chair is an absolute pleasure as well. The one thing I absolutely hated about the Vertagear chair was how hard the seat cushion was. So bad that I had to buy a cushioned pillow from Amazon to be able to use the Vertagear for more than an hour or so. The EWin Racing chair is very well cushioned and very comfortable and without a doubt the best of the best so far.

Final Thoughts

For me, the EWin Racing gaming chair is my all time favorite of the four different brands I’ve had to date and I honestly feel it’s going to be quite a long time before anything makes me feel or think differently.

As is the case with most of these types of chairs, it’s a bit on the pricey side of things, as the Flash XL Series will run you $429, but there are different styles that you can get for around $249 – $279. This of course is the biggest chair they offer which is why it’s a bit more expensive.

Totally worth every penny as I spend a ton of hours each day in my chair, both doing email work for my job and playing my favorite video games. I find at the end of the day my back or legs or anything else don’t hurt and I can do it all again the next day.

NOTE: This is a review post from Techdissected.

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Ewin Racing Gaming Chair Review

If you’re looking for a new chair for your office or gaming setup and don’t want to spend a TON of money on a chair, the Ewin Racing team has you covered with their Champion Series gaming chair. Now some gaming chairs with very similar design, quality, and features can costs hundreds, sometimes closer to a thousand dollars but this specific gaming chair is pretty affordable, coming in at only $279 and if you use the promo code CLETECH, you can get an additional 15% off your purchase!


Putting this chair together was super easy. It comes in a giant box with the back, bottom, and rolling legs as your only pieces that you have to deal with. I am not the handiest person in the world so it probably took me a little longer than most people but I was able to get this guy fully setup in under 30 minutes.

There are a couple of different Allen keys included as well as the necessary screws to complete the installation. Do keep in mind that this chair is a bit heavy and it might be a little easier to have someone help hold the bottom and the back while you screw in the screws. Either way, I was able to accomplish the assembly by myself.


You might be wondering, “What possible features could a chair have?”. Well, the Ewin gaming chair surprised me a bit for it’s price point with tons of adjustable settings and angles for this chair to rest in making sure that you are at any desired height or angle. For starters, you can adjust the height of the chair up (or down) approximately 4 inches, which would leave you roughly 20 inches off the ground. This allows for maximum comfort no matter how tall the person sitting in the chair may be.

The other lever on the right hand side can adjust your tilt, which can tilt you back anywhere from 85 to 155 degrees which is crazy for me because I have never had a chair that can lean that far back. It’s definitely something that is nice if you wanted to lean back for a little bit and watch a finished project or even close your eyes and think about your tasks ahead. I will say, it does take some getting used to but its definitely a nice little feature to have. There is a tilt lock mechanism that will ensure you that you’re not going to fall over and I highly recommend taking advantage of that.

Another adjustable feature comes within the arm rests. The arm rests can adjust in 4 different directions (front, back, left, and right) and can be adjust vertically as well. It’s super convenient.

Finally, my favorite little “feature” to this chair are the included neck and lumbar support pillows. These pillows are easily adjustable via the straps and can be set at whatever height you desire. This is perfect for me because I love that extra little support in my lower back and neck are while long days typing away at my desk. It definitely helped reduce lower back pain, at least in my case.

Overall Experience & Final Thoughts

I have had this chair for a couple of months now, and overall, I really like this chair. There are a couple of very minor things that bug me about it but it most likely is unique to my situation at the office and could be a different experience for most people.

I have two desks that I rotate between and only one chair at the moment and so wheeling this go around on carpet is really hard. It doesn’t roll quite well but most chairs usually have a hard time on carpet. Also, I tend to grab the chair by the arm rest before sitting down and the arm rests tend to shift either left or right a little too easily at times and it kind of bugs me.

These are very petty annoyances and thats a good thing because overall, I can’t find any major flaws. It’s super comfortable, I love the look of the blue and black racing style chair and it’s definitely worth picking up for only $279. As i mentioned earlier, if you use promo code CLETECH at checkout, you can take off an additional 15%. Head over to http://www.ewinracing.com/ or https://www.ewinracing.eu/ to purchase one today!

