Get Yourself a New E-WIN Gaming Chair or Desk for 30% Off, Chairs as Low as $139

In time for Easter or whatever holiday you might be celebrating this time of year, you can grab one of E-WIN’s gaming chairs, the same ones Kellen and I use on a daily basis. We’ve partnered with E-WIN to provide you 30% off your purchase of an E-WIN product, which includes the company’s chairs, desks, and other accessories. If you don’t know anything about E-WIN gaming chairs, check out my initial review for one of their chairs, posted shortly after the whole world went into lockdown early last year.

Using our 30% off Droidlife code at checkout, you can get the same chair I use for only $216, down from its listed price of $309. That’s in addition to another nearly 20% off they have on the chair currently. The chair swivels, tilts, goes up and down, is plenty comfy, and also comes with a couple of pillows — one for your next and one for your lower back.

There’s an entire range of gaming chairs to choose from. There are different models that offer different things, and of course, there is no shortage of colors and material options. If you want the least expensive option, you can get a chair for as low as $139. Regardless of what you want, it’s 30% off using the code Droidlife for an office gaming chair.

Maybe a Gaming Desk Instead?

E-WIN makes more than just chairs. If you might need a new desk instead of a chair, you can snag one of the company’s RGB gaming desks at 30% off using our Droidlife code. The above desk, which features RGB lighting, wireless charging, and even a gosh darn cupholder can be had for only $300, down from its usual $429 price using our code. If you like carbon fiber and shiny lights, that’s sweet.

If you’re maybe an E-WIN super fan of sorts, you can even score the company’s own branded massage gun for $139, down from $200. On a personal note, I don’t have this one, but a different massage gun and I love it. Highly recommend getting one, even if it’s not this one.

Have at it.

E-Win Racing Shop Link (Use code “Droidlife” for 30% off)

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I can say that in my decade plus of coverage one thing I have never done is review something I put my butt into. Gaming chairs are a dime a dozen. It seems like everyone has one, and until this review I had never used one. I always thought any old office chair would suffice, no reason to pay the extra money for those colorful seats I saw in all the popular streams on Twitch.

Now after spending a couple weeks with the gaming chair I can say I was wrong, extremely wrong. The EwinRacing gaming chair is the most comfortable seat I have used when checking out games, well outside of a full-on lounger of course. It’s design is sleek and its comfort unparalleled. For those of us that can lose hours sitting at a computer desk or in front of a TV know, comfort is king.

I live for comfort!

MSRP: $349.99
PRICE I’D PAY: $349.99

When my unit arrived it was in a massive box. Unpacking it was simple and each piece laid out perfectly. Everything needed to assemble it is in the box, including a pair of gloves to keep the nasty grease from getting all over my fingers. Trust me this was one of the most helpful things in the box. Grease from chairs like this is absolutely disgusting to clean up. While the tools are there, I decided to use my own set. Assembly took less than 30 minutes and the instructions were very clear. Anyone could assemble this beast.

Now that it was assembled, it was time for the ultimate test. I am a large guy, most chairs only handle a certain amount of weight. The EwinRacing chair boasts a steel frame that supposedly supports over 300lbs, which is more than enough. I put it through the ringer. Sitting in various positions, plopping down into it, it never budged. This is one solid construction.

What I also love is its design. From pictures you can see the chair conforms around the body, making longer sessions more comfortable. I used this chair for a full eight-hour workday and my back thanked me for it. The lower lumbar support pillow is extremely comfortable as well as being adjustable. It really helps for long sessions. The chair can also recline back and forward giving the perfect angle for extended sessions.

Not everything is perfect though. The head rest pillow feels almost useless. I could never find a good spot to rest my neck into it. It was always too close, or too far. The arm rests also have issues. While I love that they are completely adjustable, they feel a little loose in practice. I could adjust their height, angle, and even slide them in and out, but they wobble a little too much. Especially when in comparison to how solid the rest of the design is. At first I thought I had broken them, but after some research I realized I was not the only one having issues.

Another great thing about EwinRacing chairs is their design. They offer them in various designs and colors. I was able to get the red and black design, which is perfect as those are my favorite combination of colors. As I mentioned earlier the way it conforms to my body is also stellar. While I have not had the opportunity to compare this to other gaming chairs, it simply blows my standard office chair out of the water. The comfort is unmatched.

