Stuck at Home Review: EwinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair

Like many of you, I am stuck at home, riding out this damned COVID-19 pandemic. To pass the time, I noticed I’ve been spending a lot more time on my rump in the home office, whether it be writing things for Droid Life or extended sessions of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Given that I’ve been sitting more, I want to make sure I have a comfortable chair, so it was quite serendipitous that EwinRacing, a maker of PC gaming chairs, emailed me to see if I would be interested in checking out one of their chairs for review. I accepted because who doesn’t want to be comfortable. The chair arrived a few days later. I’ve now had it set up in my office for a few days and am ready to share a few thoughts.

Shall we?


I’ve assembled a similar gaming chair before, but thankfully, assembling this EwinRacing gaming chair was nothing like that one. There are only a few pieces to put together, all of which are assembled with the use of one of two hex pins. You can view the entire assembly instruction list here (photo from Monitornerds), but I’d say it took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. Do note the red directional arrows on the instructions, though. I began reading left to right, top to bottom like you’d read a book and was very confused at first. Thankfully my fiancée caught me and corrected me that I need to follow the arrows. Bless her heart.

Once your chair is assembled, with all of its screws tightened, you’re ready to sit and relax.


Can chairs have features? Well of course they can and the Champion Series is no different. This chair features a stain-resistant PU (polyurethane) leather over a  high-density foam cushion. According to the product’s listing, the foam is “engineered to be 2x heavier than regular foam per cubit foot, inching it near the realm of memory foam.” Obviously I’ll chat comfort in just a bit.

For adjusting the chair, there is a ridiculous amount of knobs, levers, and all that jazz. For specifics, there’s height adjustment, tilt adjustment, sideways and height adjustment for the armrests, and backrest adjustment. What I wasn’t sure of at first, but am now a major fan of, are the pillows the chair comes with. And since I’m talking about the pillows now, let’s get to the comfort section.

For a full look at “features,” check out the product listing here.


Mmm, new chair smell!


This chair is comfy! The last gaming chair I tried, I hoped it might get softer or more comfy after I broke it in for a week or so, but that didn’t really happen. With the EwinRacing gaming chair, it was comfortable as soon as I sat in it the first time.

It is a lot different from the chair I am coming from, a high backrest IKEA office chair, but once I found out the level of tilt I liked, my body just sort of melts right into it. And this is where the pillows come in. My past chairs don’t have cute little pillows to support my lower back and neck, so the addition of these pillows has been a major bonus. If you don’t want the pillows, simply unclip them.

As someone with terrible sitting posture (I look more like a pretzel than a human when sitting), which has been confirmed by my primary care physician, acupuncturist, massage therapist and chiropractor, I honestly feel much more comfortable and less achey after extended periods of sitting. And with the pandemic and state-wide lockdown in full effect, I foresee a lot more sitting in my future.


I’ve only been using the chair for a few days, so I can’t give you much details in terms of durability, but I have faith that this chair can serve me for some time. The chair feels very durable and heavy, and according to the EwinRacing’s website, the chair can handle plenty of cleaning thanks to its PU leather and hub-less casters. The leather is detailed to “surpass industry performance standards for strength abrasion, hydrolysis, and UV stability,” so that seems good.

For now, it’s holding strong and maybe I’ll post an update to this review in six months or so.


I don’t know how much anyone here spends on chairs, but for me, it’s never been more than $199. Anything higher than that seemed silly, but when I think more about it, if you want something that is high quality and comes with plenty of features, you might have to pay higher prices.

EwinRacing has a large selection of chairs that covers a wide range of prices, but for this Champion Series chair that I received, the price is currently $219. This is 42% off its list price of $379, but on top of that, there are different chairs in this particular series that range in color and size. Thinking objectively, even though I was gifted this chair in exchange for this review, I could easily see myself dropping a couple hundred dollars on this chair.

If you’re stuck at home like us, and you need a new chair for all of your work and/or gaming needs, feel free to check out the Champion Series by following the link below.