I also included this chair in a recent video on the channel which you can check out here.

NOTE: This is a review post from Cletech.

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Review: Ewin Champion Series Gaming Chair with Pillows

Serious gamers probably found out by now that spending a lot of time at their desks will cause them some gruesome backaches. Thankfully, they won’t have to give up on their passion, they only need to choose a better chair. The perfect chair, actually. The EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows – CPB might just be it. I personally tested it, and I must admit that I almost wanted to sleep in it too. It’s one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever used. After long hours of sitting in it, I didn’t have any of the back problems I normally would after a day of work.

ewin gaming chair 1ewin gaming chair 2
ewin gaming chair build

ewin gaming chair

The EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows – CPB is not a small piece of furniture, that’s for sure. I am quite small myself, so I almost was able to hide from the world when sitting in this chair. Not everyone is as small as I am, but even normal size people will sit incredibly comfortable in this chair. It has the perfect shape so it will almost embrace you. Its rounded back will ensure a comfortable position which you can maintain for hours without any problems. The chair is made from high- quality materials so it can be your favourite piece of furniture for a really long time. It has a durable steel frame on top of which you will find a nice thick layer of high-density memory foam.

The five- star aluminum base looks good and is quite durable too. A 120mm class- 4 gas lift completes the picture. It can support up to 150kb or 330lbs. The pillows are there to ensure a right posture for your back. They make the chair very comfortable, so you can forget about the backaches you previously had after a day of work or a longer session of gaming. In order to make the experience even better, everything on the EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows – CPB is adjustable. Users can adjust the height of the chair, pull it back, and they can even adjust the armrests’ position by sliding them, rotating them, and raising them. This way, everyone can create the perfect chair for their body. Making all these adjustments is really easy.

The EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows – CPB is covered with PU. This makes it feel comfortable and also keeps its price at a reasonable level. The chair only costs $279 right now. Its normal retail price is $349, however, these days you can get it 20% off. Given the level of comfort, it is able to ensure, this is a more than reasonable price to pay for the chair. It is available in a great variety of colors too, so you can insert it to any office or room without it looking completely awkward. This modern chair is available in combinations of black with orange, pink, fuchsia, blue, green, red and white. Every color option looks simply great. Also, shipping is free in the US and EU.

For the Europe Site click HERE

Ewin Championship gaming chair

Look – 10
Efficiency – 9.5
Confort – 10
Build – 10
Features – 9.5
Total Score-9.8

From the first time I set in it after assembly, I was taken over by a pleasant feeling of perfect comfort. From watching movies to playing games this is the perfect chair. And not to mention for the long our in the office this will fit you perfectly. A must buy.

NOTE: This is a review post from Loadthegame.

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If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk when gaming or working, you could do a lot worse than replacing a standard office chair with this model.

NOTE: This is a review post from Videogamesuncovered.


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EWin Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

ewin champion cpaa

As i type these lines the market is literally filled with countless gaming chair models promising not only increased comfort and back/neck support but also more “aggressive” looks compared to your old desk/office chair. For good or bad there are three types of companies right now in the market that offer gaming chairs, OEM manufacturers who make chairs for other brands (according to their specs and design), OEM manufacturers that make chairs both for other brands but also for their very own and premium gaming chair manufacturers who build and sell their own models. There’s some debate as to which company has the best models available in the market today but the reality of the matter is that there are so many variables that there’s simply no straight up answer to that. EWin Racing started off as an OEM manufacturer making chairs for other brands but they recently started selling their very own models and after the surprisingly good Flash XL Gaming Chair aimed at large people today we’re taking a look at the more “mainstream” Champion model.
EWinRacing Chair was newly founded in 2016 after being a leader OEM office chair manufacturer. With the development in design and research, we strive for a professionalization in gaming chair field. Even more in order to bring you a healthier and relaxing environment we will continuously pursue humanism in design and manufacturing ergonomic gaming chairs. What’s more our strict quality inspection process and standard ensures you a better chair for better life. Visit https://www.ewinracing.com/ for more information on our products.
The Champion Gaming Chair may just be a more “common” model compared to the larger and more padded Flash XL model but that doesn’t mean it has much to be jealous of it in terms of features and specifications. Just like the Flash XL the Champion CPA model is dressed in synthetic PU leather and features a reinforced steel frame (15mm in thickness), class-4 gaslift (150Kg total weight support with the upper chair), 4 directional adjustable armrests (height/position/orientation), removable head and lumbar pillows, backrest adjustment (up to 155 degrees) and the typical tilt/rocking (up to 12 degrees) and height adjustment function (via a butterfly height adjustment mechanism) we find with most desk chairs. Since the Champion Gaming Chair however is not designed for larger people like the Flash XL it comes with a slightly reduced foam density of up to 55Kg/M3 and smaller 50mm nylon caster wheels.

