Are you awaiting our new calling series gaming chair? Now, it comes new to meet you!

First is the previous style:


Ewinracing CL













Then comes the new CL Series:














Description For New Calling Series :

1. 2D armrests(1)

2. 100 cm gas lift(3)

3. Black and red base

4. 6 cm diameter of the five stars  casters

We always are on the way to offer you the latest gaming chairs with prime quality and perfect color match. Please click here for more new series.


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New Color Added to Calling Series!

As a vigorous brand, we are always eager to bring new designs and offer you more choices.

Here are our new products of Calling Series. Come on and take a look!

gaming chairEwinRacing









Here are previous styles for Calling Series:

cl-br1caewinracing calling series









gaming chair  gaming chair









  1. Super Durable PU leather and the Separated Foam.
  2. Soft PU Pad Armrest
  3. High Backrest
  4. Mute Casters
  5. Stable Steel Frame
  6. Aluminum of the five star base, it can bear the weight of 300KG.

If this kind of gaming chair is not your type, we still have other options for you. Hurry up and get your own chair!

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New Designs For New Needs! Updated Calling Series Gaming Chairs Are Waiting For You!

Everything is changing for a better future, so does EwinRacing!

In order to fulfill our customers’ eager expectations, new designs for Calling Series gaming chairs are created! Come on and take a look!




For this time, except for five-star aluminum base & nylon base, sprayed bases made in aluminum have been created! Possessing both stability and flexibility, you can move here and here smoothly. Besides, with break system, you can also move and stop it whenever you want.

No matter backrest, metal frame, tilt mechanism or leather, we always stick to the principle of making high-quality products. For providing a better gaming chair, we are always on the way!

If this kind of gaming chair is not to your taste, we still have other series of gaming chairs, with consistent quality and updates, we allow you to own your desirable gaming chair!

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