E-WIN Store Link (Use code “Droidlife” for 20% off select orders!)

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A few weeks ago, Mithrandiel let me know that a company that made PC gaming chairs wanted to provide us with a review product. Seeing as how my old chair was on its last leg (okay, it still had all its legs, but you get the idea), I leapt at the opportunity. I was able to select a chair from the Ewinracing Champion Series, and the chair arrived a few days ago.

Right away, I noticed there are two main differences between my last gaming chair and this one. First, this chair was way easier to build. By that I mean that most of the parts were already pre-assembled in the box for me. The last one that I put together every single piece needed to be assembled – from the arm rests to the wheel base. So, that immediately cut down into how much time and effort was needed in order to get the thing together.

Second was a pair of white gloves that came in the box. The instructions even mentioned that it was required to wear the gloves to put it together – which, of course, stirred my inner rebel. It was confusing considering that I didn’t think there was any specific part that really needed them… until I put them on and started using them at least. They were incredibly comfortable, had a protective lining for the fingertips and I could tell that my grip was increased. The only bad marks I have against them is they slip somewhat because they’re a one size fit all and they reduce your manual dexterity pretty badly. Still, I was so impressed with them I added them to my toolbox for future use.

I know what you’re thinking – “So the chair is easy to assemble and you get a little surprise work-glove goody, big whoop! How is it to sit in?!”

Fair question, dear reader. Of course, the most important aspect of a chair is how comfortable is it to sit in. While I’m not completely certain the material that the chairs are made of, it feels like a very soft leather (I’ve had leather chairs before). And yet, while it is incredibly soft, there’s a firm support to it, that baffles me as I get to sit and write about it right now. Even the pillows that are at the top and bottom of the back piece, I don’t feel them, even when I lean back into them, the only time that I know that there’s a bottom pillow is when I sit up and I feel supportive pressure in the small of my back. It’s so comfortable I’ll likely be catching myself falling asleep in it for the next couple of weeks.

There are a few downsides to the chair. The directions to assemble were a little confusing in that instead of going left to right with each section, the steps snake along the page. Another potential issue is the chair doesn’t seem to have a way of adjusting the height. There are pull arms that would make it seem like one of them would, since one of them prevents the chair from leaning back. It might be there but I just haven’t figured out how to pull it right (I’m nervous about doing any damage to the chair). For me though, these issues are minor and the benefits of the chair definitely outweigh these admittedly minor negatives.

I love this chair. Before this, the most comfortable chair that I had was the one at work. It’s incredibly comfortable to sit in for many hours as I watch videos, play some games or write articles about gaming chairs. Now, I didn’t want to talk about it in the article, since it would take away from the actual aspects of the chair is that it is pricey. And while I know there’s a clear bias in that I got mine for free, if you can afford the chair and you need one it is well worth the money spent. You can pick up one of these chairs on the Ewinracing site – as well as enjoy 30% off with our code “TheGeeklyGrind”. So, play like a champion in one of these phenomenal chairs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna lean back in this bad boy and drink it in some more.

Note: This is one review post from thegeeklygrind.

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EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair Review – Comfort and Stability

ewin champion series gaming chair review

I’ve had my fair share of terrible office chairs. “A chair’s a chair,” right? Wrong. There’s something to be said for spending a little bit more time and money finding a good gaming chair, something that will provide support, stability, and comfort, especially when you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or TV. Most of my waking hours are spent in front of at least one of these two screens, so I jumped at the opportunity when Ewin Racing offered one of their Champion Series gaming chairs for review.

The chair arrived in a fairly large box. This gaming chair is a good sized piece of furniture, so be prepared to have a mildy annoyed UPS driver. After lugging the package inside, I set out to put the gaming chair together. Assembly is pretty easy, and most of it came already put together. I simply had to attach the seat back to the bottom, assemble the base, and put it all together. As easy as it is, I’d recommend two people for the job, just to help hold the pieces steady while screwing them in. The package comes with everything you need to put it together, so from the moment you get the box, you can set up your gaming chair without any delay.

