Hands On: EWin Hero Series Gaming/Office Chair

Yes, I’m reviewing a chair.  It’s something I thought unlikely but the opportunity arose and I saw this thing and simply couldn’t pass it up.

I mean – look at it!  Impressive, right? – The EWin Hero Series Gaming/Office Chair.

When it arrived on my doorstep, the first thing that struck me was – almost obviously – the size of the box. The size of the box, and the weight of the box.
These two things alone tell me a couple of things – it’s heavy, so it’s not cheap – it’s big, so it’s almost nearly completely assembled.
I was right on both counts.   There’s lots of metal in this chair, making it hardy but not cumbersome.   I was relieved to find not many parts to put together.

My picture doesn’t do it justice though, my little office space doesn’t lend much to photography.

The chair just looks slick!  It comes with blue, red, or green accents.
It’s certainly ergonomic, sturdy and comfortable but won’t let you curl up lounge in it – keeping you upright and alert while gaming or working.

The bucket-style has a durable steel frame and high-density memory foam.
If you look at the frame, you’ll see that the ergonomic parts of the chair (the “winged” sides, and “cupped” seat) are actually a part of the frame. They’re not just hunks of foam just sitting out there.   They’re integral.

The 5-star wheeled base is aluminum – something you don’t find in a lot of chairs.
It wouldn’t be much use having a sturdy chair, and a class-4 gas lift (330lbs/150kg) if the base would crack under the pressure.

Putting the chair together didn’t take long. There are just the screws to put the back onto the seat, and the base onto the seat.
Two different sized screws come with two different sized allen wrenches – nice touch.
You’ll find the screws already in place in the chair – helpfully novel. This way you don’t misplace them in the packaging.
The screws were a little fiddly to get into place – the hole kind of got a little lost in the chair material but this is hardly an issue.

It even comes with gloves! Keep your hands, and your nice new chair clean while you put it together.

The seat isn’t overly complicated.  There’s a lever that adjusts the height, and a lever that adjusts the angle of the back.
The back adjustment lever looks and works like something you’d find in a car to adjust your car seat – for all you racing gamers out there.
The lock/tilt mechanism adjusts the overall angle of the seat.
It does sit high – if you’re on the shorter side, your feet may not touch the floor.

Two pillows – one for lumbar, and the other for your head/neck are adjustable on elastic runners.

The leather surfaces seem to be easy to clean/wipe down.

A couple of nice little touches make the chair just a little more special – aside from the included assembly gloves – the way the seat cushion is nicely embedded into the seat – nice and square – it’s obviously there but intentionally a part of the design.  Also, the covers for the back/seat assembly.  The plastic covers cover the screws, and screw in themselves – take note though, they’re different shape for each side. One for the “normal” side, the other for the back adjustment mechanism.

I don’t have much negative to say about the EWin Hero Series Gaming Chair. Just the screws being fiddly – that ensures a good fit though.
It is a $360 chair (15% off if you use code TB at EWinRacing.com) – it might seem pricey but you’ll pay that for a regular office chair that’ll tear, puncture, and flake (like my old one did) – it won’t look nearly as good either!

The chair are certified BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Ass.), ISO 9001, and Underwriters Laboratories Approved (UL). So, as long as you use your common sense around it, it’ll be safe and serve you well.

Face it, you spend a lot of time either in it, or looking at it – you had might as well enjoy it,

Learn all about the EWin Hero Series chairs, and get one for yourself at EWinRacing.com – don’t forget to use code TB at checkout to get 15% off your order!

Note: This blogger is reprinted from Techburgh.

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