ewin champion cpa 1t

The Champion Gaming Chair gets shipped inside a regular cardboard box that just has the manufacturer name on its sides.



EWin Racing has used several pieces of cardboard, foam and bubble wrap to secure the entire bundle.



Inside the box you will find the 5-star base, backrest with both support pillows mounted, seat with both 4D armrests attached, butterfly mechanism, class-4 gaslift with its plastic cover, side plastic covers, 3 plastic taps, 5 caster wheels, two Allen keys, pair of fabric gloves, 3 Allen screws and the mounting instructions.

ewin champion cpa 8t

You may want to follow the instructions down to the letter and start from the seat but we always start by mounting the wheels onto the base as seen above.



50mm wheels are just too small for my taste but at the same time i find that they don’t seem to hit on things as much.



After mounting the wheels we mount the class-4 gaslift with its plastic cover on the 5-star base.



Much like the Flash XL the seat of the Champion Series has a total of three green elastic bands for increased support.



Once again each 4D armrest is attached to the seat with no less than 4 Allen screws.



Mounting the butterfly mechanism onto the base requires a total of 4 Allen screws as seen above.



Mounting the backrest onto the seat requires using two Allen screws on each side (a small opening is placed between the two Allen screws).



After that you will need to place the plastic covers and the screw taps again as seen above.



With the upper body of the Champion Gaming Chair complete all that’s left is to place it onto the class-4 gas lift.

ewin champion cpa 20t

The Champion Series Gaming Chair may not be as padded as the Flash XL (quite visible) but it looks just as good.



The company logo is placed on the head of the chair and both support pillows.



The PU leather used is almost identical to that of the Flash XL and again although it may not be of the same quality as the one used in the X-Comfort by Thermaltake or with the one of the Vernazza WOT by Arozzi still it’s very good.



The armrests can be height adjusted from 29cm all the way up to 36.5cm.



Just like all 4D armrests the top can move forward, backwards, left, right and even diagonally to suit your style.



This is what the rear of the Champion Series looks like (once again EWin Racing has used a neck support pillow that secures with a clip).



Although the backrest doesn’t fall all the way (180 degrees) still it does fall up to 155 degrees and thus allows the user to get some rest if needed.


Many of you recommended (including some manufacturers) that we place a chart pointing to the pros and cons of each gaming chair we test. Now of course since there’s really no way for us to “benchmark” gaming chairs we decided to rate them based on their size, comfort and quality. Size and comfort usually go hand to hand (the larger the chair the more comfortable it usually is – also depends on the amount of padding) while in terms of quality having tested 16 models currently we think we have a good idea about that as well. Of course these scores are based on our personal opinions regarding each chair so do take them with a grain of salt.