In order to offer a great amount of stability and comfort, the seat portion of the gaming chair is made of a solid steel frame and high-density memory foam. This isn’t the cheap stuff, which means the bucket seat feels like a hug. I’m relatively average weight, and I never felt that the chair was either providing too much give in the cushion, nor too firm to be comfortable. If Goldilocks were to sit in this chair, I’m sure she’d say it was just right. As the balance between my couch (way too soft), and my little plastic desk chair (way too hard), Ewin Racing provides a seat that feels great.

Adjusts to Fit You

The Champion Series gaming chair is very adjustable as well, to ensure that any person sitting in it can feel comfortable. The armrests move in four dimensions (swivel, in and out, back and forward, up and down), and though I am more than happy to have the ability to fine tune where they seat, the number of moving parts make these feel like the cheapest part of the chair. There’s a height adjustment that can raise or lower the seat by more than four inches, which is a pretty significant amount. For a tall person like myself, there’s even a point where the chair can get too high for me and my feet dangle just above the ground.

ewin champion series gaming chair review 2

A recline feature allows you to kick the seat back up to 155 degrees, and a tilt function lets you lean back slightly with adjustable tension. leaning the seat back a little bit took the chair from daytime working to evening relaxing very quickly, though I didn’t dare go back too far. The five-point base offers some stability, the center pole on the bottom of the chair seems like it is too far forward to allow for a comfortable full lean. Admittedly the chair never fell over while I was reclining in it, but there’s still a fear of what might happen if a kitten were to jump on me and throw the weight distribution off. The chair is actually engineered to support this full recline though, so that phobia is merely psychological.

A couple of pads come with the gaming chair, one for lumbar support on your back and a pillow for your head. The lumbar support is a great piece and the positioning is easily adjustable using the straps that attach it to the chair. As someone who tends to slouch way too much, it has really helped with my posture. The head/neck pillow, on the other hand, feels entirely pointless. It’s nearly impossible to adjust the position as it always slides down, and it’s far too small to really provide any added support to the head/neck area. It’s definitely more useful when reclining a little bit, so I’m glad the option is included, and it’s easy to remove if it ever starts to annoy me too much.

A Hefty Piece of Furniture

While I keep referring to this chair as a gaming chair, it doubles perfectly well as an office chair as well, given you don’t mind the bright colors. In fact, from behind, the red parts of the chair are merely accents. That’s one aspect of gaming chairs I’ve never been able to get into. The designs are full of bright colors, logos, and they just scream “extreme gamer!” Is it too much to ask for the same comfort and solid build without feeling like I need to take up streaming Fortnite daily? If these gaming chair companies could make something with a few more modern design sensibilities, they could vastly open up their potential market from the gamer bros and Twitch streamers to a more moderate crowd just looking for a comfortable chair to sit in.

Splashes of red not fitting into my home decor aside, I love this chair and I can’t stop using it. It sits squarely in the middle of my living room, giving me a seat closer to my TV. I find it even more comfortable than vegging out on the couch, and after using it regularly for a little more than a week, I’m not beset with the same back aches that my couch often gave me. Whether I’m gaming or writing up this review, the Ewin Champion Series gaming chair is my seat of choice. Yes, that includes in front of the TV in my living room.

ewin champion series gaming chair review 1

Without having had other PC gaming chairs, I can’t make a fair comparison to other brands, but after working in an office for a decade of my life, I can safely say it’s far more comfortable than any office chair I had during that time. You might be able to find a cheaper office chair at Walmart, Ikea, or any number of other furniture stores, but they’d be hard pressed to offer the same level of comfort that this chair does. Those other seats might look a lot more like the picturesque version of an office chair, but I’m at a point in my life where comfort overtakes style. That’s why there’s a sizable red and black chair sitting in the middle of my living room.

If you’re looking for a comfortable piece of office furniture at a relatively affordable price (for gaming chairs), the Ewin Champion Series gaming chair is a great choice. It’s a solid chair that feels built to last and provides more comfort and stability that any other office chair I’ve ever used. If you don’t mind the colored racing stripes look, Ewin Racing gaming chairs are well worth the price to maintain the back health of those constantly sitting in front of a screen.