One thing I would like to see added is a leg rest at some point. Nothing would be better than reclining with my feet up after a long work day playing some Overwatch. While it is a nitpick, it is still something I would love to see.

The EwinRacing Gaming Chair is more than worth its price tag. As someone who spends an abundance of time sitting in a chair in front of a screen it has done wonders for my back support. No longer do I get out of my chair reaching for my lower back. The design is great and its construction is super solid. I feel like this chair will last me years and years to come. If you are in the market for a new gaming or office chair I recommend dropping the few extra dollars and picking one up. As I get older I realize that comfort in my favorite hobby, as well as my day-to-day life is imperative.

You can snag one of these chairs at the official EwinRacing site. Be sure to use code “ztgd” to get a 15% discount on purchase!

  • Comfortable in long sessions
  • Sturdy design
  • Adjustable settings
  • Looks great
  • Arm rests are a bit loose
Total Score:8.5
Note: This is a review post from .
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EWin Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

ewin champion cpaa

As i type these lines the market is literally filled with countless gaming chair models promising not only increased comfort and back/neck support but also more “aggressive” looks compared to your old desk/office chair. For good or bad there are three types of companies right now in the market that offer gaming chairs, OEM manufacturers who make chairs for other brands (according to their specs and design), OEM manufacturers that make chairs both for other brands but also for their very own and premium gaming chair manufacturers who build and sell their own models. There’s some debate as to which company has the best models available in the market today but the reality of the matter is that there are so many variables that there’s simply no straight up answer to that. EWin Racing started off as an OEM manufacturer making chairs for other brands but they recently started selling their very own models and after the surprisingly good Flash XL Gaming Chair aimed at large people today we’re taking a look at the more “mainstream” Champion model.
EWinRacing Chair was newly founded in 2016 after being a leader OEM office chair manufacturer. With the development in design and research, we strive for a professionalization in gaming chair field. Even more in order to bring you a healthier and relaxing environment we will continuously pursue humanism in design and manufacturing ergonomic gaming chairs. What’s more our strict quality inspection process and standard ensures you a better chair for better life. Visit for more information on our products.
The Champion Gaming Chair may just be a more “common” model compared to the larger and more padded Flash XL model but that doesn’t mean it has much to be jealous of it in terms of features and specifications. Just like the Flash XL the Champion CPA model is dressed in synthetic PU leather and features a reinforced steel frame (15mm in thickness), class-4 gaslift (150Kg total weight support with the upper chair), 4 directional adjustable armrests (height/position/orientation), removable head and lumbar pillows, backrest adjustment (up to 155 degrees) and the typical tilt/rocking (up to 12 degrees) and height adjustment function (via a butterfly height adjustment mechanism) we find with most desk chairs. Since the Champion Gaming Chair however is not designed for larger people like the Flash XL it comes with a slightly reduced foam density of up to 55Kg/M3 and smaller 50mm nylon caster wheels.

ewin champion cpa 1t

The Champion Gaming Chair gets shipped inside a regular cardboard box that just has the manufacturer name on its sides.



EWin Racing has used several pieces of cardboard, foam and bubble wrap to secure the entire bundle.



Inside the box you will find the 5-star base, backrest with both support pillows mounted, seat with both 4D armrests attached, butterfly mechanism, class-4 gaslift with its plastic cover, side plastic covers, 3 plastic taps, 5 caster wheels, two Allen keys, pair of fabric gloves, 3 Allen screws and the mounting instructions.

ewin champion cpa 8t

You may want to follow the instructions down to the letter and start from the seat but we always start by mounting the wheels onto the base as seen above.



50mm wheels are just too small for my taste but at the same time i find that they don’t seem to hit on things as much.



After mounting the wheels we mount the class-4 gaslift with its plastic cover on the 5-star base.



Much like the Flash XL the seat of the Champion Series has a total of three green elastic bands for increased support.



Once again each 4D armrest is attached to the seat with no less than 4 Allen screws.



Mounting the butterfly mechanism onto the base requires a total of 4 Allen screws as seen above.



Mounting the backrest onto the seat requires using two Allen screws on each side (a small opening is placed between the two Allen screws).



After that you will need to place the plastic covers and the screw taps again as seen above.



With the upper body of the Champion Gaming Chair complete all that’s left is to place it onto the class-4 gas lift.

ewin champion cpa 20t

The Champion Series Gaming Chair may not be as padded as the Flash XL (quite visible) but it looks just as good.