ewin champion cpab

The Flash XL Series Gaming Chair by EWin Gaming may not be the best in the market but it’s somewhat unique not only because it feature superior foam padding/density compared to many other gaming chairs but also because its size which makes it ideal for larger people even up to 2 meters tall. The Champion Series on the other hand lacks that “something” needed to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. In terms of build quality it does quite good and the same can be said for its comfort levels. Still the small 50mm wheels don’t do it justice and as we always do point out the butterfly height/tilt/rocking mechanism is not nearly as robust as the Z-support one we find with other models so I do hope EWin Racing starts using it as well. The large surprise came from the very large removable lumbar support pillow and the 4D armrests since at that price range we usually see small pillows and only height adjustable hand rests or 3D adjustable ones so kudos to EWin Racing for that.
Price is what makes and also what breaks some products and in this specific segment EWin Racing does extremely well since you can currently grab a Champion Series Gaming Chair for just USD237 directly from their online store (by using our NikK voucher) a price tag which can’t be easily beat by other manufacturers. Had EWin Racing asked for over USD300 for the Champion Series we would had probably not recommend it to our readers since we do feel that there are models out there that offer more both in terms of quality and features. However at such a price it would be too much not to recommend it to gamers and consumers in general looking for a great bargain.



– Good Build Quality (PU Faux Leather / Steel Frame)
– Available PU Leather Designs & Color Combinations
– Comfortable
– Features (Adjustable Backrest / 4D Adjustable Armrests)
– Removable Neck and Lumbar Pillows
– Price

– Small Wheels
– Butterfly Mechanism (Not As Robust As The Z-Support Model)

NOTE: This is a review post from Nikktech.


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Ewin Racing Champion Gaming Chair

Over the last decade or so we’ve seen a large influx of gaming chairs. I can’t recall which company introduced the concept but in recent years a lot of newcomers entered the market as entrepreneurs realized there’s a big market for gaming chairs.

Computer gaming is a hot growth market and a lot of gamers want to pay premium prices for products that provide a custom touch to their gaming space. A week ago, research firm GfK released a report that revealed desktop gaming PCs, as well as PC gaming accessory sales, are growing at impressive mid-double digit rates.

These days nobody wants a beige box under or on his/her desk, so computer enthusiasts and gamers spend a lot of money on fancy cases and case modding products. Gaming chairs are a product that fits well with this audience, every desktop PC gamer needs a chair so the target market for companies that can convince gamers to spend a bit more on a chair is massive.

The subject of this review is the Champion gaming chair from Ewin Racing. It’s one of the lesser known gaming chair brands but the company behind Ewin Racing is not a newcomer in the chair market. The firm’s website explains the Ewin Racing was founded in 2016 and that the company has a long history as a manufacturer of car seats and OEM office chairs.

The exact EwinRacing gaming chair model I’m testing today is the Champion CP-BC3A, a black chair with some blue highlights. Ewin Racing offers the Champion series in three variants in Europe; CPA, CPB and CPC. All three versions are almost identical, the only difference is the design of the fabric of the seat and the backrest. Besides the three different designs, you can also choose between a couple of color options including black/white, black/red, and black/blue. The company’s US webshop, on the other hand, offers four different seat designs as well as a lot more color combinations.

At the moment of this review, Ewin Racing is selling the chair for 259EUR ($279) but with the coupon code “DVH” you can get an extra 15% off!

Ewin Racing Box
Ewin Racing’s Champion is the largest review product ever in the DV Hardware office. It ships in a very large cardboard box that weighs over 20kg. The tiles in the photo above measure 600mm x 600mm so that gives you some perspective about how large the box is. When you take it inside you have to lug around a heavy weight that is hard to handle due to the bulky size of the box. I think some cut-out handles would help to make handling the box less of a nuisance. It’s thick cardboard and everything inside is well-packed to prevent shipping damage.

As with most office chairs, you need to assemble the product yourself. It’s a pretty easy process and you can probably do it in 10-15 minutes tops. In the past, I would have shot a lot of photos of the unboxing and assembly process but to celebrate the 15th anniversary of DV Hardware we’re introducing video reviews. Check out our clip below, the first part includes the unboxing and the chair’s assembly.


  • Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
  • Foam Type:High Density Seperated Foaming
  • Foam Density: 55kg/m3
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Frame Construction: Metal
  • Adjustable Armrests: 4D
  • Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
  • Tilt Lock: Yes
  • Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
  • Gas Lift Class: 4
  • Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
  • Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
  • Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
  • Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU

Ewin Racing Champion chair frontal
The chair weighs about 20.4kg and has a high back rest. My initial impression of the Champion chair is very good, its heavy weight indicates Ewin Racing didn’t skimp on materials and when you take your first seat you’ll notice this chair uses very firm, high-density foam. I’ve worn out several office chairs in my life but none of them felt as qualitative as the Champion. Most of the mass-market office chairs that cost just half (or perhaps even a quarter) as much as the Champion have a much lower build quality. When you deconstruct a typical office chair you’ll typically see they consist of flakeboard or plywood panels with a couple of layers of low-density foam pads.

gaming chair like the Champion is very different, this chair features a 16mm steel tube frame with a thickness of 1.5mm and has molded memory foam with a density of 55kg/m³.

Ewin Racing Champion chair foam and frame
The Ewin Racing gaming chairs have a race chair like look and feel. The top of the chair as well as the two removable cushions feature Ewin branding. One gripe I have about the cushions is that the head cushion is very small. It provides some support for the back of your neck but it’s too small to be really useful.

Ewin Racing Champion chair cushions
The lumbar pillow is a lot larger and uses very firm foam. The position of the cushion is adjustable or you can also remove it entirely.

Ewin Racing Champion chair cushions
Gaming chairs like the Champion offer a high degree of customization. Typical office chairs let you adjust the chair height and the better variants let you tilt backward. The Champion has all of those features and more. It has a recline lever that lets you adjust the backrest’s angle from 88 to 155 degrees. When you need a moment to relax, or when you want to watch the latest Game of Thrones, you can just pull the lever and relax. Furthermore, the Champion also includes 4D adjustable armrests. More about those later.

Ewin Racing Champion chair side
The next photo shows the quality finish of the back. It also shows the release buckles of the two pillows.

Ewin Racing Champion chair back
The chair is cladded with 1.2mm PU leather, this is a cheaper fabric than real leather and it has a nice uniform looking finish. There are some gaming chairs from other vendors that use real leather but those are a lot more expensive. The fabric is one of the more vulnerable parts of a chair, as soon as there’s a big rip it’s embarrassing to continue to use it even if the rest of the chair is still perfectly OK. As I’ve only been using this chair for three weeks I can’t comment on the long-term durability, at the moment it still looks as good as new.

Ewin Racing Champion chair PU leather
The chair is supported by a sturdy five-star aluminium base.

Ewin Racing Champion base
The base has five heavy-duty 2″ caster wheels made from polyurethane, they roll very smoothly.

Ewin Racing Champion chair wheels
The next photo shows the two levers that are found on the right side of the chair. The big one lets you adjust the height of the seat while the smaller lever lets you operate the back recliner. The tilt tension can be adjusted via a big knob at the bottom of the seat and the big lever also lets you lock the chair in the neutral position. One small gripe I have about the chair’s height adjustment is that it doesn’t go low enough. My height is 175cm and I feel the minimum height will probably be a bit too high for people that are a lot smaller than me.

Ewin Racing Champion chair levers
The 4D adjustable armrests are the key selling point of the Champion series versus Ewin Racing’s cheaper Calling series. One thing that surprised me is that they’re made from high-elasticity PU. On photos it looks like the top of the armrest is made of hard plastic but it’s actually a firm yet soft to touch surface.
Cheaper chairs usually fix the armrests to the seat and the backrest. This gaming chair on the other hand mounts the armrests to the bottom of the seat via an 8mm thick steel plate. The armrests are adjustable in four dimensions, on the photo below you can see the lever that’s used to adjust the height of the arm rests.

Ewin Racing Champion chair 4D armrests
You can rotate the armrests one step clockwise and one step counterclockwise. This is the feature I found the least useful about this chair, I never feel the need to rotate the armrests and I think this feature makes the armrests feel less qualitative as they don’t fully lock into place. The armrests always rock a bit back and forth when you grab them.

Ewin Racing Champion chair 4D armrests
The final two features of the armrests involve sliding. You can move them forward and you can also move them closer together. Sliding to the front and back is done by pushing and holding the small circular knob. The rectangle knob works in a similar way, you press and hold it to slightly adjust the horizontal position of the armrests.