The chair reviewed is an Ewin Racing Champion Series in red. You can browse the full selection of Ewin Racing gaming chairs over on their website.

Note: This is a review post from Playstationlifestyle.


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E-Win Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

When E-Win offered to send this chair out I was skeptical because of how much I didn’t like my current (Amazon Special) gaming chair and I had never heard of them before. But before we get started into this I want to take a moment and mention that I do understand that the styling of these types of chairs is rather polarizing, people either love it or hate it, and I’m not going to try to convince you to like it if you don’t or dislike it if you do. I personally think they’re really cool for racing game fans, which I quite enjoy.

Lets first touch on assebly. The assembly process was smooth and easy with everything needed to put it together coming in the box, even a pair of grippy gloves so you can more easily handle the components. The strut and wheels pop right into the base and then attaches to the seat with 4 allen keyed screws, the back goes on in a similar fashion…that’s it. it’s that simple.

The overall build quality is solid, unlike my old chair. A stiff steel frame is hidden under their high density cold molding foam which is surprisingly comfortable even after extended screen time. The leather-like material is soft to the touch but durable enough to not get torn or worn out quickly from basic use. Butt support comes in the form of resistance straps rather than a solid bottom which makes for a much more comfortable sitting experience.

If there’s one thing I can say this chair has going for it, which is honestly shared though most other higher tier gaming chairs, is adjustability. Not just height and tilt but full 4-D adjustability on the arm rests. I never knew how much I wanted this until I had it, being able to adjust the seat to the height that I needed while keeping the arms from hitting the desk when I stand up is invaluable.

Can I take a moment to mention the wheel design? They’re corny, I get it, but they’re still corny. That aside they roll easily even in higher pile carpet like I have in my office and are still quite on solid surfaces.

All of that with the addition of the head pillow and lumbar pillow make this chair easy to fit what you want it to support and feel like, provided it’s the right one for your height and weight, and still look flashy at the same time.

After the bad experience I had with the Amazon special gaming chair I just threw out I didn’t have much in the way of expectations for this chair from another company I had never heard of, but I’m now really glad I did. If you’re in the market for a racing inspired gaming chair that isn’t asking for your life’s savings you might want to look in thier direction.  With an MSRP of $349 they’re well priced to their competitors without sacrificing at all in quality.  We did secure a discount code getting our readers 15% off if they use the code ‘WCCFTECH’ in the checkout process at

We would love to hear your thoughts on these style of gaming office chairs down in the comment section. And while you’re down there, share with us your current chair you’re using.

[Video Review]

For those curious the first chair next to the trash can in the video was my old chair, just because they look similar in styling doesn’t mean they came anywhere close in quality.  The $100 Amazon chair was trash fodder at best.

Total Score: 8.5

Solid chair for the money, leaves little to be desired.

Design & Aesthetics8


  • Easy assembly
  • levels of adjustability
  • soft material
  • comfortable after long sessions
  • priced well vs competition


  • Love it or Hate it Design

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EwinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair review

As someone who plays a lot of games, being comfortable while playing is pretty important, there is nothing worse than finishing a gaming session only to feel like your back has seized up. Thankfully there are a huge amount of ergonomic gaming chairs now available to help us play comfortably.

The EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair is an excellent chair that will certainly keep me comfortable over the coming years.

Setting up the chair took about 30 minutes. If you have ever put together a piece of ikea furniture you’ll have no problems putting this together. I was impressed with how simple it was to build and thought it was a nice touch that they supplied gloves to wear to keep the all-important gaming fingers safe! You’ll also get a picture guide to show you how to put the chair together, there is no need for any extra equipment as all the Allan keys are supplied.