The company logo is placed on the head of the chair and both support pillows.



The PU leather used is almost identical to that of the Flash XL and again although it may not be of the same quality as the one used in the X-Comfort by Thermaltake or with the one of the Vernazza WOT by Arozzi still it’s very good.



The armrests can be height adjusted from 29cm all the way up to 36.5cm.



Just like all 4D armrests the top can move forward, backwards, left, right and even diagonally to suit your style.



This is what the rear of the Champion Series looks like (once again EWin Racing has used a neck support pillow that secures with a clip).



Although the backrest doesn’t fall all the way (180 degrees) still it does fall up to 155 degrees and thus allows the user to get some rest if needed.


Many of you recommended (including some manufacturers) that we place a chart pointing to the pros and cons of each gaming chair we test. Now of course since there’s really no way for us to “benchmark” gaming chairs we decided to rate them based on their size, comfort and quality. Size and comfort usually go hand to hand (the larger the chair the more comfortable it usually is – also depends on the amount of padding) while in terms of quality having tested 16 models currently we think we have a good idea about that as well. Of course these scores are based on our personal opinions regarding each chair so do take them with a grain of salt.

ewin champion cpab

The Flash XL Series Gaming Chair by EWin Gaming may not be the best in the market but it’s somewhat unique not only because it feature superior foam padding/density compared to many other gaming chairs but also because its size which makes it ideal for larger people even up to 2 meters tall. The Champion Series on the other hand lacks that “something” needed to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. In terms of build quality it does quite good and the same can be said for its comfort levels. Still the small 50mm wheels don’t do it justice and as we always do point out the butterfly height/tilt/rocking mechanism is not nearly as robust as the Z-support one we find with other models so I do hope EWin Racing starts using it as well. The large surprise came from the very large removable lumbar support pillow and the 4D armrests since at that price range we usually see small pillows and only height adjustable hand rests or 3D adjustable ones so kudos to EWin Racing for that.
Price is what makes and also what breaks some products and in this specific segment EWin Racing does extremely well since you can currently grab a Champion Series Gaming Chair for just USD237 directly from their online store (by using our NikK voucher) a price tag which can’t be easily beat by other manufacturers. Had EWin Racing asked for over USD300 for the Champion Series we would had probably not recommend it to our readers since we do feel that there are models out there that offer more both in terms of quality and features. However at such a price it would be too much not to recommend it to gamers and consumers in general looking for a great bargain.



– Good Build Quality (PU Faux Leather / Steel Frame)
– Available PU Leather Designs & Color Combinations
– Comfortable
– Features (Adjustable Backrest / 4D Adjustable Armrests)
– Removable Neck and Lumbar Pillows
– Price

– Small Wheels
– Butterfly Mechanism (Not As Robust As The Z-Support Model)

NOTE: This is a review post from Nikktech.


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Ewin Racing Champion Gaming Chair

Over the last decade or so we’ve seen a large influx of gaming chairs. I can’t recall which company introduced the concept but in recent years a lot of newcomers entered the market as entrepreneurs realized there’s a big market for gaming chairs.

Computer gaming is a hot growth market and a lot of gamers want to pay premium prices for products that provide a custom touch to their gaming space. A week ago, research firm GfK released a report that revealed desktop gaming PCs, as well as PC gaming accessory sales, are growing at impressive mid-double digit rates.

These days nobody wants a beige box under or on his/her desk, so computer enthusiasts and gamers spend a lot of money on fancy cases and case modding products. Gaming chairs are a product that fits well with this audience, every desktop PC gamer needs a chair so the target market for companies that can convince gamers to spend a bit more on a chair is massive.

The subject of this review is the Champion gaming chair from Ewin Racing. It’s one of the lesser known gaming chair brands but the company behind Ewin Racing is not a newcomer in the chair market. The firm’s website explains the Ewin Racing was founded in 2016 and that the company has a long history as a manufacturer of car seats and OEM office chairs.

The exact EwinRacing gaming chair model I’m testing today is the Champion CP-BC3A, a black chair with some blue highlights. Ewin Racing offers the Champion series in three variants in Europe; CPA, CPB and CPC. All three versions are almost identical, the only difference is the design of the fabric of the seat and the backrest. Besides the three different designs, you can also choose between a couple of color options including black/white, black/red, and black/blue. The company’s US webshop, on the other hand, offers four different seat designs as well as a lot more color combinations.

