Ewin Racing Gaming Chair Review

If you’re looking for a new chair for your office or gaming setup and don’t want to spend a TON of money on a chair, the Ewin Racing team has you covered with their Champion Series gaming chair. Now some gaming chairs with very similar design, quality, and features can costs hundreds, sometimes closer to a thousand dollars but this specific gaming chair is pretty affordable, coming in at only $279 and if you use the promo code CLETECH, you can get an additional 15% off your purchase!


Putting this chair together was super easy. It comes in a giant box with the back, bottom, and rolling legs as your only pieces that you have to deal with. I am not the handiest person in the world so it probably took me a little longer than most people but I was able to get this guy fully setup in under 30 minutes.

There are a couple of different Allen keys included as well as the necessary screws to complete the installation. Do keep in mind that this chair is a bit heavy and it might be a little easier to have someone help hold the bottom and the back while you screw in the screws. Either way, I was able to accomplish the assembly by myself.


You might be wondering, “What possible features could a chair have?”. Well, the Ewin gaming chair surprised me a bit for it’s price point with tons of adjustable settings and angles for this chair to rest in making sure that you are at any desired height or angle. For starters, you can adjust the height of the chair up (or down) approximately 4 inches, which would leave you roughly 20 inches off the ground. This allows for maximum comfort no matter how tall the person sitting in the chair may be.

The other lever on the right hand side can adjust your tilt, which can tilt you back anywhere from 85 to 155 degrees which is crazy for me because I have never had a chair that can lean that far back. It’s definitely something that is nice if you wanted to lean back for a little bit and watch a finished project or even close your eyes and think about your tasks ahead. I will say, it does take some getting used to but its definitely a nice little feature to have. There is a tilt lock mechanism that will ensure you that you’re not going to fall over and I highly recommend taking advantage of that.

Another adjustable feature comes within the arm rests. The arm rests can adjust in 4 different directions (front, back, left, and right) and can be adjust vertically as well. It’s super convenient.

Finally, my favorite little “feature” to this chair are the included neck and lumbar support pillows. These pillows are easily adjustable via the straps and can be set at whatever height you desire. This is perfect for me because I love that extra little support in my lower back and neck are while long days typing away at my desk. It definitely helped reduce lower back pain, at least in my case.

Overall Experience & Final Thoughts

I have had this chair for a couple of months now, and overall, I really like this chair. There are a couple of very minor things that bug me about it but it most likely is unique to my situation at the office and could be a different experience for most people.

I have two desks that I rotate between and only one chair at the moment and so wheeling this go around on carpet is really hard. It doesn’t roll quite well but most chairs usually have a hard time on carpet. Also, I tend to grab the chair by the arm rest before sitting down and the arm rests tend to shift either left or right a little too easily at times and it kind of bugs me.

These are very petty annoyances and thats a good thing because overall, I can’t find any major flaws. It’s super comfortable, I love the look of the blue and black racing style chair and it’s definitely worth picking up for only $279. As i mentioned earlier, if you use promo code CLETECH at checkout, you can take off an additional 15%. Head over to https://www.ewinracing.com/ or https://www.ewinracing.eu/ to purchase one today!

I also included this chair in a recent video on the channel which you can check out here.

NOTE: This is a review post from Cletech.

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