You’ll need to unscrew some pre-fitted screws, attach the back support to the seat, before attaching the base and wheels. There are photo instructions included so you really shouldn’t have too many problems getting set up quickly – If I had to build the chair again I reckon I could put it together in half the time. The first thing you will notice is the how good the chair looks, we were given a black/red version of the chair and although it doesn’t go with my current office setup, it will take pride of place in any gaming den for sure.

As you sit for the first time, you’ll notice straight away just how much padding there is, you’ll be sitting on 10cm of memory foam padding before easing back in to a tall back frame of 93cm. The patent fabric feels soft to the touch and is breathable, meaning you won’t get all sweaty if you are sat for long periods of time. The frame is built from steel, which will support all sorts of body sizes. A full look at the dimensions can be seen below. while

If you are not used to sitting in a more premium ergonomic chair you may find it takes time to get used to sitting slightly differently. It took me a few days to find the most comfortable set up, but once I did you begin to realise just how comfortable you can get. The Champion Series chair has many different parts that you can manipulate to ensure your comfort is at a premium, its well worth taking your time to find the perfect set up for you.

First off and probably the most obvious is the height adjustment. I spoke to the team at Ewin before getting the chair so that they could match me with a chair that was most suitable for my height (5 Foot 7). I didn’t need to raise the chair too high to make sure more feet were place correctly on the floor. To raise the chair, you’ll need to be stood up, then it’s just a case of using the lever to adjust the height you want the chair at, to lower the chair you can sit on the chair before using the lever to adjust again. The chair can support up to 150kg/330lbs.

As a type this review now, I’ve managed to set the chair up at the perfect height with the arm rest in the prefect position to type comfortably. Not only can the arm rests move vertically, but you can slide them backwards and forwards and rotate them form left to right, giving you lots of support for your wrists and shoulders. The buttons to make the adjustments are all in easy reach too. The head and back cushions come pre-fitted to the backrest of the chair, supported by elasticated straps. Because of my height I find the head support less helpful, however the lumbar support is superb. It certainly would have been better if you could lock the head support into place, as every time I sat down I felt like I needed to readjust the support.

If you work at home of spend all your time gaming in this chair there may be times where you want to chill out and this chair will definitely help with that. By just pulling a lever to your right by the bottom of your back the chair can tilt back to 155 degrees, giving you a ‘dentist chair’ style comfort (without the teeth pulling part). Personally for me tilting the chair all the way back wasn’t comfortable, I felt like I was going to tilt the chair right over, so I found myself tensing, expecting to fall out more than anything. Clearly that won’t be the case for everyone. Even though I wasn’t comfortable with the full tilt, I was very happy with the comfort levels when tilting back to watch a movie of some of the World Cup. I’ve fallen asleep in the chair more than once, which goes to show just how comfortable I got! The five star aluminium base of the chair looks like any standard office chair, but that’s offset by the brightly colour wheels, they glide along nicely, even on carpet which I was pleased with.

Any issues I’ve had with the chair have be minor ones, it’s a big chair and when my boys have gone to use it they have struggled to move it around, it also takes up a lot of space, so it’s something to be conscious of. Personally I would have liked to have seen some more colour options, maybe a white chair, with a colour offset, would have been a cool addition to the line-up.

For €349 EU / £279 UK / $349 US (there is 22.9% off at the moment) you will be getting a very well built gaming chair that is really comfortable and will take pride of place in many gaming dens and office setups. The chair looks and feels like a quality product, which is what you would expect for a chair at this price. It’s a shame I can’t use this chair everywhere really because it more comfortable than most chair I have to sit on!

Note: This is a review post from ThisIsXbox.

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Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review


Sometime after looking at the excellent noblechairs Icon, I was contacted by another company that also sold Gaming chairs. This company was E-Win, and no I’d never heard of them either. Sometime after I was contacted and a few emails later and I was in the possession of an Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair.

The chair itself is available in a variety of colour schemes (black/white, black/blue, black/red & black/orange/white). We have here today the black/red version.