At the moment of this review, Ewin Racing is selling the chair for 259EUR ($279) but with the coupon code “DVH” you can get an extra 15% off!

Ewin Racing Box
Ewin Racing’s Champion is the largest review product ever in the DV Hardware office. It ships in a very large cardboard box that weighs over 20kg. The tiles in the photo above measure 600mm x 600mm so that gives you some perspective about how large the box is. When you take it inside you have to lug around a heavy weight that is hard to handle due to the bulky size of the box. I think some cut-out handles would help to make handling the box less of a nuisance. It’s thick cardboard and everything inside is well-packed to prevent shipping damage.

As with most office chairs, you need to assemble the product yourself. It’s a pretty easy process and you can probably do it in 10-15 minutes tops. In the past, I would have shot a lot of photos of the unboxing and assembly process but to celebrate the 15th anniversary of DV Hardware we’re introducing video reviews. Check out our clip below, the first part includes the unboxing and the chair’s assembly.


  • Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
  • Foam Type:High Density Seperated Foaming
  • Foam Density: 55kg/m3
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Frame Construction: Metal
  • Adjustable Armrests: 4D
  • Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
  • Tilt Lock: Yes
  • Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
  • Gas Lift Class: 4
  • Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
  • Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
  • Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
  • Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU

Ewin Racing Champion chair frontal
The chair weighs about 20.4kg and has a high back rest. My initial impression of the Champion chair is very good, its heavy weight indicates Ewin Racing didn’t skimp on materials and when you take your first seat you’ll notice this chair uses very firm, high-density foam. I’ve worn out several office chairs in my life but none of them felt as qualitative as the Champion. Most of the mass-market office chairs that cost just half (or perhaps even a quarter) as much as the Champion have a much lower build quality. When you deconstruct a typical office chair you’ll typically see they consist of flakeboard or plywood panels with a couple of layers of low-density foam pads.

gaming chair like the Champion is very different, this chair features a 16mm steel tube frame with a thickness of 1.5mm and has molded memory foam with a density of 55kg/m³.

Ewin Racing Champion chair foam and frame
The Ewin Racing gaming chairs have a race chair like look and feel. The top of the chair as well as the two removable cushions feature Ewin branding. One gripe I have about the cushions is that the head cushion is very small. It provides some support for the back of your neck but it’s too small to be really useful.

Ewin Racing Champion chair cushions
The lumbar pillow is a lot larger and uses very firm foam. The position of the cushion is adjustable or you can also remove it entirely.

Ewin Racing Champion chair cushions
Gaming chairs like the Champion offer a high degree of customization. Typical office chairs let you adjust the chair height and the better variants let you tilt backward. The Champion has all of those features and more. It has a recline lever that lets you adjust the backrest’s angle from 88 to 155 degrees. When you need a moment to relax, or when you want to watch the latest Game of Thrones, you can just pull the lever and relax. Furthermore, the Champion also includes 4D adjustable armrests. More about those later.

Ewin Racing Champion chair side
The next photo shows the quality finish of the back. It also shows the release buckles of the two pillows.

Ewin Racing Champion chair back
The chair is cladded with 1.2mm PU leather, this is a cheaper fabric than real leather and it has a nice uniform looking finish. There are some gaming chairs from other vendors that use real leather but those are a lot more expensive. The fabric is one of the more vulnerable parts of a chair, as soon as there’s a big rip it’s embarrassing to continue to use it even if the rest of the chair is still perfectly OK. As I’ve only been using this chair for three weeks I can’t comment on the long-term durability, at the moment it still looks as good as new.

Ewin Racing Champion chair PU leather
The chair is supported by a sturdy five-star aluminium base.

Ewin Racing Champion base
The base has five heavy-duty 2″ caster wheels made from polyurethane, they roll very smoothly.

Ewin Racing Champion chair wheels
The next photo shows the two levers that are found on the right side of the chair. The big one lets you adjust the height of the seat while the smaller lever lets you operate the back recliner. The tilt tension can be adjusted via a big knob at the bottom of the seat and the big lever also lets you lock the chair in the neutral position. One small gripe I have about the chair’s height adjustment is that it doesn’t go low enough. My height is 175cm and I feel the minimum height will probably be a bit too high for people that are a lot smaller than me.

