Reviews: EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chairs

As most of you know from either hearing me on the podcast or seeing me on streams, I am not a small person. I am 6’4″ and weigh around 230 pounds, depending on the week. Finding a comfortable gaming chair or office chair can be a challenge.

About six months ago, I moved my primary gaming area to a desk. I used to sit on a couch or loveseat and play my games. But I realized that I need to switch to a desk to help me focus on streaming and better content creation. This meant that I would be sitting in an office chair for hours on end.

PS Nation has started to develop a relationship with Ewin Racing. Glenn reviewed a chair several months ago and loved it. When the opportunity to review another chair came, I was next on the list. EWin sent us the EWin Calling Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair. This chair is not 100% built for my height and weight, but it has held up over the last eight weeks or so that I have had it.

The Calling Series Chair shows up in a really large box that likely will need to be handled by two people. Instructions are pretty straight forward, but could be slightly clearer. A few things that are in the instruction steps are already completed when you open the box. Assembly was mostly easy, a lot of what I like to call “blind assembly”. For example, you insert an Allen screw into a metal plate and through the leather of the chair and hope you find the receiving end of the screw and tighten.

The chair itself is a good. My wife and daughter are more in line with the size recommendation and love it. I find it to be supportive, but would like it to provide more comfort. I never found myself uncomfortable while sitting for long periods of time, but did notice more stiffness after getting up from a long sitting session. For me personally, the chair could use a bit more padding and comfort.

It does not support my upper body well, since the middle of my neck and head are above the headrest. But I can still feel the support being in the right place for the correctly sized person.

The feature I use and enjoy the most are the adjustable armrests. You can raise or lower them as needed. I need to lower them when sitting close to my desk typing or editing, but love the fact that I can push slightly back and raise the arm rest. I can then recline the chair and just play games with ease.

The chair is height adjustable as well, so you can find the desired height to have your feet rest on the legs, or have them firmly planted on the floor, your choice. The chair rolls well on the carpet in my office and doesn’t get stuck in the carpet after being in one place for a long period of time.

Over the past few months of playing at a desk vs. a couch, I have learned that personal comfort is very important. You need to know what you really want from a chair. Do you want firm support or soft comfort? Do you need a wide base since you don’t like feeling confined?

These gaming/office chairs are 100% worth the price. But the more features you want, the more they cost. Getting one to fit your height and weight is very important, as well as knowing what you want out of the chair. I would recommend you find somewhere that has a variety of chairs for you to try, even to just check out what type of cushion you want. You don’t need to find a Racing chair to try out, but maybe a few office style chairs will help you understand what you do or don’t like.

In terms of the overall build quality I was very impressed. I had another Racing-style chair that I had purchased from Amazon about two years ago that recently completely snapped at the metal frame that attach to the piston of the chair. I was very discouraged with how that chair just one day completely broke and was now unusable. At the time of writing this review I am very confident that the construction of this chair’s frame will prevent this issue from repeating itself on the EWin chair.

The EWin Calling Series Chair is a great investment at $359.00. You won’t be disappointed in your purchase. With a large variety of style and color choices, you will find something that fits your style and needs. This particular chair has been a great addition to my gaming room. I just wish I had one that was built for my weight and height to truly know the full potential.


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