Ewin Racing Champion chair 4D armrests
After using the Ewin Racing Champion gaming chair for a couple of weeks I’m very impressed. This product is a nice step up in quality versus traditional office chairs and offers a wide range of seat and armrest adjustments. Its overall build quality is good and the chair offers high-density memory foam that remains quite firm and comfortable. Whether you’re planning to use it for gaming, office work, or watching movies at night, this chair will not disappoint.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code “DVH” to get an extra 15% off when you order a gaming chair from Ewin Racing. Our coupon code lowers the price of the Champions series to 220EUR ($237) and you also get free shipping. At this price level, I feel the Ewin Racing Champion is a very compelling contender if you’re in the market for a new chair.

Ewin Racing Champion chair in office
The Good Stuff

  • Great look & feel
  • Lots of customization options
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Available in various designs and colorsThe Bad Stuff
  • 4D armrests feel a bit too wobbly
  • Too high for small people
  • Head pillow is too smallDV Hardware gives the Ewin Racing Champion gaming chair a 9/10 and our Editor’s Choice Award.

    Editors Choice
    For a more detailed overview of the chair, check out our video review.
  • NOTE: This is a review post from Dvhardware.


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Gamerstuhl im Test


Wir haben für euch einen neuen Gamerstuhl von EwinRacing für einen Test erhalten. Dabei konnten wir uns die „E-Win Europe Flash Normal Series FLA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair with Free Cushions“-Version sichern. Der Preis für den EwinRacing Gaming Chair liegt momentan bei 319,- Euro und der Stuhl kann auf der offiziellen EwinRacing Website bestellt werden.

Es gibt aber auch günstigere Modelle auf der Internetseite, die es auch in der EU-Version mit Euro gibt. Leider ist die Website des Herstellers noch unausgereift und viele Links führen zu Fehlern. Der Bestellvorgang lief trotzdem einwandfrei und unsere Lieferung war in weniger als 24 Stunden an unserer Haustür.

Nach kürzester Zeit wartete der riesige Karton also nur noch darauf von uns aufgerissen zu werden. Gesagt getan und somit haben wir uns sofort hingesetzt, den EwinRacing Gaming Chair aufgebaut, damit wir ihn für euch ausprobieren können. Eine Unboxing Galerie haben wir ebenfalls für euch erstellt.


Der Aufbau des EwinRacing Gaming Chair erweist sich als besonders einfach und kann problemlos von einer Person durchgeführt werden. Die bebilderte Anleitung ist auf Englisch beschrieben und die Schrauben sind bereits vormontiert. Ihr müsst diese dann nur mit einem der zwei beiliegenden Inbusschlüsseln lösen, das Anbauteil anhalten und wieder festziehen.

Von der Rückenlehne bis hin zum Lift ist alles selbsterklärend und kein großer Aufwand. Innerhalb von wenigen Minuten habt ihr den Stuhl aufgebaut und genießt erst einmal mit ein paar Metern Abstand das schicke Design. Dieses gibt es in mehreren Versionen und ihr solltet auf jeden Fall einmal auf der offiziellen EwinRacing Gaming Chair Website vorbeischauen.

Mit bis zu 250kg belastbar

Lange werdet ihr den schicken Anblick aus der Ferne nicht aushalten und euch direkt auf den EwinRacing Gaming Chair setzen. Die Belastbarkeit liegt bei maximalen 250kg, wobei der Lift bis maximal 150kg funktioniert. Die Sitzfläche hat eine Breite von circa 46cm, der untere Rückenbereich liegt bei 38cm und der Schulterbereich bei 56cm. Diese Werte sind absolute Extraklasse und damit ihr immer sicheren Halt habt, wurde der fünfarmige Unterbau mit verstärkten Rollen umgesetzt.

Die hohe Qualität ist auf den ersten Blick zu erkennen und vor allem die tolle Verarbeitung hat uns begeistert. Jede Naht und jedes Element wurden perfekt umgesetzt. Das ergonomische Design ist nicht nur schick, sondern auch äußerst komfortabel. Die eingesetzten Schaumstoffe sind sehr angenehm und für die richtige Körperhaltung unterstützen euch das Kopfstützenkissen und das Lendenkissen.