Ewin Racing Champion chair levers
The 4D adjustable armrests are the key selling point of the Champion series versus Ewin Racing’s cheaper Calling series. One thing that surprised me is that they’re made from high-elasticity PU. On photos it looks like the top of the armrest is made of hard plastic but it’s actually a firm yet soft to touch surface.
Cheaper chairs usually fix the armrests to the seat and the backrest. This gaming chair on the other hand mounts the armrests to the bottom of the seat via an 8mm thick steel plate. The armrests are adjustable in four dimensions, on the photo below you can see the lever that’s used to adjust the height of the arm rests.

Ewin Racing Champion chair 4D armrests
You can rotate the armrests one step clockwise and one step counterclockwise. This is the feature I found the least useful about this chair, I never feel the need to rotate the armrests and I think this feature makes the armrests feel less qualitative as they don’t fully lock into place. The armrests always rock a bit back and forth when you grab them.

Ewin Racing Champion chair 4D armrests
The final two features of the armrests involve sliding. You can move them forward and you can also move them closer together. Sliding to the front and back is done by pushing and holding the small circular knob. The rectangle knob works in a similar way, you press and hold it to slightly adjust the horizontal position of the armrests.

Ewin Racing Champion chair 4D armrests
After using the Ewin Racing Champion gaming chair for a couple of weeks I’m very impressed. This product is a nice step up in quality versus traditional office chairs and offers a wide range of seat and armrest adjustments. Its overall build quality is good and the chair offers high-density memory foam that remains quite firm and comfortable. Whether you’re planning to use it for gaming, office work, or watching movies at night, this chair will not disappoint.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code “DVH” to get an extra 15% off when you order a gaming chair from Ewin Racing. Our coupon code lowers the price of the Champions series to 220EUR ($237) and you also get free shipping. At this price level, I feel the Ewin Racing Champion is a very compelling contender if you’re in the market for a new chair.

Ewin Racing Champion chair in office
The Good Stuff

  • Great look & feel
  • Lots of customization options
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Available in various designs and colorsThe Bad Stuff
  • 4D armrests feel a bit too wobbly
  • Too high for small people
  • Head pillow is too smallDV Hardware gives the Ewin Racing Champion gaming chair a 9/10 and our Editor’s Choice Award.

    Editors Choice
    For a more detailed overview of the chair, check out our video review.
  • NOTE: This is a review post from Dvhardware.


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Ewin Chair Champion Series

Ewin gaming chair

The Ewin Chair Champion Series gaming chair has the aesthetic look that makes it stand out and in terms of build quality it does quite good and the same can be said for its comfort levels. One of the biggest upsets I’ve had with this chair is the small 50mm wheels. They are so small that it is almost impossible to push the chair in any carpet. Which is just a major annoyance.  What is the one thing I love most about this chair? The large removable lumbar support pillow and the 4D armrests. At this price, it is almost impossible to get this high quality.

For some reason, there are companies out there charging and an absurd amount of money for gaming chairs. And for this reason, I feel a lot of gamers will look long and hard for an alternative to spending $500 for a chair. The EWin Racing Gaming Chair is price extremely well given the other bigger name brands.


– Ergonomic racing style computer chair upholstered in PU leather
– Adjustable seat, back and armrest height for added comfort and support
– 360 degree swivel and smooth rolling casters
– Heavy-duty 5-star base keeps the chair stable
– Lumbar cushion and headrest pillow included


– Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
– Foam Type:High Density Seperated Foaming
– Foam Density: 54kg/m3
– Frame Color: Black
– Frame Construction: Metal
– Adjustable Armrests: 4D
– Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
– Tilt Lock: Yes
– Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
– Gas Lift Class: 4
– Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
– Adjustable Back Angle: 180
– Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
– Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU

ewin gaming chair graph

Building The Chair:

If I had to pick one thing aside from the wheels that I disliked most about this chair it would be the assembly. Putting the chair together was one of the biggest pains. Largely because it was hard to get the holes to line up and put the screws in. The fabric was covering most of the holes and moving that without ripping the fabric was a pain in itself. If I had to make one adjustment it would be to change the amount of fabric around the screw holes of the chair so it would be easier to put together.


Overall, I think the Ewin Chair Champion Series is really solid chair. It’s comfortable, affordable given the price of other brands on the market, and they have an awesome style! If the size of the wheels would be bigger and the assembly of the product would be easier I would give this a solid 5 out of 5. But if you are looking for a reliable and affordable gaming chair then the Ewin Chair Champion Series is your best bet!

NOTE: This is a review post from Gadgetvibes.

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