EwinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

They are not the Iron Throne, but EwinRacing already sells gaming chairs for a wonderful gaming experience when you lay your next round of the virtual game.

The EwinRacing Champion Series gaming chairs increasingly gives us a greater number of features to each model that is also being launch on the market. Innovation does not stop, but at the same time personalization doesn’t either.

Gaming has evolved the peripherals of a mouse and a keyboard that seem extravagant and useless, for some people are left only in “the beautiful” without highlighting the functionality. While there are others whose great impact and are very useful, an example of this is the gamer chairs of champion series from EwinRacing.


The EwinRacing champion series has come up with a luxury that is offered by the seats of luxury cars. Hence, this cube seat model is popular for being in Rally competitions or Formula GT. A premium PU leather with a soft and cozy cushion has made the chair even more comfortable. This eventually serves the purpose of buying a gaming chair by offering you maximum comfort while playing your favorite game for a longer period of time.  You will feel like a Rally driver and will spend hours sitting, as the real gamers. Sounds amazing, right? This is why it began to popularize the idea that Ewin has conveyed.

If you’re looking for a design that is more comfortable than conventional office chairs, for long days of play, this is the perfect choice for you. EwinRacing champion series offers a fine combination of quality and comfort.

The purpose of a chair of this type is the greatest comfort and convenience to spend hours sitting. Because for a gamer, it is very important to take care of your health. EwinRacing champion series is just more than perfect to serve the purpose.

EwinRacing Chair

Design and Build

The approach that the Ewin champion series offers is was one of the reasons that convince the buyers.  It has almost the same characteristics as the seats of a luxurious car like Audi.

The highlighted wings of the backrest are a nice addition to Stealth. It provides additional support for the shoulders and back – perfect if you spend hours on your computer.

Usually, we put away the lumbar pads quite quickly, but the attached cushion is strong enough to provide support without too large dimensions. The cute sleek design and the vibrant colors make these chairs magically attractive.

Under the leather foam cover, you will find a cold-formed thick foam, which is softer than the one you can find in cheaper armchairs.

It also offers 4D armrests that allow you to customize every aspect of the armrests.


The EwinRacing chair has a durable steel frame and a large five-star base. This means that anyone weighing up to 150 kg can sit comfortably in the chair without any worry.

Under the fabric upholstery, you’ll find molded cold foam that is soft, offers breathablity and comes with extraordinary durability if compared to the other chairs available in the market and often known as ‘budgeted chairs’.

Along with providing a beautiful soft pillow with velor foam, Ewin champion series gaming chairs also contain a new velor lumbar pillow.

EwinRacing Gaming Chair


Seat height: 46-55 cm

Dimensions: 66 x 60 x 137-149 cm (width X depth X height)

Seat height: 53-65 cm

Adjustment of the armrest: 4D

Maximum load: 150 kg

Two-year warranty


A sturdy design and a comfy outlook-its the greatest innovation that Ewin Champion Series has brought to the market with its awesome gaming chairs. It is one of the most expensive chairs in our round – but for good reason. It allows a deviation between 85 and 155 degrees.

The perfect utilizations of required material hhas given trhe chair a next level attribute that is quite a hard to find out in a normal gaming chair. It will atttract you with a magnetic power by offering the cozy, soft sitting for long hours.

The chair comes in a huge box at the time of delivery. So, never forget to arrange enough space around while unboxing it. The process of assembling is nothing but just an easy cake walk. There is an instruction manual that is quite easy to follow. They provide a pair of gloves as well in the box that will make the assembling easy and risk free. The whole process of assembling could take up to 15 minutes maximum. Yes, it’s as fast as that. Undoubtedly, its a great innovative technology that has made this EwinRacing champion series so popular among the gamers worldwide.


EwinRacing might be an uncommon name for you if you are exceptionally turned out of the latest trends of the gaming industry. However, if you’re a game worm, you should definitely give this awesome and comfy chair a try. This champion series is built in a fantastically cozy manner that awards you with a prolonged hour of comfortable gaming. It looks great,  and it offers durability. Its customizable features allow you to set it in the way you want it to be. To enjoy unlimited hours of uninterrupted gaming, you must give this chair a try. Even you’re not a game lover, still, you’ve a .lot to do with the chair. You can easily opt them out if your work is more demanding and you need to spend prolonged hours in front of your computer. Sitting tight is no more a nightmare neighther it’ll turn in to a nightmare anymore.  The days are gone when sitting for long hours on a chair used to cause backpain-go light and fit with these unique chairs from EwinRacing champion series.

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Note: This is one review post by  Excelle .

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How Getting The Right Chair Can Improve Your Life

Your office chair might be more more important to your health than you realize.