Im folgenden Herstellervideo könnt ihr euch einen Vergleich zu anderen Produkten anschauen. Dabei wird ein Originallmodell zerschnitten und ihr könnt sehen, wie gut die Qualität auch im Innenleben ist: video.


Die beiden mitgelieferten Kissen sind an Gurten befestigt, damit ihr deren Position jederzeit verändern könnt. Löst ihr die Schnallen, könnt ihr die Kissen ganz einfach abnehmen. Das Kopfstützkissen und das Lendenkissen sind wie der ganze Stuhl mit einem Kunstleder überzogen. Das Lendenkissen selbst könnt ihr auf der Rückseite mit einem Reißverschluss öffnen und den Schaumstoff entnehmen, falls ihr das Gefühl habt, das es zu dick geraten ist.

Eine weitere Besonderheit sind die beiden PU-Armlehnen, die in vier Richtungen verschoben werden können. Leider sind diese aber aus Kunststoff und ohne Polsterung. In dieser Preisklasse hätten wir uns eine Kunstlederpolsterung gewünscht. Manch einer mag dieses Kunstleder an den Armlehnen aber gar nicht, da man leicht „festklebt“, wenn man mit der Haut länger Kontakt hat und deswegen heften wir diese Anmerkung unter „Geschmackssache“ ab. Die Armlehnen sind insgesamt gut gelungen und die Anpassungsmöglichkeiten sind wirklich genial. Somit ist eine Einstellung für jede Körpergröße möglich.

Unser EwinRacing Gaming Chair verfügt dazu über eine circa 87cm hohe Rückenlehne zum Schutz der Hals- und Wirbelsäule. Die Kunststoffelemente an den Seiten passen sich dabei nahtlos an das Design an und runden das gute Gesamtbild gekonnt ab.

Der Lift funktioniert wie bei allen anderen Büro- und Gamerstühlen auch. Ihr stellt euch hin, zieht den Lifthebel und der Stuhl fährt hoch. Setzt ihr euch auf den Stuhl und zieht den Hebel, fährt der Lift den Stuhl herunter. Die Rückenlehne kann auf der rechten Seite in Sitzposition angepasst werden. Zieht einfach den Hebel, lehnt euch zurück und lasst den Hebel wieder los. Positionen von 85° bis 155° sind möglich.
Ebenfalls ist es möglich den Stuhl zu schwenken. Hierbei könnt ihr den Schwenkgrad selbst einstellen. Dafür müsst ihr an der Unterseite den Schwenkmechanismus drehen und könnt so die Stärke verändern.


Der „E-Win Europe Flash Normal Series FLA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair with Free Cushions“-Gamerstuhl überzeugt mit einer sehr guten Verarbeitung und einer anschmiegsamen Ergonomie. Die Sitzposition kann perfekt angepasst werden, wobei vor allem die Armlehnen mit ihren vier Richtungspositionen lobend erwähnt werden müssen. Leider sind diese aber für unseren Geschmack nur aus reinem Kunststoff und hätten in dieser Preisklasse auch gern gepolstert und mit einem Kunstlederüberzug ausgestattet sein können. Manch einer mag dieses Kunstlederzeug aber so gar nicht an den freien Unterarmen und deswegen sehen wir es nicht direkt als Kritikpunkt an, sondern eher als Hinweis. Darüber hinaus setzen andere Hersteller die einen ähnlichen oder deutlich höheren Preis für ihren Gaming Chair verlangen auf das gleiche Material bei den Armlehnen.

Das Modell hält ein Maximalgewicht von bis zu 250kg aus, was wirklich Extraklasse ist. Genauso Extraklasse ist die Verarbeitung und das Design. Wer einen Gamerstuhl sucht, der sollte unbedingt EwinRacing auf der Liste haben, denn uns (und alle unsere Besucher) konnte der Stuhl mit seinen Anpassungsmöglichkeiten sofort überzeugen. Wer auf der Suche nach einem Gamerstuhl ist, die PU-Armlehnen verschmerzen kann bzw. diese sogar bevorzugt, der bekommt hier von uns eine klare Kaufempfehlung!

