New Designs Created For Champion Series Are Coming!

Here comes new designs created for CP-A! We always know what impresses you at the first place. It’s the appearance of our chairs! So that we always strive for well design in color scheme for a better looking! And finally, we did it!

Here are pictures for your clear perception of our chairs:


New colors added for A style:

EwinRacing Champion series

EwinRacing Champion series










If this kind of gaming chair is not to your taste, we still have other series of gaming chairs, with consistent quality and updates, we allow you to own your desirable gaming chair!

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Here Comes A New Review From Our Dear Customer!

Here comes a new review from our dear customer–Enos Tech! We do feel grateful for your comments, and will keep on improving ourselves all the time to become a professional company in manufacturing gaming chairs.


“A colored base is desired to match the rest of the chair. It does look nice. I love the blue color scheme!”as he said, we always pay attention to color design. Because we know a charming appearance is the first impression that our gaming chairs give to you. For better users experience, we are always on the way!(New colors added for EwinRacing Gaming Chairs)

Second are about our safe and stable aluminum casters. “Five casters make it easy to glide across pretty much any surface. I’ve tested it on carpet and it glides with ease and it’s quiet nice.”Five mute casters enable you to glide here and there smoothly without making any noises. Besides, with break system, you can also control them easily.



“You’ll also notice on top of the five-star base, there are some black plastic bits, it looks like the kind of grips, guessing EwinRacing kinda knew a lot of people actually rest their feet right above these casters, and a lot of companies do put grips here. It’s nice to see them as this comes in handy from having my foot slide off.”

Third are about the backrest and armrest. “It comes with a headrest and a lumber pillow to provide added comfort. You can move the back back and forth so you can recline the back of this chair.” Since our backrest is adjustable, no matter for sleep or a short nap, it is a good choice, and you can get them to your preferred height.



“The lumbar pillow is a bit taller and bigger than most of the lumbar support. And it is a bit thinner so it’s not pushing your back out as much. I can stuck with it for a day or two.”


“It is quite comfortable that does help offer your better posture. Even if you take off the cushions either, the chairs still are comfortable and it is kind of forms right around you like a big bear hug.”

Then is about the soft leather.“The durable fiber leather is flat, which is important to me. Because other gaming chairs similar to this have got some raised areas, especially in between the legs toward the front.”We have adopted PU leather for providing you with more comfortable experience. As heat can be dissipated easily, you won’t feel muggy at all even if you have sit on it for a long time.


There also concern from him, but we have already improved it. “, you can lay flat in this chair, but I always get a bit worried about doing this because i don’t want the chair to tip over with me in it.”At early time, our gaming chairs can be reclined to 180 degree, but now for assuring our dear customers, we have upgraded it and 135 degree are available.

Finally is about his advice to you guys and expectations for EwinRacing.“You can check their newsletter and websites that sometimes they might have ten percent discount code on their first order.”


“And I also hope that they will get bigger and cover more areas in the future.” Thank for his blessings, we will become better and better in the future!

Since your warmhearted praises really make us feel happy and be encouraged, and your pertinent advise also indict the path for us to make improvement! Your questions and advise are always warmly welcomed! (Facebook:;Instagram:;Twitter:


At last, if you are interested in our gaming chairs, you can click on our websites to know more.

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New Colors Added for CP-A Are Coming!

With the popularity of our gaming chairs, now we finally live up to our female customers’ expectations, promoting new colors for CP-A ! The beautiful pink and purple gaming chairs not only can allow you to take the pleasure in invariant comfort that our gaming chairs bring to you, but also enable you to have visual enjoyment at the same time.

Here Are New colors of CP-A Gaming Chair

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs cp-bp1aa1EwinRacing Gaming Chairs cp-bp1aa

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs cp-bp1ab1EwinRacing Gaming Chairs cp-bp1ab

EwinRacing Gaming Chairs cp-bp1ac1EwinRacing Gaming Chairs cp-bp1ac


EwinRacing Gaming Chairs cp-bp1ad1EwinRacing Gaming Chairs cp-bp1ad



1.Super Durable PU leather
2.High Density Separated Foam
3.Soft PU Pad Armrest
4.Multifunctional Tilt
5.Adjustable Backrest
6.Mute Casters
7.Stable Steel Frame
8.Aluminum of the five star base, it can bear the weight of 300KG.
9.Know More futures and functions you can click:

If this kind of gaming chair is not to your taste, we still have other types of gaming chair in purple and pink that maybe you will like.

We are trying our best to do more updates, because we do believe with more updated and improved products, there must be a gaming chair finally meeting your expectations!

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