The chair arrived at pcG in a very large box, with a hole in the side; obviously not Ewinracing’s fault. Luckily the contents were (surprisingly) unharmed by what must have been a traumatic event, for the box that is. The box gives very little away as to its contents, but it’s definitely from E-Win and I’m pretty sure the parts of a chair are inside…

As one would guess in the box are a number of parts and some assembly is required. As for packaging, well it survived the courier and that in itself is impressive. But overall I would say packaging and presentation was adequate and inline with many a Gaming Chair that we’ve seen in the past.



In the top of the box underneath the base and the foam padding we find the main back of the chair, protected by a simple plastic bag. Removing this allows us to see the next layer that houses the accessories box and the seat of the chair, complete with pre-installed arms. Again the seat is covered by a plastic bag and the metal arms (that attach to the seat back) are further protected with foam covers.



looking at the accessories box we can see that here we find the main instruction guide and simple it looks too! In addition to this the box also holds a plethora of parts: the tilt mechanism, hydraulic piston, piston cover, side covers (with screw covers), 5 wheels, some screws and a couple of allen (hex) keys and also some gloves! The gloves are there to help you keep the seat clean during assembly; a nice touch but more on this later. It’s also worth noting that the parts received (that are correct BTW) are not the same as the ones laid out in the instruction guide. ?




Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair

Foam Type:High Density Seperated Foaming

Foam Density: 55kg/m3

Frame Color: Black

Frame Construction: Metal

Adjustable Armrests: 4D

Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt

Tilt Lock: Yes

Tilt Angle Lock: Yes

Gas Lift Class: 4

Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back

Adjustable Back Angle: 180

Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base

Caster Size & Material: 2″ Caster/PU



As I mentioned earlier the instructions are simple, but that’s a good thing as it looks like the Ewinracing Champion Series might be one of the easiest Gaming Chairs to assemble that we’ve seen. Although the instructions are still wrong, but even that’s a good thing…That’s because the first two steps of the assembly instructs you to install the two cushions (head/lumbar) to the back of the chair. And, that step was already done for me as the back of the chair (as you can see from the image above) already has the cushion in place. Result! ? The lumbar cushion is held in place by two simple (yet a little ugly) straps, this allows the cushion to be positioned up and down. But, more importantly, it means that it stays there. The head/neck cushion is held in place by a simple strap that loops through the two holes in the back of the chair.


Next it’s time to take a look at the seat of the chair as Step 4 sees us mounting the seat to the back of the chair itself. Worth noting that the armrests are already in place and this will indeed cut down on the assembly time. Step 3 asks you to remove the bolts that are already loosely in position on the sides of the seat back. I was quite impressed to see an additional flat washer pre-installed to protect the leather from damage by the locking spring washer.The task of holding the seat back in position and mounting it to the base is a little cumbersome and to be fair a little help here is always welcome. I forged on though (on my own) and without too much effort I manged to get all the bolts in place (loosely) after just a few minutes. These were then all tightened in turn…

If there was any evidence of cost cutting it is during Step 6 that you’re likely notice this. This is because not only are the plastic parts cheap to look at, they were also both dirty (above right) and there were numerous sharp (see centre image above) edges. Now I know this is not a premium Gaming Chair, but this needs sorting as it lets down the overall (good) feel of the product.

Fitting those side covers was also easy enough, but note they are not the same the larger one goes on the side with the tilt mechanism, something not mentioned in the instructions. I was impressed to see the inclusion of the screw hole covers that hides the screws once in place. Something missing from even premium brand chairs.

Next we return our attention to the base of the chair, literally. As Step 8 sees us install the main tilt mechanism to the base of the chair. First we need to remove the four pre-installed bolts attach the mechanism and reinstall the bolts. Again it’s best to get each bolt in position first before any tightening is done. Also note the mechanism MUST be fitted in the correct orientation (Step 9), with the front label on the mechanism facing the front of the chair.

Finally we turn our attention to the base of the chair and its associated wheels. Here again there was a possible sign of cost cutting as the base of the chair itself, while well made, seemed incredibly light and there was no bracing in its moulded form.All five wheels fitted with ease with a simple push. The base was complete once the hydraulic piston was slotted into the hole in the top and covered by the telescopic plastic cover.