Aktion: Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Herstellers können wir euch nun über eine weitere Aktion informieren, wobei alle Xboxdynasty Leser 15 % Rabatt erhaltet. Dabei müsst ihr beim beim Bestellvorgang den Code „XBOX“ eingeben.

Falls ihr euch einen EwinRacing Gaming Stuhl bestellt habt, lasst es uns in den Kommentaren wissen und schickt uns gerne Bilder von eurem Modell.

NOTE: This is a review post from Xboxdynasty.

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E-Win Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair

If you are in the market for a gaming chair, then you are in the right place. The E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair is the best choice currently on the market. This gaming chair sets itself apart from the competition in many ways. By the end of this review, you will not believe how you survived without this chair for so long.


As a gamer, you will find yourself sitting behind the screen for multiple hours at a time. So, why not make yourself comfortable. This is the main reason that people see themselves buying a gaming chair. The EwinRacing Gaming Chair takes comfort to a whole new level; the entire chair is coated with a high-density memory foam. After sitting down in this chair for the first time, I found myself melting into it as it formed around my body. Even though this seat was incredibly soft, it was also firm giving the much-needed support that your body needs.


I have been using a gaming chair for a while now, and the thing that most impressed me about E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair was how adjustable it was. It absolutely blew my mind. Most other gaming chairs that I have sat in have the 4D adjustable armrests (up and down, left and right, a swivel motion, and back and forth) just like this one does. However, the E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair sets itself apart by having up to a 155 decline angle. If you are not good with angles, that is almost an entirely flat recline. While testing out this chair, I found it considerably relaxing just to lean the chair back and look up at the ceiling when taking a break or waiting for a match to start.


The way that the E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair is able to completely recline the way that it does it through the incredible support frame that the chair is molded around. The structure of the E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair is made out of a durable high-grade steel frame. This arrangement is capable of holding a weight of 330lbs in the reclined position which is no easy task. The one downfall of having such a sturdy framework is that it adds to the weight of the E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair making it slightly more substantial than I anticipated. Though, I will admit, other gaming chairs that have not been as durable as this one have only been somewhat lighter in comparison.


If you are looking to get rid of your basic black desk chair, then you will be happy to find out that the E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair is available in many different leather combinations. I personally am a fan of how the red and black chair looks, but if you are not, there are many various color combinations that you can piece together. The E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair also gives you the ability to remove both the lumbar cushion as well as the neck cushion if you do not like how they feel. I tested this chair with both the cushions on and off, and though I preferred having them on the chair when they were removed, the chair was still very comfortable.


If you have seen the price of gaming chairs before, then you might be afraid that buying a gaming chair is something that is just out of your price range. This may have prevented you in the past, but the E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair sets itself apart from other gaming chairs yet again with only a $350 price point. Even better than that, the E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair is currently on sale for just $279. This is a significant drop in price compared to other gaming chairs at $400, $500, or even over $1000 for a similar quality chair to that of the E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair.


There was one thing that I did not like about the E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair that I feel wouldn’t be fair to you if I did not mention. The one issue that I had with this chair involved the wheelbase. The wheels were smaller than I usually like, making it a bit difficult to roll over objects that you may find on the floor such as a cord. This is easy to get around, however, by just keeping your floor clean and making sure any cables or wires are tucked away. This is mainly only an issue for me due to my kids sometimes leaving Legos or other small toys around.


The E-Win Europe Champion Series CPA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair that you will find within the current market for the price. It not only supplies you with the much-needed comfort that you are looking for, but it is also highly adjustable giving you the ability to find the perfect sitting position for you. The structure of this chair makes it a bit heavier than a standard desk chair, but that added support gives this chair the ability to last you for many years to come. Where the chair was very customizable, the wheel size was something that I found could have been improved. Use the coupon code gamerbolt for 15% off your purchase!

NOTE: This is a review post from Gamerbolt.

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