The average American work day is eight hours long. If you’re one of the many Americans who spend their work day sitting down at a desk, you could potentially be sitting down for eight hours a day, not considering the driving and extra sitting you do outside of work hours. But the big question we have is what kind of chair are you sitting in during your eight hour work day? Turns out, the quality of your office chair is really important in regard to your overall health, mood, and performance.

How many times has your dad told you to stand up straight, hold your shoulders back, fix your posture? It’s just as important to hold good posture while you’re sitting for long periods of time. Research has shown that slouching or just holding bad posture habits while sitting can cause backaches, headaches, and poor concentration skills. In fact, this study published by Health Psychology found that people who sit up straighter have higher self-esteem, alertness, and an overall better mood than their slouching co-workers, among other life improvements.

By simply improving your sitting or standing posture, you can improve your life. The reason behind most of these improvements is largely due to improved blood circulation. Valentina Sendin, the ergonomic project manager for Kaiser Permanente, states in the study that, “When you sit all day with poor posture, you’re preventing your body from getting the necessary circulation it needs. Taking the time to move throughout the day and making postural changes can not only help you have better posture, it can prevent you from serious health issues later in life.” It can also improve breathing efficiency. In order to breathe completely, the diaphragm needs to have enough space in your chest to properly release and contract with each breath. Poor posture causes spine misalignment, which can compromise how deeply you breath, which then limits oxygen supply to the brain, heart, and other vital organs.

To achieve better posture during your work day, it’s important to use an ergonomic chair like the Ewin Calling Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows. This chair uses a durable steel frame, high density memory foam, and additional support pillows to make sure your neck and back are supported, promoting good posture. This makes sure your skeletal system is not stressed through the day and that your neck is supported so you’re much less likely to develop stiffness in the neck and shoulder region. If the head and neck aren’t regularly supported, it can lead to more serious issues like cervical spondylosis.

Besides all that, ergonomic chairs are way more comfortable than your typical office chairs because of their user-friendly features. The EWin Calling Series Chair gives its users a plethora of adjustable features so that any individual can personalize the chair to their exact comfort. This includes 2D adjustable armrests, height adjustment, back reclining, and a tilt lock and tilt control mechanism. On top of that, this chair comes in 10 different accent colors for shoppers to choose from.

After you get your chair, make sure you’re sitting properly. According to the American Posture Institute, the proper sequence to implement good posture is as follows: sit up straight by extending the spine, pull your shoulders back, align your ears over your shoulders, evenly distribute your weight over both your feet and in your hips, and keep your feet forward. This will hopefully improve your healthy, and your life.

This post was written by our friends over at the Slumber Yard, a review website that focuses on home goods and more.

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EwinRacing Installation Instruction

Now you finally receive the EwinRacing Gaming chairs! But with the corrugated box putted in front of you, you may wonder what’s the next step? What should I do with it? Don’t worry, here comes the installation instruction!

1. Open the packaging corrugated box and take out the chair components.

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

2. Put on gloves in order not to be hurted. (No.12 is the gloves)

3. Attach the casters into the base. (No.5 is caster, No.6 is the base)

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

4. Loosen four preinstalled screws from both sides of backrest. (No.3 is the backrest)

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

5. Attach the backrest and seat with wrench. (No.4 is seat, and No.11 is the wrench)

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

6. Loosen four preinstalled screws from the seat base.

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

7. Fix the control unit to the seat base with the wrench. (No.8 is the control unit)

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

8. Install the hydraulic unit with the plastic cover to the base. (No.9 is the hydraulic, and No.7 is plastic cover, and No.10 is the gas lift)

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

9. Insert Hydraulic unit into the hole of control mechanism unit.

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

10. Fix the plastic cover onto both sides of the backrest and align the screws. (No.7 is the plastic cover)

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

11. Assembly complete.

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs

If this instruction is not very clear for you to understand, you can also click this video to learn more! Wish you can have a good day!

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How to Clean the EwinRacing Gaming Chair?

clean gaming chairs

With the popularity of the gaming chairs, they are widely used in Internet cafes, offices and other entertainment places etc. So how to keep the gaming chairs clean and extend its lifetime is a very important thing.

Due to the leather material of the chair is PU, there are some details must be noticed:

1. Do not wipe it Vigorously, avoid to damage the leather.
2. Use pure water and liquid detergent to clean towel and wring it to wipe the chair, avoid to use gasoline and notice the pure water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
3. Use clean sponge dipped in liquid detergent or a cloth with an appropriate concentration of soapy to wipe it if there are some stains, and let it dry naturally.
4. Can not touch organic solvents.
5. Wipe it with a leather softener to protect the PU leather in Spring and Autumn.
6. Avoid moisture, insects and mildew.
7. Place in a cool ventilated place to dry, not exposure, baking, otherwise the leather will harden or shrink.
If above details can be noticed well and done regularly, the chair will have a longer lifetime and you can feel own a new chair forever!

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