With the chair and the base complete it was time to fit one atop the other and Voila! Very nice it looks too ?

First Impressions

First impressions are really rather a good, the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming chair looks good, appears comfortable and seems well made. The E-Win embroidering is also rather nice too… ?

The only drawbacks I can find are the cheap, dirty (yet easily cleaned) plastic parts and the fact that the base of the chair seems surprisingly light. The chair itself seems really good, I very much like the adjustable (position) lumbar support and the chair also sports a good deal of adjustability also.

Hardware Performance



On the base of the chair there one main control and one adjustable knob. The lever on the right side of the chair (when you’re sat on it that is) controls the height of the chair. Note that the lowest height of the base of the chair (from the floor) is approximately 45cm while at at its highest it’s around 60cm. Pulling the lever out unlocks the back of the chair allowing it to tilt backwards. Conversely, pushing the lever in will lock the chair in position.The ease at which the chair can be tilted back is controlled by the cylindrical knob in the centre of the chair.



As with the previously reviewed noblechairs Icon the armrests can move within four different directions. The two buttons on the inside of the armrest allow the armrest itself to either move sideways (left/right) or forwards and backwards, the arm can also be swivelled left and right. The lever on the outside of the armrest allows the armrest to move up and down. There is obviously plenty of adjustment here and most should be happy.


I’ve now been sat in this chair for almost 3 weeks and I have to say that I’m really rather impressed. There’s no doubting that at this point the chair is extremely comfortable. Of course, what it might be like in a year or two from now is hard to tell. I only say this as there’s no doubt that it’s not as well made as the noblechairs Icon, that itself is the benchmark of quality. But in E-win’s defence here you’re not paying for it either…From a pure asethetics and comfort point of view there really is little to complain about here. The chair is comfortable, adjustable and I just love that positional lumbar support. OK, so the chair might not be the most understated of Gaming Chairs that we’ve seen, but come on – you know it looks good…In fact considering that this chair can be bought and delivered (at the time of review) for approximately £210 (using pcGameware discount code), this Gaming Chair is easy to recommend.

Final Thoughts

I have to confess I’m really pretty impressed with the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair. It’s got the looks, it is for the most part (and given the cost) well made and more importantly it’s really comfortable.The Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair arrived at pcG in a somewhat lacklustre yet eco-friendly box. There was even a hole in the side of it thanks to the pesky couriers no doubt, but all contents within remained undamaged. Packaging is still best described as adequate although it is in line with all of the Gaming Chairs that we’ve seen before.As is common with Gaming Chairs the Champion Series chair needed to be assembled first and the instructions were clear and concise but unfortunately, they were also wrong in places, providing instructions for assembly that was, in fact, already done! Although to be fair that’s a good thing; right!? I didn’t even have to attach the arms to the seat as that was also done, in fact the assembly was complete within around 15-20 mins.Once built the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair was found to be quite the looker. I’m a fan of the colour scheme (black/white, black/blue & black/white/orange also available) and I really liked the E-Win embroidered logo on both the seat and both of the cushions. As soon as I sat in the chair I felt comfortable, there’s the right amount of support laterally and the positional lumbar support is really nice. This is especially true as thanks to the (somewhat unsightly straps) it stays in position. After Gaming (here’s looking at you Black Desert) for countless hours, over numerous weeks, the chair was found to be comfortable at all times.Overall the adjust ability was also found to be good, there’s height adjustment, back angle adjustment, tilt with variable control and the armrest that move back/forth, left/right, up/down and they swivel too.Overall Ewinracing have produced a great Gaming chair in the Champion Series, the only fly in the ointment really is the fact there’s some cost cutting here and there. This can be found in some cheap plastic parts on the side of the chair and the somewhat lightweight base. But to be fair once you’re sat in it all of that is likely to be forgotten…




Design/Quality pcGameware awards the Ewinracing Champion Series a Silver


NOTE: This is a review post from Pcgameware.

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