E-win Racing Flash Series Gaming Chair Review

Primarily, as console gamers, when we sit down to play, it’s usually on a sofa, perched on the end of the bed or, when with friends, awkwardly crossing our legs, jostling for space on the floor. However, with gaming setups becoming ever more versatile and compact, modern consoles now find themselves hooked up to monitors, sharing a space with desktop PCs instead of being exclusively tethered to the sitting room television.

It’s becoming increasingly common, especially among content creators, streamers, and those who consider themselves competitive gamers. In my experience, it’s also the default setup for student gamers who typically lack a large designated space in their halls/accomodation for gaming.

A key proponent in this setup is what you choose to sit on, with so-called gaming chairs becoming extremely popular in recent years. It makes sense, really: if you’re going to be sat in front of a screen for at least a few hours at a time, comfort is something you should take into consideration. E-win Racing are a company dedicated to making that gaming time as comfortable as possible.

Having cycled through a whole host of battered, timeworn office seating, planting my tush on the E-win Racing Flash immediately had me chipping away at my preconceptions about gaming chairs. They’re bulky, flashy, and – in a lot cases – very expensive. However, even with their price tags, I’m starting to realise why gamers are ponying up their hard-earned cash and why the market is so overcrowded.

After carefully removing the neatly secured parts from their heavy duty packaging, there was virtually no difficulty in piecing the chair together. Simple instructions that cover no more than a sheet of paper guide you through the assembly process with easy-to-follow diagrams. I didn’t even need to dip into my toolkit, using the keys and screws provided, attaching both cushioned parts of the chair before securing the armrests and gently lowering it onto the base. It took no longer than ten minutes to construct this E-win Racing chair and wheel it over to my current gaming setup.

First impression? Extremely comfortable. Aside from cost, sizing is the main reason I’ve never plucked on a premium chair in the past. At 6’4” I managed to comfortably nestle myself, adjusting the two pillows to cushion my neck and lower back and maintain good posture. It’s the first time I’ve felt myself actually sink into a desk chair instead of awkwardly perching on one while staring into a screen.

They’re pretty much universal features when it comes to high-end gaming chairs but being adjust your height, tilt, and recline allows you to easily reposition whether caught in the clutch of an online match or kicking back with a movie.

I then moved onto the armrests, shifting them up, down, forwards, and backwards to find the perfect position, turning them inwards ever so slightly. The PU material is firm yet squishy, comfortably cradling both arms without the rubbing or chafing that comes from moulded plastic.

That premium quality runs from the head pillow down to the five-wheel base. Where it matters most, however, is the body of the chair itself. The E-win Racing range boasts a dense layer of memory foam, clinging to their carefully constructed, durable steel frames, affording the unrivaled comfort serious gamers and streamers demands. Again, I was surprised at just how well the chair wrapped itself around my enlarged, somewhat disproportionate form, supporting my body and cushioning my legs.

After more than a fortnight of constant, heavy use, the material never lost its shape, the stylish black and blue pleather covering looking exactly the same as it did when being diligently unpackaged. There wasn’t so much as a stitch out of place.

Shopping for gaming chairs – or any piece of furniture for that matter – can be an absolute minefield. Although prices vary, they’re never cheap and it’s impossible to tell the good from the bad. Flashy aesthetics can sometimes bely poor material/build quality and there’s honestly no way of determining just how comfortable one is without trying it out first hand. At a price €409 for the standard sized gaming chair and €479 for the XL chair we reviewed – these are currently discounted to €369 and €409 respectively – these are priced well compared to other gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs.

What’s Good:

  • Extremely comfortable and adjustable
  • Durable steel and memory foam construction
  • Straightforward assembly with provided tools

What’s Bad:

  • Bulky “gaming” design

After some extensive field testing, we can confirm that E-win Racing’s Flash Series chair definitely lives up to the company’s promises. It’s easy to assemble, has a real air of quality and, most importantly, can provide ultra-comfortable gaming for hours at a time.

Note: This is the review post from www.thesixthaxis.com

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